What is the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew salary?

Jan 17, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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If you’re hoping to become Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew, then you most likely want to know what the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew salary is. However, there isn’t one straight forward answer I can give you – as the salary for Singapore Cabin Crew is made up of various components and can change dramatically based on a number of factors. In this post, I’m going to explain to you how much you’ll earn from the different components and how your salary can change from month to month.

Basic salary

Your basic salary is what you get paid no matter how many hours your fly. On average flight attendants will earn around $1,380 – $2,215 a month. While this is the lowest salary you will earn, the other components can make your overall salary increase by quite a lot! This is the basic salary that you will earn every month and doesn’t change.

In flight allowance

On top of your basic salary, you will also receive an in flight allowance which is calculated using the number of hours you fly. This is calculated from when you clock in to when you clock out of your shift. You will get paid $9.50 an hour originally, and then this rises to $12.80 an hour after you have work for Singapore Airlines for 27 months. Additionally, your inflight increases during a long haul flight (14 hours or more) to 2.5X your usual inflight allowance.

Turnaround allowance

You will also receive a turnaround allowance. This is for the time it takes to unload the aircraft and prepare it again for the next flight. For example, you will be involved on making sure every passenger gets off the flight, greeting them as they leave, and picking up litter. You are paid $90 for this.

Uniform allowance

Singapore also provide you money for your uniform. It is your responsibility to use this money specifically for buying new uniform and for up keeping your current one. For example, if you need new shoes, tights or blouses this is the money you should be using to buy them. You will be paid a fixed rate of $125 a month to spend on uniform.

Transport allowance

In addition to your uniform allowance, the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew salary also includes a transport allowance. This is a fixed payment of $277 a month to be spent on your transport costs to and from work.

Layover allowance

You will also receive a layover allowance, which changes termly. This is to be spent on the time you spend during stop over periods. For example, this could be spent on food.

Example rosters

Your Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew salary can change quite a lot from month to month. This is largely to do with how many flights you work and how long these flights are. This is because your inflight allowance can really boost your salary!

A low paid salary would involve annual leave and no 2.5x inflight allowance flights. As you would not receive any inflight allowance during your annual leave or any 2.5X inflight allowance if you haven’t done any long haul flights. In a monthly roster like this, you could expect to earn around $3800.

On the other hand, your salary can increase a lot if you work a 2.5x inflight allowance flight or if you work one long trip that is around a week long. In a month like this, you could expect to take home around $5300.


Your Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew salary will be paid to you on 5 different days. The basic salary, inflight, turnaround, uniform and transport allowances will all be paid to you on the 21st of the month. Your layover allowances will then be paid on 4 different dates across the month.


If your stay with Singapore Airlines you will receive a service increment every July, where your basic salary is increased. Also if you receive a promotion to another rank, you will receive a promotion increment.

In addition, leading crew members will receive commission from sally duty free products onboard the flights. Have a look at the post ‘How to maximise in-flight sales and make more commission’.

You will also receive a number of benefits such as free and discounted travel with Singapore Airlines, an annual wage supplement of one months salary and a profit sharing bonus.

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Are you hoping to become Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew? Or have you worked for them before? I’d love to hear from you, leave your comments down below!


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