What’s it like to be Cabin Crew for Air Atlanta Icelandic?

Jul 8, 2018 | Cabin Crew

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Today I bring to you an interview from Maria who is a former Cabin Crew member of Air Atlanta Icelandic based in Saudi. Here’s what she had to say about what it’s like to work for them- 

Which airline did you fly for?

I used to fly for Air Atlanta Icelandic, an Icelandic charter and ACMI airline originally from Iceland. However, I was based in Jeddah as we were operating on behalf of Saudia for both umrah and regular flights. 

What was the interview process like?

Actually, it’s probably one of the smoothest job interviews that I’ve ever done. Before I applied for Air Atlanta Icelandic, I tried a couple of interviews with some other airlines in Asia and the process was quite a lot. 

For example, I tried once with the national carrier Garuda Indonesia and they actually checked your physical appearance in detail. As in, they checked whether there are zits on your face or measured your weight to ensure that you fit the requirements. 

I didn’t find anything like that in my interview with Air Atlanta Icelandic. It’s quite fair, we only had a casual conversation in English through this interview as they rely on the initial training results to get you started to fly anyway. 

What's It Like To Be Cabin Crew For Air Atlantic Icelandic?

What was the training like?

I suppose the training is the most stressful part, because then I not only started to learn things that are entirely new for me, I just realized that being a cabin crew is not just about getting myself prepared to look fit and fine with makeup, but I also need to know how to use BCF in case of fire on board, or even how not to get into some unwanted Stockholm Syndrome in case of any threat on board.

Also, since I was working for European airline, I think it’s EASA’s regulation to have a swimming test during the training in which cabin crew has to be able to swim for a minimum of 25 meters as one of the training procedures. This isn’t something that is necessary for some Asian airlines that I know of. However, since I know how to swim, I think I was more nervous about the written tests instead. 

What were your rosters like?

There’s a phrase that I lived for during my flying time: “Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.” 

Some months, I could get some fun destinations with nice layovers. Often I didn’t even get called during my stand-by time. But then there were times when all I had was just some difficult destinations with an unbelievable amount of passengers with (bad!) attitude. And the next time I got back on base, I got called out during my stand-by for the same routes. 

It’s fair to say that my rosters were quite unpredictable.

Did you relocate for the job? If so, what was accommodation etc like?

Yes, I am originally from Indonesia and I had to relocate to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for the job. The accommodation was quite decent as we stayed at a compound where we can do anything regularly despite the fact that we lived in Saudi Arabia. 

For example, we had our own swimming pool and there was no need to wear abaya around the compound. 

Although we had to share a room, we could request our roommate so there’s no problem as long as you have a good understanding with your roommate. 

What did you like the most about the job?

I think what I liked the most about the job is the ability to travel to places that I’ve never been to before. Also, the crew discount for the flights as well! 

What did you like least about the job?

Honestly, some rough flight when your flying mates were icky. Got into some when my flying mates were those with attitudes that we had to do debriefing because of it. Not a fan!

Why did you leave? 

I honestly never really planned to stay on as cabin crew for so long. But also, it’s because I had some health problem called Facial Tics that I decided to quit flying and return home. 

What advice would you give to future applicants?

Relax. Be yourself. The first time I tried to apply for a position as a cabin crew, I was demotivated by how so many people in the industry has this beauty standard that I can’t seem to fulfil, but then again the universe led me to try this role some time in my life, so maybe it could work at some point. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think that’s it. Thank you for the opportunity to share this.

Marya | www.thebeautraveler.com

Once a flight attendant, it didn’t successfully teach me how to travel light. Now that I only fly frequently as a passenger, I always make sure to add at least 15 kgs for my checked-in bag. What’s inside? Clothes, makeup and stuff. 

Marya The BeauTraveler
EN: www.thebeautraveler.com | ID: www.ransel-ungu.id


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