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After working full time in the UK higher education industry for more than a decade, I am now involved in a range of projects in academia and consultancy. I have listed below some of the work that I am/have been involved in below.

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Travel writing

  • Sponsorship– I have worked with a range of sponsors including tour operators and accommodation providers.
  • Social media promotion– With more than 45,000 social media followers I have promoted a range of products and services from websites to fashion accessories.
  • Promotions/advertising– I offer relevant advertising opportunities for products and services that are aligned with my brand(s).
  • Product reviews– I have reviewed many products related to the travel industry and parenthood.


  • Webinar talks– I regularly talk at seminar or webinar events organised by both academic and industry-based institutions.
  • Conference presentations– I regularly present my research at conferences around the world.
  • Keynote speeches– I have been invited to give keynote speeches at a number of conferences.
  • Research projects– I am happy to discuss potential research projects that are aligned with my specialisms.
  • Research collaborations– I am also happy to work as part of a team on research projects.
  • Adjunct/Visiting Professorships– I have worked with a number of academic institutions to provide lectures and seminars to students and the wider academic community.


  • Workshops, seminars and conferences– I am happy to speak at industry-based events.
  • Marketing strategy, operation and market research– I work with a range of tourism industry stakeholders to develop their marketing frameworks and strategies.
  • Tourism master plans, development plans and strategies– I work with tourism businesses and organisations to develop and enhance their provision.
  • Sustainable tourism and stakeholder analysis– I work with tourism-based organisations to ensure their practices are sustainable.
  • Expert advice and opinions– I am frequently contacted by major media outlets for expert opinions and quotes.

Media kit

To see my latest website and social media statistics, download my media kit here.

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