Why you must not be late for your Cabin Crew interview

Jan 6, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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Your Cabin Crew interview or assessment day is your chance to prove to the airline that you have what it takes to be the perfect member of Cabin Crew. It is your time to ‘shine’ and you must present yourself in the best way to impress your interviewer.

Whilst there are many tips that I can offer you on how to be successful at your Cabin Crew assessment day, one of the biggest things to do is to make sure that you are not late for your Cabin Crew interview!

In this post I will explain why this is soooo important and give you some tips on how to make sure that you are on time.

The Cabin Crew Interview/ Assessment Day

While at your interview you will be constantly assessed, not just by what you say but also by how you act. The interviewer will be watching and keeping note – looking at how you act and present yourself throughout the day.

One main thing they will be looking for is your timekeeping. They will certainly not be impressed if you turn up late!

It is your responsibility to make sure you arrive at your interview in plenty of time – after all first impressions count.

Late Cabin Crew interview

The importance of timekeeping at your interview

You might be wondering why timekeeping is so crucial to securing your job as Cabin Crew. Well, almost all employers would be unimpressed by a candidate who arrives late and in a rush, but for prospective Cabin Crew, this is even more important!

If you arrive late or in a rush it makes you look unorganised and unreliable. Think about it, would they really want to employ someone who might turn up late to work every day?

Time-keeping is particularly important for you as a potential Cabin Crew member as it plays such a crucial part in the job! If you can’t demonstrate that you have an awareness about your timekeeping in your interview, the airline are very unlikely to employ you.

The importance of timekeeping for Cabin Crew

As mentioned above, timekeeping plays a crucial role in a Cabin Crew job. Cabin Crew are required to be punctual from the start, they must check in at the time they are requested to do so. If you are late checking in, it is possible you will miss the pre-flight briefing and therefore miss vital information about the flight. If you miss this information, it is possible you will not be allowed to work the flight.

While not being able to work the flight is annoying both for you and the airline, there’s a possibility that the aircraft could be delayed as a result of this. There are legal requirements that need a certain number of Cabin Crew on the flight, in relation to the number of passengers on board. Therefore, if the correct number of Cabin Crew are not present, the flight is unable to depart. (This is especially common with low cost airlines, where it is seen necessary to have more than the minimum number of Cabin Crew on board in order to maximise sales potential.)

If the flight does end up being delayed or even cancelled, it is likely that passengers will be frustrated. Passengers may be able to reason with a flight delayed by the weather, for example, but if they find out their flight was delayed by missing Cabin Crew it will look bad for the airline.

Frustrated passengers can be bad for business. They may tell their friends and family or tweet about the terrible day they’ve had because they couldn’t fly to their summer holiday they were so excited about.

Missed flights can also be costly for the airline. The airline may be fined if the aircraft misses its take-off slot. This is a particular issue in busy aiports where airport fees are high, such as London Heathrow.

As you can see, one late member of Cabin Crew can have a large knock-on effect on the whole airline. Airlines, therefore, pay particular attention to the timekeeping skills of potential candidates at interviews.

They are looking for Crew members who they can rely on to turn up on time!

Tips – How you can ensure you are not late for your interview

  • Make sure you plan your route to your interview! If you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, the trip is more likely to run smoothly.
  • Stay in a hotel the night before. Staying in a hotel the night before your interview can help ensure you’re on time on the day. You would’ve done the majority of your journey the day before, so if anything goes wrong there’s no problem! And you will be close to your interview so you don’t have to worry about travelling on the day.
  • Do a practice route. This can help ease any nerves you might have on the day, as well as ensuring you will arrive in plenty of time. If you run through your journey before the day, you will know exactly how long it should take you.
  • Allow time for delays. Make sure you leave extra time for any delays which might occur during your journey. Even if you do everything you possibly can to arrive on time, there are plenty of factors which you can’t control yourself.

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