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The best travel-themed gifts for all the family

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Buying travel-themed gifts can be very thoughtful. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or just as a well-deserved treat, there are lots of things that you can buy for the travel-lover in your life!

In this article I will recommend what I think are the best travel-themed gifts for kids, women and men. I have also included a detailed book list too. Every single item on this list has been used either personally by me or by my husband and children- you can trust me when I say that they are worth the purchase! Gifts start at just a few Pounds too- so there is something for every budget!

Well, what are you waiting for? Lets start shopping for travel-themed gifts…!

Travel-themed gifts for kids

I decided to kick off this shopping list with the most important people of all- the kids! I have been travelling with kids in tow for a few years now and I have come to learn what travel-themed gifts may kids LOVE! Here are some of our favourites…


travel-themed gifts

You’ve probably seen families with trunkies riding through the airport on your travels before and for good reason! 

If you want to buy travel-themed gifts for small kids, a trunkie is a great idea! Young children love pull along and ride along toys and the trunkie does both. It comes in a variety of colours and designs and doubles as a practical piece of luggage too- win, win!


travel-themed gifts

Tablets are a fantastic way to keep kids entertained on long journeys and make for the perfect travel-themed gifts. There are lots of varieties to choose from.

We started off with the kids fire tablet and then transitioned on to an iPad. Amazon have a brilliant kids package that includes lots of games etc. I like that you can test it out with the free 3 month trial trial too. But we found that the fire tablet was a bit slow and my kids preferred to usability of the iPad so we invested in an iPad mini for each of the kids. This were expensive travel-themed gifts for a baby and a toddler, but they were worth every penny!

A tablet can be a wonderful travel-themed gifts for kids! I like the fire tablet by Amazon as it comes pre-installed with a range of age appropriate apps and filters.It also has a soft case to protect it as well as a two year warranty! These can be hand held or they can be hung on the back of seats for long car journeys allowing the kids to watch a film. Isla literally spends hours on her tablet if I let her- it’s possible one of the best purchases we have ever made!

Flight log book

travel-themed gifts

Recording each of your child’s flights can make for some special memories. Hand the flight log book to the crew and get personalised notes of your journey each time you travel.

Bonus: This is my own product that I created!!

Travel books

travel-themed gifts

There are so many travel books for children of all ages and reading abilities. When my youngest daughter was a baby we started a travel-themed souvenir collection of books about the places that we travelled. We read about elephants getting lost in Sri Lanka, a cheeky monkey in Kathmandu and a little boy who lived in China, amongst others.

Books are both educational and fun! Some of our favourites include the lift the flap book Busy Airport, What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday and the Little Kids First Big Book of the World.

Kids Camera

travel-themed gifts

Most kids love to copy what their parents do and so buying them a kids version of what you use on your travels can be a great idea. 

There are lots of different cameras available for children, which can make for great travel-themed gifts. This also gives kids some ownership over taking their own photographs.

Travel teddy

travel-themed gifts

Kids love a comforter and they love soft toys. So why not get a travel-themed one?

Both of my girls have a Steiff bear and they come on every travel adventure with us, case and all! 

Travel-themed colouring in book

Kids love colouring in and there are plenty of travel-themed colouring in books on the market. I personally love this one from Lonely Planet!

travel-themed gifts


travel-themed gifts

Keeping a travel journal can be a wonderful way for children to document their adventures and is one of my favourite travel-themed gifts for older children. It can also be really nice to look back on in years to come. This can be a written journal or it can be electronic, using a tablet, for example.

Photo book

travel-themed gifts

We don’t print photographs as much as we used to, but it might be a nice idea for the children to print them off and include them in a photo album. They can annotate them and and make them really personal too.

Children’s rucksack 

travel-themed gifts

Kids love to carry a bag, especially when it’s filled with their own goodies and toys!

Bags can make great travel-themed gifts and can be relatively inexpensive too. Bonus points if it’s their favourite cartoon character too (anything Frozen goes down well in my house)!

Cartoon character neck pillow

travel-themed gifts

We all need a great neck pillow for those long flights. If you’re looking for travel-themed gifts for a child, then why not find an animal neck pillow or one that’s got their favourite cartoon character on? Trust me, kids love these!

Experience tickets

travel-themed gift

Personally, I am more for experiences than physical gifts. There are so many different experience days that you could treat your kids to, from trips to Disney Land to tickets to watch In The Night Garden Live!  

Travel-themed gifts for women

There are plenty of travel-themed gifts for women. Here are some of my personal favourite items:


There are so many uses for a pashmina when travelling as well as at home. I have used mine as a head scarf when in Arabic countries, as a blanket on the plane, as a shawl over my shoulders at a wedding and as a scarf when it’s cold. 

You can get some really pretty pashminas and they are super practical- perfect travel-themed gifts for women!


travel-themed gifts

A stylish and practical bag to take travelling is one of my favourite travel-themed gifts for women! You can get some great designs to suit any style.

