universities with the highest paid graduates

Universities with the highest paid graduates

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(Last updated on: 12/08/2021)

Which are the universities with the highest paid graduates?

Going to university has become a right of passage for many young adults, however deciding which university is best for you is no easy task. There are many variables to consider when choosing a university, such as grades achieved, research undertaken at the university, location, fees, social opportunities etc. However, for many people, they seek the universities with the highest paid graduates.

When you are investing thousands of Pounds per year into your education, it is only fair that you expect a return on investment, but which universities offer the best returns? In this article I tell you which UK universities have the highest paid graduates.

What is a graduate job?

This article looks into the universities with the highest paid graduates across the UK. Many are in so-called graduate jobs, although some are in other positions. But what is a graduate job?

A graduate job can be defined as a job which “normally require(s) knowledge and skills developed on a three-year university degree to enable them to perform the associated tasks competently”. It is generally entry-level. As the name suggests, graduate jobs are generally filled by people who have recently graduated from higher education. This definition comes from the Office of National Statistics, in collaboration with the University of Warwick. On top of this, some graduate jobs also require registrations with professional bodies such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Universities with the highest paid graduates in the UK

The most recent data in terms of universities with the highest paid graduates is from the tail end of 2020. This data comes from Adzuna and the HESA. More specifically it comes from their Graduate Outcome survey. This examines topics such as graduates’ activities, characteristics, wellbeing and salaries. Read on below to find out about the universities with the highest paid graduates across the UK!

#20 Queen Mary (QMUL) 

At number 20 in our list of universities with the highest paid graduates is Queen Mary University of London, where graduates can earn as much as £28,302. Located in the vibrant East End of London, QMUL is very well reputed for courses such as Law, Medicine and Dentistry. Typically these are high-paying job areas.

#19 University of Sussex 

The University of Sussex comes it at number 19 – graduates from here can earn £28,653. Located in Falmer, East Sussex, this is a brilliant research-led university. Their courses in American Studies, Art History, Drama, Dance and Cinematics, Criminology and Education are ranked among the top ten in the Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide.

#18 Oxford Brookes University

Next is Oxford Brookes, with some graduates earning £28,795. It is a modern university located in Oxford – formerly a polytechnic, Oxford Brookes received university status in 1992. With four campuses (three in Oxford and one in Swindon), it is considered to be one of the best for studying Geography, Accounting & Finance, Business & Management Studies, and Economics/Econometrics. 

#17 University of Birmingham 

In 17th place is the University of Birmingham with graduates earning up to £28,798. This is a Russell Group* university, located in the brilliant city of Birmingham in the West Midlands. It ranks highly for courses such as Physiotherapy, American Studies, and Tourism, Transport, Travel & Heritage Studies.

*The Russell Group is a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. The group is headquartered in Cambridge and was established in 1994 to represent its members’ interests, principally to government and parliament. It was incorporated in 2007.

#16 Heriot-Watt University 

Heriot-Watt graduates can earn £28,868, according to the study. It is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was the world’s first mechanics’ institute upon its original founding in 1821. The courses it ranks highly for include Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

#15 Brunel University 

Students from Brunel University, in 15th place, earn up to £29,004 upon graduating. Located in the Uxbridge area of London, the university was founded in 1966 and named after a Victorian engineer, called Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It is well reputed for subject areas such as Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy as well as Anthropology and Mechanical Engineering.

#14 University of Southampton 

With graduates earning up to £29,044, the University of Southampton is next. Located in the south of the UK, this university is well-reputed for courses in Physiotherapy as well as Civil Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

#13 University of Reading 

Graduates from the University of Reading can earn around £29,175. Originally founded as an extension college of Oxford University in 1892, it has been granting its own degrees since 1926. Their esteemed Henley Business School is one of world’s top 50 business schools and it has triple-accredited status.

#12 Buckinghamshire New University 

Next is Buckinghamshire New University, with some students earning £29,243 upon graduating. BNU has four campuses across Buckinghamshire and London. It is actually the only independent university in the UK with a Royal Charter! Some of its best courses include Accounting and Finance, Computer Science and Information Studies, Sports Science, and Sociology.

#11 Durham University 

In at number 11 is the University of Durham, with recent graduates earning as much as £29,260. This is one of the country’s most elite universities, founded in 1832 in the northeast of England. It offers some of the best courses worldwide in areas such as Geography, Politics & International Studies as well as Sociology and Education.

#10 University of Bath 

Bath is up next, with some recent grads earning as up to £29,876. It is number 10 in this list of universities with the highest paid graduates. Located in the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset, the university is a great choice when it comes to studying Accounting & Finance, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Biological Sciences, Business & Management Studies and Computer Science.

#9 University of Nottingham 

In 9th place, graduates from the University of Nottingham have recently been earning up to £29,906 – we’re getting closer to the £30k mark. This is another Russell Group university, and one with great stats when it comes to subjects such as Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Physiotherapy, Law, and Physics. It also scores well for Chemistry, Economics, Architecture, Iberian Languages and American Studies!

#8 University of Bristol

Students graduating from Bristol can earn up to £29,961. Located in a pleasant maritime city, the University of Bristol ranks very highly for courses in the following subject areas: Engineering, Pharmacy, and Social Policy. It also offers great courses in disciplines such as Anatomy & Physiology, Civil Engineering, Modern Languages/Linguistics and Veterinary Science.

#7 University of Manchester 

If you’re graduating from Manchester, you could be earning up to £29,974. The University of Manchester, situated in the buzzing Northern city, is a Russell Group uni. It ranks highly in the areas of Space Science, Immunology, Oncology, Chemistry and Arts & Humanities. 

#6 University of Warwick 

Tipping over into the £30k mark is the University of Warwick, in 6th place. Recent graduates have taken jobs with salaries as high as £30,510. A relatively new uni, Warwick was founded in 1965 and is located in the West Midlands. Some of the best courses here are in the subject areas of Statistics, Mathematics, English, and Business & Management Studies.

#5 University of Edinburgh

Another Scottish entry is the University of Edinburgh, with some students earning as much as £31,170 upon graduating. It is located in a culturally vibrant city, and ranks highly in various subject areas. These include Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Surgery, Space Science and the Arts & Humanities.

#4 King’s College London

The English capital is home to a few different (and great!) universities with the highest paid graduates. In at number 4 is King’s College London, where some graduates have been said to earn up to £31,889. It is the largest healthcare learning centre in Europe, with three teaching hospitals. They are also well-reputed for courses in Law, Social Sciences and the Humanities.

#3 University College London

Another London ranking – graduates from University College London can earn up to £32,757! It is one of the world’s best institutions for higher educational study, always showing up high on every list when it comes to looking for where to carry on learning. Top subject areas include Education, Architecture & the Built Environment, Life Sciences, Geography, Pharmacology and more.

#2 University of Cambridge

The top two spots on this list of universities with the highest paid graduates will likely not come as a surprise – and there’s not much in it. Number 2 goes to Cambridge, with graduates earning as much as £34,720. It ranks highly for Cell Biology, Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Mathematics, Arts & Humanities and Physics.

#1 University of Oxford 

In first place is Oxford, with recent graduates earning as much as £34,802. Hailed as one of the best universities in the world, it ranks (very!) highly for Arts & Humanities, Biology & Biochemistry, Social Sciences & Public Health, Infectious Diseases, and Psychiatry/Psychology as well as many others.

Universities with the highest paid graduates

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