What is a Passenger Service Agent?

Apr 25, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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As Cabin Crew you will work with more people than just the other crew members on your flight – an example being Passenger Service Agents. A Passenger Service Agent works for the airline, and similar to Cabin Crew, are involved with working with passengers. However, unlike Cabin Crew who deal with passengers during a flight, a Passenger Service Agent deals with passengers before and after a flight. 

Duties of a Passenger Service Agent

While Passenger Service Agents have a similar role to Cabin Crew in dealing with passengers, their duties differ since they deal with them before and after a flight instead of during a flight.

To start with, Passenger Service Agents are involved in checking passengers in when they arrive at the airport. Passenger Service Agents may do this either at a check-in gate or at the boarding gate. When doing so they will greet and board passengers onto the aircraft, checking their boarding passes and passports as they do so. They may also need to check passengers in on a computer and give them their boarding cards and baggage labels if needed.

When at the boarding gate they will process the passengers boarding and check that the correct number of passengers have boarded the aircraft before the flight departs.  

Passenger Service Agents are also involved in assisting passengers through the airport. They are involved in meeting and greeting passengers from arriving flights, directing them to immigration and the baggage hall.

The working relationship between Cabin Crew and a passenger service agent 

As Cabin Crew, you will be required to work with a number of different staff at the airport, including Passenger Service Agents. When Passenger Service Agents board passengers onto the aircraft, they liaise with the Cabin Crew to ensure that the flight departs on time. It is essential that Cabin Crew and Passenger Service Agents work together to ensure that the flight can take off on time, with the correct passengers onboard. 

Working as a Passenger Service Agent

 As discussed in my post What jobs can I do to help me get a job as Cabin Crew?’, working at an airport or for an airline can give you valuable experience for when it comes to making your application to become Cabin Crew!

Working as a Passenger Service Agent will allow you to gain important customer service skills with passengers and will help you to get used to working for an airline and around passengers. It also gives you experience working in an airport and understanding how an airline works, and what passengers you will likely encounter.

Have you ever worked as a Passenger Service Agent or worked alongside one as Cabin Crew? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the box below.

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