10 unique Airbnb stays that inspire wanderlust

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(Last updated on: 30/09/2021)

There are soooo many unique Airbnb stays to inspire wanderlust.

Airbnb is a fantastic platform that enables travellers to find a range of satisfying and unique Airbnb stays. Whether you are looking to stay in a treehouse, a castle or have an entire island to yourself (seriously, how COOL!), Airbnb has what you’re looking for.

If you’re not convinced by the platform, you can find out why I love Airbnb so much here. Or keep reading to find out about some of the most awesome unique Airbnb stays that inspire wanderlust…

airbnb to inspire wanderlust

What is Airbnb?

When it comes to booking a trip, Airbnb is a great way to find accommodation.

An excellent example of the sharing economy, Airbnb provide a platform where people can rent out properties and spare rooms to travellers and tourists, as well as offering experiences. Property owners set the prices, and you book through Airbnb who collect the money.

Airbnb have a website and an app. It was founded in 2008. It is now one of the most successful travel companies in the world, and is used by millions of people around the globe. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of options.

The concept means that you feel more ‘at home’ than you would staying in a hotel, giving you a more authentic travel experience when visiting a new place. I have put together a detailed article explain exactly how Airbnb works- You can find out more about Airbnb HERE.

Learn more about how Airbnb works in my new YouTube video!

Types of accommodation available with Airbnb

There are different accommodation types available on Airbnb. From spare rooms in people’s homes to completely unique Airbnb stays like castles and private islands, there are so many options to choose from. The ‘type of place’ filters gives you four choices:

  • Entire place – have a place to yourself
  • Private room – have your own room and share some common spaces
  • Hotel room – have a private or shared room in a boutique hotel, hostel and more
  • Shared room – stay in a shared space, like a common room

Accommodation ranges from apartments to entire cottages with everything in between. There are yurts, treehouses, water mills, log cabins and so much more to choose from.

How do I find unique Airbnb stays?

There is an option to find unique Airbnb stays on the website, by clicking the ‘Unique stays’ button on the home page.

However, it is so much fun to just trawl through the listings in a specific place and see what comes up. You can also type something different into the search bar, such as ‘Castles in UK’ (which will yield castles, chapels and more) or ‘Treehouses in Los Angeles’.

If you have an idea in mind about the type of accommodation you want, then just pop it into the search bar alongside the location and see what comes up. Alternatively, have a look below and some of the best unique Airbnb stays on the app!

The most unique Airbnb stays on the app right now

Below you’ll find 10 of the most amazing unique Airbnb stays available to book right now around the world. There’s a little bit of everything here.

#1 The Bridge House, Scotland

unique Airbnb stays

Located in Ballintuim, this is a two bedroom home built on a bridge that spans the River Ardle. It was built in 1881, and there are plenty of original features. These include walls clad with traditional Scottish timber, original flooring and more. You enter the Bridge House by a private spiral stone staircase and head straight into the cosy dining area.

This accommodation boasts a sauna/steam room, an outdoor seating area/walkway and of course, incredible views both up and down river.

There is a detached stable apartment next door which is also available to book on Airbnb. There is a garden below and plenty of places to walk and hike nearby.

This is a great option if you’re looking at unique Airbnb stays in Scotland – the country of haggis, fresh air and whisky!

#2 Castle near Wroclaw, Poland

unique Airbnb stays

Poland is one of Europe’s gems, and is becoming more and more popular for city breaks.

Wroclaw is one city that people are starting to flock to, especially those looking for a boozy weekend. But if you want something more serene in the area, this castle in Warmatowice Sienkiewiczowskie is just over an hour’s drive away from the city.

This unique Airbnb stay has five bedrooms and sleeps up to ten guests. Each bedroom has a private bathroom, and there is plenty of living space too.

The grounds of the castle are absolutely breathtaking, and it is the perfect location for a group trip to Poland. There is on-site parking should you need it, too.

#3 Playful stylish apartment, Hungary

unique Airbnb stays

In the country’s amazing capital, Budapest, you’ll find plenty of unique Airbnb stays. One of the coolest, however, is this modern apartment with a slide inside it- wow, my kids would LOVE this!

The bright, spacious rooms and comfortable furniture are one thing – but the slide down from the mezzanine bedroom area is something else entirely!

