World Financial Centre, Shanghai – tips for your visit to the glass bottom viewing platform

Feb 5, 2022 | Global travel, Asia, China

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Shanghai is an incredible city. From the old to the new, there is so much to see and explore. It’s the perfect place for a family holiday, solo travel adventure or romantic getaway. And one thing on everyone’s bucket list when heading to the city – or China in general – is the World Financial Centre, Shanghai.

What is the World Financial Centre, Shanghai?

Often shorted to SWFC, it is a skyscraper in Pudong. The World Financial Centre, Shanghai was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and developed by the Mori Building Company. With a height of 492 metres (1,614 ft) it is one of the tallest buildings in the world. The architectural style is known as Neo-Futurism.

The World Financial Centre, Shanghai has many uses. It has offices, observation decks, hotel rooms, shopping malls and conference rooms. The skyscraper is also home to one of the best viewpoints in the city. Or rather, three of the best! Located within SWFC you’ll find Sky Walk 100, Sky Walk 97 and Sky Arena 94. So if you’re after stunning views and brilliant holiday snaps, a trip to the World Financial Centre should definitely be on your to-do list.

World Financial Centre, Shanghai

Where exactly is the World Financial Centre?

The World Financial Centre, Shanghai, is located on Century Avenue. This is a bustling area of the city. Home to other sightseeing locations and popular places such as Century Park, the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and the Jin Mao Tower, it’s definitely worth paying a visit to while you’re in the city.

TOP TIP: You can access Century Avenue, and the World Financial Centre, by the Shanghai Metro Line 2. For SWFC, get off at Lujiazui Station.

Sky Arena 94 at SWFC

On the 94th floor, you’ll find 2000 sq ft. of space. With complete floor to ceiling windows, Sky Arena 94 at the World Financial Centre, Shanghai offers the best views of Huangpu River. This is the largest river in Shanghai, and river cruises are popular. Sky Arena 94 (which is 423 metres above ground level) is also an events space. There is a coffee shop and a bar up here, as well as souvenir shops. Sky Arena 94 also offers Skyshot Photo Services, if you would like some professional (and amusing) snaps to remember your visit!

Sky Walk 97 at the World Financial Centre, Shanghai

Want to really feel as though you’re walking through the sky? Head to the 97th floor. You’ll be 439 metres up, so it’s pretty high. It’s an open-air roof space meaning you can drink in the view and enjoy a bit of fresh air at the same time. Perfect if it’s a sunny day!

Sky Walk 100 at the SWFC

And finally, the 100th floor of the World Financial Centre, Shanghai. This is where the famous glass bottom floor is. It offers 360-degree views of the entire city, and there are three separate glass walkways up here. It is an observation deck that allows for the best sightseeing! At 474 metres above ground level, it really is awe-inspiring… Are you brave enough to walk across the glass bottom flooring?!

Here’s what you’ll see at Sky Walk 100

How much does it cost to visit the World Financial Centre, Shanghai?

You can visit the centre for free. There are malls and restaurants – Starbucks, Blue Frog Bar & Grill, various banks, designer shops and plenty more. If you want to visit any of the three observation decks, however, there is a fee.

Choose between visiting just Sky Arena 94, or all three of the levels. The prices are as follows:

Visiting Sky Arena 94 at the World Financial Centre, Shanghai

  • Adults: CNY 120
  • Seniors (60+) and students (under 23): CNY 80
  • Children with a height between 3.3-4.6 ft (1-1.4 metres): CNY60
  • Children below 3.3ft/1m: FREE

Visiting all three observation decks at the SWFC

  • Adults: CNY 180
  • Seniors (60+) and students (under 23): CNY 120
  • Children with a height between 3.3-4.6 ft (1-1.4 metres): CNY 90
  • Children below 3.3ft/1m: FREE

TOP TIP: if you happen to be in Shanghai on your birthday, you’ll get into the viewing platforms at the World Financial Centre completely free of charge! An added treat when celebrating your big day, for sure.

Places to stay near the World Financial Centre, Shanghai

You can stay in the World Financial Centre itself, of course. Park Hyatt Shanghai offers 5 star accommodation so it makes for the perfect choice if you want some luxury! With various room sizes and suites all offering stunning views of the city and the river, you won’t want to leave. Fresh and clean with room service, WiFi and access to various bars and restaurants, this is one of the very best hotels in Shanghai.

Another beautiful luxury hotel just over 500 yards away is The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. With a beautiful pool and spa, Art Deco styling and BOSE sound systems in every room, it has everything you could possible need. With five restaurants, free WiFi and daily housekeeping there is so much that makes this an incredible hotel – again, if you’re after a night of luxury and finery then this is the place to stay!

Just 0.3 miles away from the World Financial Centre, Shanghai, you’ll find the lovely Beehome International Youth Hostel. There is free WiFi, and you can choose from private rooms for up to three people or a bed in a single-sex dormitory. These sleep six and you’ll pay as little as £9 a night for a bed within walking distance of everything Century Avenue has to offer. There is a shared kitchen, and a 24-hour front desk should you need anything.

So there’s everything you need to know if you’re planning a trip to the World Financial Centre in Shanghai. The glass bottom floor of Sky Walk 100 is well worth a visit, as are the other observation decks in this incredible skyscraper. If you want fantastic city views, these are the best!

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