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What is a minimoon and where should you go?

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A minimoon is a great way to celebrate your wedding, but without the expense and annual leave required for most traditional honeymoons, but what exactly is a minimoon and where are the most popular minimoon destinations? Read on to find out….

What is a minimoon?

What is a minimoon?

A minimoon is a post-wedding getaway – but not quite a honeymoon. Whereas honeymoons tend to be super luxurious trips in faraway lands, something you’ve really saved up for and booked the best of everything… a minimoon is much smaller! It tends to be somewhere closer to home (e.g you can drive there or visit by train – or a VERY short flight at a push) and less expensive. A minimoon is generally just a night or two also!

A minimoon can actually be likened to a staycation. It’s only different because it specifically happens just after your wedding – and it’s just the two of you.

Benefits of minimoons

There are many benefits to booking a minimoon after your wedding. I’ve outlined some of these below…

Spend time with your husband/wife

One huge benefit is that it allows you and your new husband/wife to spend time together, one-on-one, just the two of you. And isn’t that what everyone wants after they get married?! Weddings are so often a big affair with hundreds of friends and family members in attendance. It’s so easy to barely spend a minute with your other half, because you’re busy mingling with your cousins, catching up with old friends and making sure your great aunt Susan isn’t looking too lonely over there…

Chill out

Another benefit of a minimoon is that it gives you the chance to relax. It has been said that getting married is one of the most stressful things you can do – and this makes sense. From choosing a venue, saving every penny you have, seven dress adjustments, arguing over cake flavours, the band cancelling, your divorced parents both having to be there when they would definitely rather not be anywhere near each other… It’s a big deal! Your wedding will likely be the best day of your life but it is such a momentous occasion, that it’s no wonder people feel the need to kick back and relax afterwards. As a minimoon is usually straight after the wedding, it’s a great opportunity to wind down after all the excitement.

What is a minimoon?

Something to look forward to

A minimoon really extends the whole wedding experience. This means that as the sun sets on your big day and the DJ plays the final song (Hey Jude, anyone?), and your best friends kiss you goodbye with their 6-inch heels in their hands, you still have something to look forward to! You’ll be heading onto the next part of your wedding. This is a definite benefit of minimoons…


A minimoon is generally much more affordable than a honeymoon. Because it tends to only be a night or two with no flying involved, it can be a fraction of the price of a villa on the beach in a sun-drenched location. This means that if you are getting married on a budget, a minimoon will fit in really well with your plans. It is also a chance to have a little ‘honeymoon preview’, as it were. Go on your minimoon then come home and carry on saving for your big honeymoon!

Time off

This may seem obvious but for a minimoon, you don’t need to take as much time off work. If you love to travel and don’t want to use up all your paid time off on one trip, a minimoon can be a fantastic compromise. Or if you simply don’t get much time off at all, then a minimoon means you can still get away.

How long is a minimoon?

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to how long a minimoon is. It can be one night at a countryside spa, or a long weekend at a log cabin, or two nights at a plush hotel in the city. The idea is that it’s a short trip, so anything more than around 4 days would probably fall into actual honeymoon territory…

What do you do on a minimoon?

The short answer? Anything you want! As mentioned it’s a chance to kick back and relax after all the hard work and excitement surrounding the wedding itself – so you can do absolutely nothing if that’s what you want to do. Spend the time soaking up your newly wedded bliss. Curl up together, reflect on your big day and look forward to the beautiful future you are going to have together.

A minimoon is about you as a couple. So if you have a favourite hobby that you enjoy doing together, do that! If you’re both avid readers, pack some books and spend your days reading together. Both love surfing? Book a minimoon by the beach and ride some waves during your short break. Do you enjoy cooking together? Go self-catered, and take time to cook some new elaborate dishes together that you usually wouldn’t have the time to do.

What is a minimoon?

It’s hard to pinpoint popular minimoon destinations. This is because it tends to be in the couples’ home country, rather than anyone travelling particularly far as they would with a traditional honeymoon. Below, however, you’ll find some ideas for minimoons in various countries!

UK minimoon destinations

Traditional old houses at Edinburgh castle, Scotland, United Kingdom

Chewton Glen, Hampshire. Stay in a luxury treehouse in a forest, complete with your very own hot tub!

Supernova, Isle of Skye. This converted chapel has its own sauna, and breathtaking loch views that will make you fall in love.

The Hoxton, London. This chic and modern hotel is the perfect location for a minimoon in the big smoke, if this is what you’re after!

Carbis Bay Hotel, Cornwall. You’ll feel like you’re abroad here, especially with a summer wedding and minimoon. There’s acres of private beach, an infinity pool, and floor-to-ceiling windows in all the rooms with a stunning view of the coastline.

The Balmoral, Edinburgh. With views of the castle, this is another city location that you can still relax at. Want something extra special? You can book the Gaelic poet in residence to create and perform a bespoke poem for you!

Minimoon destinations in France

La Réserve Hotel & Spa, Paris. This luxury hotel in the city of love is ideal for a minimoon. Said to be the most romantic city in the world, why would you not consider Paris for a minimoon? And there’s a spa!

Cap Estel, Côte d’Azur. This A-list hotel, on a secluded peninsula, has views to die for and luxury everything…

Château de la Gaude, Provence. Obviously staying in a French castle is a very luxurious thing to do, and Provence is so very pretty!

US minimoon destinations

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. Not too far from sin city? If you love having fun and want to let loose on your minimoon, a trip to the Bellagio is something you can’t go wrong with…

Disneyworld, Florida. If you love a bit of Disney magic, as many people do, then Disneyworld for a long weekend is an excellent minimoon idea. This could be presented as the perfect compromise if your other half isn’t quite into the idea of a Disneyfied wedding!

The Chloe, New Orleans. Want a chic hotel in a vibrant city? This is the answer. NOLA is an amazing destination, and you’ll definitely want to come back after your short stay here!

Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley. This California destination is ideal for a minimoon if it’s within travelling distance for you. And this adult-only hotel is surrounded by the breathtaking greenery this part of the state is famous for.

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Bozeman. This is an amazing Montana-based minimoon destination. The peace and quiet will be ideal after all the buzz of your wedding, and it’s a simply beautiful area.

Minimoon destinations in Italy

The St. Regis, Venice. A luxury hotel in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? If Venice is within minimoon-distance from you, and it’s within your budget, then you can’t go wrong…

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como. The Italian lakes are another level of beautiful, and are great to drive to/around. This spa hotel, located on the waterfront, is steeped in history and has fine-dining options to boot.

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