How to pass the Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew assessment day

Apr 1, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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The million dollar question – how to pass the Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew assessment day!

My name is Lorna and I am currently cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. I joined them in January 2018, although the assessment process began in April 2017, and my assessment day was in September 2017.

How to pass the Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew assessment day

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew assessment day

Every Cabin Crew assessment day is slightly different, but they all tend to have a similar structure. For a general overview you will find my post on how to pass the Cabin Crew assessment day helpful.

Arriving at the assessment day

The Virgin Atlantic Assessment Day is held at their Head Office called The Base in Crawley, West Sussex. It’s very easy to find, there’s lots of parking and it’s also on public transport routes.

It’s a nerve wracking experience just walking inside the building. Inside the main foyer you’ll see a large model aircraft of the Boeing 747 and an Airbus A350, which is joining the fleet later this year.

You’ll spot the other Assessment Day candidates and this is a great opportunity to start chatting.

If you’re not confident in networking and talking to people that you don’t know, there is an entire module dedicated to this in Hayley’s online course which teaches you everything you need to know to pass the Cabin Crew assessment day. Click here to find out more- Assessment day mastery course.

Height and Reach Test

As with other Cabin Crew Assessment days there will be a height and reach test.

It’s nothing to worry about, but Virgin Atlantic need to be certain that you are tall enough to reach the overhead lockers on the aircraft, and more importantly, any emergency equipment.

You stand in stockings or bare feet, you can stretch, and open and close an overhead locker. You also sit and strap yourself into a Cabin Crew jumpseat with the harness.

Group Exercises

A large part of the day is taken up with Group Exercises. These are a chance for the Assessors to see how you interact with other people and work together to perform a task.

These will be people you’ve only just met, and will be different ages, races, cultures, just like in a real Cabin Crew Pre Flight Briefing,

I can’t go into detail of what the group tasks are, they do change, and those of us who have been through the process are asked not to discuss in detail, so that everyone is starting from a level playing field.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully, contribute to the exercise and the one that people often forget – listen to others when they are speaking!

There are plenty of practice exercises in Hayley’s online assessment day mastery course to help you to pass this part of the assessment day.

One to One Interview

Again, another similarity with all Cabin Crew Assessment Days is the one to one Interview.

This is generally the last part of the day, you’ll be tired. There will have been lots of periods of hanging around, but you still need to bring your A game.

This is the assessors chance to get to know the real you. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, or try and be what you think Virgin Atlantic are looking for.

Go in there and be yourself – that is the most important piece of advice that I can give to anybody.

Listen to the questions carefully, and take a few moments to think and compose your answer. If you haven’t understood the question fully, just ask. They aren’t there to catch you out.

And don’t forget the basics – eye contact and a smile!

Waiting for a Reply

You’ve tried your best, don’t go home and over analyse everything you said and did. Virgin Atlantic are very quick at letting people know if they’ve been successful or not.

I had my Assessment Day on the Monday and received an email on the Friday with the good news.

If it is good news, then congratulations! If it’s not what you hoped for, then don’t give up. I got into Virgin Atlantic on my 3rd attempt!

Once you have been offered the job you will have to wait for your start date, when you will undertake your Cabin Crew training. This post is designed to answer any questions that you may have at this stage of the recruitment process.

Do you want to become Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew?

If you’re not 100% certain that the Cabin Crew is for you, or you have questions about exactly what the lifestyle is, then have a look at this book available on Amazon

Give it a go, I love my job and just ask yourself, what have you got to lose by trying!


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