Toiletry bag

travel-themed gifts

Every girl needs somewhere to keep her toiletries! A nice toiletry bag is one of the most popular travel-themed gifts for women.


travel-themed gift

If you would prefer to get something intangible, then a pedicure voucher can be a great travel-themed gift. You might not be showing your feet off during the winter months, but she might be packing her favourite sandals ready for her exotic beach escape!

Bracelet travel charms

travel-themed gifts

There are lots of travel-themed jewellery items on the market these days. One of my favourites in Pandora, who do a range of charms that can be very personal. On my bracelet I have a little suitcase, an airplane and a little koala bear that was bought as a gift for me when I returned from Australia!

Pin it map

travel-themed gifts

A pin map can be a lovely way to display where you have travelled to. This is another of my favourite travel-themed gifts!

Travel-themed trinket box

travel-themed gifts

You can buy some really nice little boxes with travel designs. These range from tiny trinket boxes, to large storage boxes. These can make for a pretty and practical travel-themed gift!

Travel-themed ornaments

travel-themed gifts

There is a huge selection of travel-themed ornaments that you can buy. This could relate to the person on a personal level, for example getting them an elephant if they have just returned from safari. It could laso be quite generic, for example a globe.

Passport holder

travel-themed gifts

Everybody needs a passport holder! There are some lovely designs so I’m sure that you can find one that the person you are buying for will love!

Stylish camera strap

travel-themed gifts

Most people just use the standard strap that comes with their cameras. But why not get a stylish one as a travel-themed gift? You can get  range of patterns and designs which really make you stand out from the crowd!

Stylish DSLR camera bag

travel-themed gifts

You can also get some really cool camera bags. Some even look like handbags!

Miniature perfumes

travel-themed gifts

The last travel-themed gift idea that I have for girls is miniature perfumes (or other toiletries). These are great as they are generally under 100ml so can be taken through security. You are also less worried about losing or dropping them!

Kindle subscription

Get 3 months free with Amazon’s kindle subscription. You can have unlimited downloads for a travel-themed gift that just keeps giving!

Shewee (stocking filler)

travel-themed gifts

This is the ultimate in toilet-themed gifts for women! This device enables women to pee standing up, just like a man! It’s perfect for backpacking or mountain climbing!

Travel-themed gifts for men

There are plenty of travel-themed gifts for men too. Here are some things that my husband loves, that I think would make the perfect travel-themed gifts!

Noise cancelling headphones

In my experience, boys love gadgets. They also love piece and quiet on a flight/round the pool! So noise cancelling headphones can make the perfect travel-themed gift!

Music subscription

Amazon’s music subscription is a travel-themed gift that just keeps giving. They have a free 3 month trial and great rates after that.


Gadgets need charging and unfortunately there isn’t always a convenient charge point when travelling. A powerbank can be a real life-saver, allowing you to charge your  devices on the go.

Travel wash bag

We all need something to transport our toiletries in. A nice travel-themed gift might be a travel wash bag. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, colours and materials to suit a range of budgets and tastes.

Travel pillow

Lets face it, most of us are stuck down the back in economy when we fly, which can make for a pretty uncomfortable few hours if taking a long flight! One accessory that every traveller needs is a neck pillow. I would recommend the memory foam, good quality ones. I once had an inflatable pillow that kept deflating… I’d never buy one of those again!

Anti-theft credit card holder

This is one of the most unique travel-themed gifts! 

There have been many crimes reported all over the world in recent times, where thieves have used a scanning device to take money from people’s credit cards using the contactless system. These cards can be scanned through pockets, wallets and bags, so victims are unsuspecting, particularly when in busy areas such as trains or shopping districts! An anti-theft credit card holder prevents anybody from being able to scan your card unknowingly- genius!

Portable bluetooth speaker

A bluetooth speaker is a great gift for those who like to listen to music or radio.They are generally very small and can be set up in no time. They are great for listening to music in your hotel whilst getting ready, whilst enjoying cocktails on the balcony, around the pool or on the beach

Bluetooth speakers come in a range of prices, but the cheaper ones will sacrifice quality, so this is something to bare in mind.

Swiss army knife

For the more adventurous travellers, a swiss army knife can make the perfect travel-themed gift! It has so many purposes and can be used in a variety of instances all over the world!


One of the latest travel tech must have items is a drone. These gadgets allow you to take the most amazing travel photos and videos (it is something I’ve been considering purchasing for a while now…).

Tech organiser bag

Men love their tech, but if most men are anything like my husband, it will all be crammed into the bottom of his bag! A tech organiser bag can make a great travel-themed gift (and this isn’t just limited to boys!).


We recently purchased a GoPro and have not regretted it for a second! Being able to capture our travels on video has really brought our memories to life. I love this even more as I get to revisit my toddler’s face when she sees some of the amazing things we see travelling, when she tries a spicey Sri Lankan curry for the first time or when she sees a lion in real life! These moments really are priceless. 

Public toilet survival kit (stocking filler)

The last of my travel-themed gifts for men is a funny stocking filler- a pubic toilet survival kit! There are few of these on the market that generally have funny gimmicks and jokes. Something to make him giggle on Christmas morning!

