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What is glamping and how does it work?

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What is glamping? It seems to be the latest trend, but what actually is it and how does one glamp? In this article I reveal all…

What is glamping?

what is glamping?

Glamping is a relatively new way to travel. It’s all about luxury in a semi-outdoor or rural setting. Glamping means you can be close to nature without having to give up all the good things in life like being warm, having running water and so on.

Glamping is essentially a play on the term camping with the c exchanged for a g- the g represents the ‘glamorous’ aspect. In effect, glamping is a glamorous form of camping. It typically involves staying in some type of tent that includes some of the luxuries not typically associated with traditional camping, such as a bed, a wardrobe and private bathroom facilities.

Since the rise of the staycation and the domestic tourism industry in the UK and further afield, glamping has grown in popularity considerably.

What is a glamping pod?

Glamping pods are small structures, usually made from wood, that are sturdier and more permanent than ordinary tents (although you can also get some great normal tents, such as these Naturehike tents). They vary in size and how luxurious they are, but many look the same. They are almost-curved-but-slightly-triangular-looking buildings, small but with everything you need for a glamping holiday. These can be found on glamping sites around the world! Here is a detailed walkthrough of a glamping pod.

what is glamping?

What is a yurt?

A yurt is traditionally a round tent, adorned with animal skin, used by nomadic groups in Central Asia. The idea has been adapted into a type of glamping accommodation! Glamping yurts don’t involve any animal skin, and are a much more luxurious alternative to a typical tent. They are thicker and sturdier, and much more spacious. While they can be moved, glamping companies will tend to leave them in one place on site so everything is ready to go when guests arrive.

what is glamping?

What is a glamping resort?

A glamping resort is like a campsite but instead of people turning up and pitching their tents, guests will arrive to their accommodation made up for them. And of course, it won’t be tents as we know it. Yurts, pods, glass igloos, Hobbit houses, shepherds’ huts… the list goes on! Some glamping resorts just offer one type of accommodation, while some offer a variety. It all depends on how much land they have and what they choose to use it for.

what is glamping?

These resorts often have various amenities on site, with proper toilets and bathrooms as well as hot food. They also have attentive staff who will make you feel more like you’re at a hotel or B&B than a campsite where you’re generally left to fend for yourself.

Glamping has become more and more popular over the years. One reason is because it is a more eco-friendly way to travel – people tend to go glamping in their home country, so their carbon footprint is lower than it would be if they were flying somewhere. It is also just a greener type of accommodation in general and with the rise of global warming, a lot of people are making an effort to change their habits.

what is glamping?

Another reason is of course social media. With more people blogging, vlogging and writing about their trips and travels, different types of travelling are growing in popularity. We are always being influenced by what we see on social media, whether consciously or not!

Finally, the pandemic has had a potential impact on how popular glamping is. With travel bans in place between various countries, and the added issues of testing and passenger locator forms and so on, many people have opted for staycations over the past 1.5 years. Glamping is the type of holiday that makes for the perfect staycation!

Glamping destinations

Now we’ve answered the question of ‘what is glamping’, where can you do it? You can go glamping in most countries around the world. Whether it’s the Caribbean beachfront or the muddy fields of England, there are so many different glamping destinations available. If this sounds like your kind of trip, then why not give it a go?!

Glamping in Patagonia

This beautiful South American region is ideal for glamping. The scenery around here is breathtaking, and they have a lot of eco-friendly places to stay. From transparent pods in the rainforest, surrounded by exotic birds and lush greenery, to eco domes overlooking a stunning lake… there are so many options for glamping in Patagonia! The region is actually home to the very first EcoDome hotel, proving they are pioneers when it comes to sustainable tourism.

Glamping in Switzerland

Glamping in the Alps? Who wouldn’t want to experience this incredible scenery in a way that feels totally connected to the land?! There are plenty of options when it comes to glamping in Switzerland – from the snowy mountains to the glorious Lake Constance area. With wooden pods, tiny houses and yurts galore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This is really one of the most beautiful places you could choose to go glamping! Whitepod Hotel in the Alps area have a whole village of domes, and the view will take your breath away…

Glamping in Norway

There are few experiences more magical than seeing the Northern Lights, and seeing them from a glamping pod in Norway should definitely be on your list. The Aurora Zone offer specific Northern Lights glamping trips, staying in specialist domes: purpose-built, tent-like structures have been carefully crafted to give you an extra special night of ‘Aurora Glamping’. Fitted with a wood-burning stove, double bed and large perspex wall, this is one of the cosiest ways to search the skies for an Auroral display.

Glamping in the United Kingdom

Glamping is hugely popular in the UK. With the abundance of green space in the countryside, glamping is the perfect staycation across the British isles. With yurts, Hobbit houses, shepherd’s huts, pods, domes and more, there are so many choices. Stay on farms in rural England, or opt for middle-of-nowhere Welsh fields – unique and cosy glamping sites are popping up right across the UK. You can even stay in a converted plane located in Pembrokeshire, South Wales!

Glamping in Australia

Want a more eco-friendly type of accommodation for your trip to Australia? There are plenty of places to ‘glamp’, like on beaches and deep within national parks. For peace and tranquility, stargazing and getting close to nature, Australian glamping is a sure-fire winner. Fall asleep listening to birdsong in Lamington National Park, or even camp out at Sydney Zoo! There are so many gorgeous options for glamping right across the country, so you won’t struggle to find one that suits you…

Glamping in the United States of America

You can glamp in pretty much every state across the US. The opportunities are endless and varied… treehouses in Vermont, yurts at Joshua Tree in California, tiny Scandinavian-style wooden huts in Windham, New York. No matter where you’re heading in the US, if you want something different from a hotel or hostel, somewhere more eco-friendly and a bit unique, glamping is definitely for you.

Glamping in France

France is known for its multitude of Eurocamp sites – these are somewhere in between camping and glamping. They have basic permanent tents, complete with beds and fridges, as well as larger safari tents with their own decking. There are also mobile homes on site, and spaces for you to bring your own. So you can really choose the level of luxury you want here! However, there are also proper glamping sites dotted across France. Domes, yurts and pods (the standard glamping accommodation types) are easy to come by, especially in the more rural areas of this beautiful country. You can even glamp on the grounds of a beautiful chateau!

Glamping in Antarctica

Obviously it’s one of the coldest places you can glamp but it’s surely one of the coolest, too! There is only one way to do this – booking with White Desert. It is a complete luxury experience from start to finish; you’ll arrive by Gulfstream jet, and there are only 12 guests per adventure. Choose from penguin spotting, yacht cruises, champagne picnics and more when it comes to things to do. You’ll stay in a fully carbon neutral dome, surrounded by snow and feeling fully in awe of this incredible scene. Glamping in Antarctica does not come cheap, but it really is one of the best luxury travel experiences you could dream of.

Glamping: Conclusion

So what is glamping? To conclude, glamping is a luxury version of camping that makes for a fantastic compromise if you want to be more eco-friendly but you don’t want to give up all the little things in life while travelling! You can do it all around the world, and it is a fantastic way to get closer to nature while experiencing new places.

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