What is the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew uniform like?

Sep 29, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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Uniform is an important part of any Cabin Crew job. In this post, I will explain what the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew uniform is like. If you are hoping to become Qatar Airways Cabin Crew, you should pay attention to how you should look. It is essential that you follow their uniform and grooming guidelines. Qatar conduct grooming inspections before every flight to ensure that your appearance and uniform is acceptable.

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Difference in uniform

Some people speculate why some crew wear grey instead of the well known burgundy. The grey uniform is worn by the supervisor on the flight, and helps to distinguish them from the rest of the crew. Female supervisors are required to wear a scarf with their grey uniform. Male supervisors are required to wear a grey tie, instead of a burgundy one.

Female Crew Uniform

Male and female crew have different Qatar Airways Cabin Crew uniform. The main components of the female uniform is as follows:


Female crew are allowed to wear a burgundy jacket when it is cold. This is usually worn in the airport and during boarding/disembarking. It is not worn in the aircraft or during the flight, as it would be uncomfortable and difficult to work in.

Dining Jacket

As I just mentioned, Crew don’t wear their Burgundy jacket during the flight. However, if it gets cold on the flight they are allowed to wear a navy blue dining jacket. They are given 3 dining jackets and they can be worn after take off and before landing.


You will be given 6 blouses as a part of your uniform. You are required to carry a spare blouse in your cabin bag at all times. This is in case you spill anything down your top during the flight. Underneath your blouse, you also need to wear a camisole/vest top. This must be white or skin coloured and it is needed to ensure your bra cannot be seen through your blouse as they can be quite see through.

Skirt or trousers

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew uniform allows female crew to wear either a skirt or trousers. Female crew will be provided with 2 skirts and 2 trousers and it is their choice what they decide to wear! The uniform standards are strict, however, and if you’re wearing a skirt it must be 2 inches below the knee and not too tight.


Qatar Cabin Crew have 1 pair of ground shoes and 1 pair of cabin shoes. Ground shoes must be worn on the ground. These are heeled, and are worn to give a nicer appearance. They are to be worn at the airport, on the way to work and during boarding and disembarking.

After takeoff and before landing Qatar Cabin Crew switch to cabin shoes. These are not heels and make the usually very long flights much more comfortable.


Qatar Airways Cabin Crew uniform also includes a hat. This is to be worn at the airport and during boarding/disembarking. So you don’t have to wear it during the entire flight. The hat can be taken off when the aircraft doors are closed and out back on before they open. Additionally, it can be taken off during the pre-flight briefing and during the pre flight preparations on the aircraft.


You also have to wear a belt with your uniform. This is to be worn with either the skirt or trousers. You are only given 1 belt.

Name badge

The name badge must be worn on the jacket, dining jacket and blouse. It must also be placed on the left hand side. You will be given 4 name badges.

You must also wear a one world pin. As Qatar Airways is a part of the one world alliance, all crew must wear a badge on their jacket and dining jacket. This is worn above the name badge in line with the oryx logo.


Qatar Cabin Crew can wear a Burgundy scrunchie if they have their in a bun or pony tail. You are given 4 scrunchies. Qatar Cabin Crew are also given one pair of black leather gloves.

Winter coat

Crew are also provided with a winter coat. This is for very cold destinations, but is rarely needed.

Male Crew Uniform

Shirt and jackets

Male crew are required to wear a long sleeved white shirt with a white vest underneath. Like female staff, they also have a jacket and dining jacket. These are to be worn the same as the female crew. The male dining jacket is a vest, instead of a jacket.


They are also required to wear their name badge and one world pin on their jacket and shirt.


Men are required to wear trousers that are comfortable and reach the middle of the back of their shoes. They must always be worn with a uniform belt.


Male staff have one pair of shoes that don’t need to be changed. They must be worn with black, simple socks.

Neck tie and epaulets

Male staff must wear a Burgundy tie with their shirt. For supervisors, this will be grey. They also need to wear epaulets. They are to be worn on their shoulders with the oryx symbol facing inwards.

Coat and gloves

Male crew are also provided with gloves and a winter coat for cold destinations.

Is the uniform provided?

Yes, Qatar Airways provide all of their crew with uniform for free. However, female crew are required to buy their own camisole, earrings, watch and tights. Male crew are required to buy their own socks and under shirt vests. Both will also need to buy their own bags. Qatar will replace your uniform when it gets old, and you get new shoes every 6 months.

In addition to this, laundry is cleaned for free. There is usually a laundrette in your accommodation, if not the closest one should be 5/10 minutes away.

Are you hoping to become Qatar Airways Cabin Crew? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below!

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