The best books about travel

Whether you are looking for a good holiday book or some night time reading, there is nothing better (in my opinion) than a book which inspires your inner wanderlust! Books can make the best travel-themed gifts…

Here are some of my favourites that I have read over the years…

The Beach

Alex Garland’s, The Beach, has a lot to answer for!

This is is one of the most popular travel books of all time and one of my all-time favourites. It is also the reason for the occurrence of overtourism in Maya Bay, Thailand and its subsequent temporary closure.

The Beach, later made into a film starring Leonardo Dicaprio, is based on the [once] pristine beach in Maya Bay, Thailand. When people started reading about this perfect, unspoilt beach, they bagan to flock there in their hundreds and thousands. Fast forward a decade or two and the area was filled with litter and flora and fauna dying. The beach has been closed to tourists to allow for rejuvenation in 2018 indefinitely.

Despite the current state of ‘The Beach’, the book itself is a fantastic read. It details the search for unspoilt lands and the life that these backpackers live when they find them. It is an absolute must-read for anyone who has caught ‘the travel bug’!

Eat, Pray, Love

Another one of my favourites is Eat, Pray, Love. This book has also been made into a film, starring Julia Roberts. I am a massive fan, so much so that I think there was a time in my life when I watched this film at least twice a week!

Eat, Pray, Love documents a woman’s journey through Italy, India and Bali. On a journey of self-discovery (as many of us are during our travels at some point or another), this book takes you with her on an emotional and philosophical level.

Whilst this book may resonate more with women than men (my husband certainly isn’t a fan!), it is well worth a watch and will definitely spark some inner wanderlust!

Down Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country

Bryson’s Down Under is one of the best travel books I have ever read. I have vivid memories of starting to read it whilst laying in bed in my hostel in Sydney and finishing it shortly after I left Australia whilst in the Gili Islands.

This book is funny and informative- two criteria to make an excellent read! I learnt so much about Australia in this book, from the history of colonialism in the area to what life is like in the outback. This book really complimented my travels and helped to me to understand and appreciate what I was seeing and experiencing so much more.

If there is one book that you MUST read when travelling down under, it’s this one!

How to be a Family

This is a book that I am currently reading at the moment and I am loving it so far! I grew my boobs in China is the story of a family’s four year backpacking adventure, as told by teenager Savannah Grace. Initially unimpressed to be dragged away from her school and her friends, Savannah ended up having what literally became the adventure of a lifetime.


Wild is another example of a popular travel book that has subsequently been made into a movie.

Whilst this isn’t my personal favourite book or movie, it is hugely popular around the world, which is why I included it in this list.

Wild is the story of Cheryl Strayed who set off on a journey to walk 1100 miles along the west coast of America alone. Bearing the grief of her mother’s sudden death and her crumbled marriage, she embarks on a spiritual journey fro lost to found.

The Alchemist

The last book on my travel and tourism reading list is the Alchemist.

The reason it’s last is because I haven’t actually managed to finish it.Personally, I found this book a little slow going and I just haven’t managed to find the motivation to finish it yet…. having said that, many others have! In fact, I think I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t absolutely love this book!

Sand in my Bra

This one’s for the girls! Sand in my Bra is a hilarious collection of tales from females who have travelled all over the world from Alaska to Zanzibar. It’s a light-hearted read that will be sure to make you laugh.And I definitely have a few stories of my own that could be added to the collection…

Without You there is no Us

This book gives you a sneak peak into a place that you will likely never travel to- North Korea. OK, so there are a few tours to the country but these are completely inauthentic, heavily censored and somewhat dangerous (one step wrong and you’re in a North Korean prison for the rest of your life…).

This book is a real page turner. It tells the story of Suki Kim, who travels to North Korea as an English teacher to learn about her heritage and culture. This book provides insights into the world’s most secretive country, many of which will shock you.

I definitely recommend this book if you plan to visit South Korea. No trip to Korea is complete without a trip to the DMZ and this book gives you some excellent background knowledge before you go.

First they killed my father

I was sold this book by a street seller as I got off a bus upon my arrival in Cambodia. Prior to reading this book I knew little about the Khmer Rouge regime and about the country that I had just arrived in.

Whilst this book has many moments which are sad and scary, it really enabled me to develop a thorough understanding of the horrors that were suffered just three decades earlier. Yes, you can read guidebooks and information plaques, but hearing it through the words of a child who has lived through this time is something pretty special.

Sihpromatum – I Grew my Boobs in China

This is a book that I am currently reading at the moment and I am loving it so far! I grew my boobs in China is the story of a family’s four year backpacking adventure, as told by teenager Savannah Grace. Initially unimpressed to be dragged away from her school and her friends, Savannah ended up having what literally became the adventure of a lifetime.

The travel-themed gifts for all the family

So that is my summary of the best travel-themed gifts for all of the family. Do you have any further suggestions? I am always keen to hear new ideas- drop them in the comments below!

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