Accommodating up to four guests, this central apartment is just a stone’s throw away from museums, bars, shops, restaurants and the historic architecture the city is famous for. Plus, it has a slide.

#4 The Carolina Treehouse, USA

unique Airbnb stays

In Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll find one of the most beautiful and unique Airbnb stays – a stunning treehouse, complete with a peaceful outdoor shower, comfortable outdoor seating, a fire pit, private pond, swing bed and so much more.

The owners say it was designed with a slow pace in mind, and it’s not hard to see why. Everything just looks completely zen. From the colour palette to the little touches such as a record player and indoor plants, it really is a beautiful place.

It accommodates two guests, includes WiFi and parking, and has incredible reviews. 

#5 JR’s Ecohut, Australia 

unique Airbnb stays

Eco-friendly travel is growing in popularity- and this unique Airbnb stay fits the bill perfectly.

This tiny house on the Kimo Estate in Nangus, New South Wales, offers 360 degree views of the Murrumbidgee River flats and Kimo Valley – and it’s completely off grid.

It is of the best unique Airbnb stays in terms of being sustainable. It uses solar power from water and lighting, and there is a small log burner for heating.

The glass front means the views are spectacular inside and out, and there are no neighbours for miles meaning it’s completely peaceful. If you’re looking for somewhere to come and switch off, this is absolutely ideal.

The accommodation sleeps two; it is basic but comfortable, and the scenery speaks for itself…

#6 The Beehive, England

unique Airbnb stays

Located in Manchester (famous for its connection to the worker bee), this is a stunning narrowboat which sleeps up to four.

Gloriously modernised with a brilliant kitchen area, bee mural on the outside, comfortable seating and quite a fancy bathroom, the boat has everything you’ll need.

There is full central heating and power to charge devices, and it’s great place to just chill out and relax for a couple of nights. It is definitely something a bit different, and perfect for a trip to one of England’s most interesting cities.

#7 Windmill, the Netherlands

unique Airbnb stays

The Netherlands is famous for many things – its lax laws surrounding cannabis and sex tourism, clogs, bicycles… and windmills.

You can stay in one of these windmills in Abcoude, a 20 minute drive from the exciting capital city of Amsterdam. It sleeps six across three bedrooms with two bathrooms, and comes with WiFi and free parking.

If you’ve hired a car on your trip to Amsterdam or live locally, this is an amazing place to stay. It’s novel and atmospheric, there are goats nearby and the decor inside is absolutely beautiful.

#8 Seashell House, Mexico

What started as just another of the unique Airbnb stays available, has turned into a bit of a world-famous phenomenon. Located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, this seashell-shaped house is called Casa Caracol.

A two bedroom villa with a pool, kitchen and BBQ area as well as free parking and WiFi, it is an amazing place to stay when visiting this part of Mexico – with the added bonus of being shaped like a seashell, of course.

It’s something a bit funky and makes for some amazing photos of your summer holiday! The house is also a great base for exploring the rest of the island. Plus, it feels just a *tiny* bit like being in Spongebob Squarepants…

#9 St. Ann’s Lighthouse, Canada

In terms of unique Airbnb stays, there are few places more quirky than a lighthouse.

This one was built in 1905 and was a working lighthouse until 1962 – it has been modernised and makes for a great place to stay when exploring Cape Breton.

The views across St. Ann’s Bay are something special, and you’ll be able to see plenty of stars at night. The rural area allows for plenty of nature-spotting, and the seclusion means it is perfect for a relaxing, romantic weekend away in this stunning part of Canada.

With hiking trails and local restaurants nearby, it is an all-round great place to stay!

#10 Hello Kitty Fun House, Malaysia 

Located in Kuala Lumpar, this fun and funky Hello Kitty-themed apartment sleeps up to 6.

There is not one aspect of this accommodation that hasn’t been decorated with a nod to the famous cartoon feline – from the crockery to the bedding to the murals on the wall, this is a dream come true for any Sanrio fan. Even the kettle has Hello Kitty on it!

The building has a pool, gym and sauna as well as a kids’ play area, 24-hour shop and a laundrette.

If you love all things girly and pink, and of course HK herself, then this is an amazing (and definitely unique) place to stay in Malaysia.

The most unique Airbnb stays: Further reading

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