What is Cabin Secure?

Jul 16, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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When pursuing a Cabin Crew career, you will have a number of new responsibilities. One of these is the responsibility for the safety of all passengers on board the aircraft. Therefore, one of your main jobs is to maintain safe operating procedures during a flight.

What is Cabin Secure?

As a member of Cabin Crew, you will undertake a procedure known as ‘Cabin Secure’ before every flight. This is designed to make sure that the cabin is secure and ready for take off, and that the aircraft can take off safety.

What does Cabin Secure actually involve?

There are several steps that Cabin Crew need to take during Cabin Secure, these involve:

1. Stowage of bags

Cabin Crew must check that all bags have been stowed safely under the seats by passengers. If passengers have left their bags somewhere else, then it’s your responsibility to tell the passenger to move their bag under the seat in front of them, or in the overhead lockers.

2. Seatbelts

You will need to check that passengers have their seatbelts on and that they are fastened. Again, if passengers don’t have their seatbelts fastened it’s your responsibility to instruct them to do so.

3. Overhead lockers

You will also need to check that all overhead lockers are securely closed. It is important that you are able to reach the overhead lockers, as this is a requirement for the job and you may be asked to demonstrate this at an assessment day.

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4. Armrests

All armrests have to be placed down before take off. It’s your responsibility to check that all passengers have their armrests down.

5. Window blinds

All window blinds also need to be open before take off.

6. Trolleys and atlas boxes

Finally, you will also need to check that the trolleys and atlas boxes have been locked in place, to prevent them from moving when the aircraft takes off.

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