Where can I get a job as Cabin Crew?

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(Last updated on: 28/02/2019)

Becoming Cabin Crew is the dream job for many people. You get to fly across the world, stay in lovely hotels and meet new and exciting people every day. However, it can be extremely difficult to secure a job but you are likely to be more successful in some areas compared to others.

Which airline are you most likely to be successful in?

A lot of people try to work their way up airlines. They start by applying to a budget airline for experience and then apply for more prestigious airlines after.

However, airlines are simply looking for people who fit their brand – you don’t necessarily need to work your way up. When applying for a job as Cabin Crew, it is best to look at what the airline is looking for and see which airlines best suit you and your personality. Different airlines will be looking for different people. You could put in the same application with two airlines and be successful in one and not the other. For example, Virgin Atlantic focus more on looking great and being super friendly and fun. Whereas, British Airways focus largely on professionalism and their upper class cabins.

Where can I get a job as Cabin Crew?

Cabin Crew Jobs in Europe

According to research recently conducted by Boeing, there are an estimated 173,00 Cabin Crew that will likely be required in Europe in the next few years. This is not surprising considering how busy it is! However, there are fears about how Brexit may impact the UK aviation industry.

There are an abundance of airlines you can apply for in Europe! In the UK you may wish to apply for Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. There are also a number of low cost airlines such as easyJet and Ryan air and a number of charter airlines such as Thomas Cook. Outside of the UK there are a number of airlines within Europe such as Lufthansa, Norwegian and Air France.

Cabin Crew Jobs in North America

North America is not far behind Europe with an estimated 154,000 Cabin Crew jobs expected in the next few years. Popular airlines in America include: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, SouthWest Airlines and JetBlue.

Cabin Crew Jobs in the Middle East

The Middle East have approximately 96,000 Cabin Crew positions available in the next few years. While this may not seem as a lot compare to Europe and America, it is actually a lot compared to the population size! So, if you’re willing to relocate to the Middle East the chances of securing a Cabin Crew job are high. Some of the popular airlines in the Middle East include Etihad, Qatar and Emirates.

Cabin Crew Jobs in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific region has the highest figures with an estimated 308,000 Cabin Crew positions! The aviation industry is rapidly growing in this region so it may be a good place to look for jobs if you’re willing to move abroad. Popular choices include Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific Airways.

How to improve your chances

When you’re looking for a Cabin Crew job, you should think bigger than just England. If you’re prepared to live abroad for a few years you have many more opportunities opened to you!

It’s important that you application matches the needs of the airlines – we offer 1:1 Application Guidance and Tuition.

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Where can I get a job as Cabin Crew?

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