What is the success rate to become Cabin Crew?

Jan 8, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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(Last updated on: 13/12/2021)

The success rate to become Cabin Crew is only around 3-5%. Recent years have seen an increase in the demand for Cabin Crew by airlines as a result of the aviation industry growing. However, the success rate for Cabin Crew still continues to be very small.

Why is the success rate for Cabin Crew so low?

Even as the demand for the number of Cabin Crew increases, it is still a very sought after job! Airlines receive a ton of applications. With a success rate of only 3-5%, they can decide exactly who they want to recruit. This is especially relevant to the highly sought after airlines. (Such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.) They can be extremely critical of applicants, so that they choose the ones they feel would suit the role perfectly.

cabin crew success rate

How can you increase your chances of being successful?

With a success rate so low, you might be thinking about how you could get a job as Cabin Crew! While the success rate is very low compared to other jobs, people are still recruited every day all over the world.

Firstly, make sure you do your research! Before applying to an airline read up about it. Ensure that you’re familiar with the airline and their beliefs and most importantly what they look for in their Cabin Crew. If you have some knowledge of the airline, you will stand out in your application and interview. The airline will know that you’ve taken the time to do your research.

Use the resources available to you!

Secondly, use all the resources available to you. You’re not alone! This is where I come in useful (yay!).

There are also a number of different books available to help you on your journey to become Cabin Crew. For example, ‘Becoming Cabin Crew: Everything you need to know about the application process, Cabin Crew training and life in the skies’ and the ‘Becoming Cabin Crew E-Book’.

I also run a number of courses and diplomas – the ‘Online diploma in Becoming Cabin Crew‘ and ‘Application Guidance and Tuition’, both of which are designed to help guide you through the application process and applicant days. Or if you already have a Cabin Crew assessment day booked you can sign up for my Cabin Crew Assessment Day Mastery course.

As you can see, there are so many resources available for you! It is your responsibility to make sure you use them and utilise them to make sure you secure your job as Cabin Crew.


Lets take a look at an example to see how easy it is to use all the resources available to secure your dream job.

Say, you’re hoping to become British Airways Cabin Crew. You could start by reading the post ‘Becoming British Airways Cabin Crew‘, which details the application process, training, working life and salary for British Airways Cabin Crew. You could also look at the other posts that might be useful, such as ‘How Can I Get A Job With British Airways as Cabin Crew?’.

After reading around some basic information about the role and application, you would need to start on your application itself! You could use our CV template or Application Guidance and Tuition to make sure your application is exactly what the airline is looking for.

While the success rate for Cabin Crew is certainly very low, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful! You need to make sure you use the resources available to you and research before applying and you will increase your chances massively.

Are you hoping to become Cabin Crew? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments in the box below. But most importantly good luck!



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