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Travel-themed gift ideas: For kids

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Buying a travel-themed gift can be a very thoughtful present. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or just as a well-deserved treat, there are lots of things that you can buy for children who enjoy travelling!

For those of you who know me, you will know that I LOVE travel! I had a travel-themed wedding, a travel-themed pregnancy announcement and a travel-themed nursery. I have even been looking at travel-themed baby names for baby #2! So, I think that I am in a good position to judge what items fellow travel lovers might like for a gift… So here is my list of top travel-themed gift ideas!

Travel-themed gift ideas: For kids

Travel-themed gift


You’ve probably seen families with trunkies riding through the airport on your travels before and for good reason! If you want to buy a travel-themed gift for a child, a trunkie is a great idea! Young kids love pull along and ride along toys and the trunkie does both! It comes in a variety of colours and designs and doubles as a practical piece of luggage too- win, win!

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A tablet can be a wonderful travel-themed gifts for kids! I like the fire tablet by Amazon as it comes pre-installed with a range of age appropriate apps and filters. It also has a soft case to protect it as well as a two year warranty! These can be hand held or they can be hung on the back of seats for long car journeys allowing the kids to watch a film. Isla literally spends hours on her tablet if I let her- it’s possible one of the best purchases we have ever made!

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Travel books

There is a growing body of children’s travel literature and we have been collecting a book based on each destination that Isla has travelled to since she was born. I think this is great because she can learn about the destination before we go and it really helps to get her excited!

One of her favourite books is Busy Airport. She loves lifting the flaps to see where the luggage goes after it is checked in and where the cat is kept on the aircraft!

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Most kids love to copy what their parents do and so buying them a kids version of what you use on your travels can be a great idea. There are lots of different cameras available for children, which can make for a great travel-themed gift. This also gives kids some ownership over taking their own photographs.

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Travel teddy

Kids love a comforter and they love soft toys. So why not get a travel-themed one? Isla was given this Steiff bear as a gift for her first birthday and now it comes on every travel adventure with us, case and all! You can also get their favourite characters as soft toys, such as these Disney items

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itunes/kindle vouchers

Vouchers can make a great travel-themed gift if you’re not sure on exactly what the kids are into these days. Both itunes and kindle offer vouchers which can be exchanged for a rang of apps or music.

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Travel-themed colouring in books

Kids love colouring in and there are plenty of travel-themed colouring in books on the market. I personally love this one from Lonely Planet!

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Keeping a travel journal can be a wonderful way for children to document their adventures. It can also be really nice to look back on in years to come. This can be a written journal or it can be electronic, using a tablet, for example.

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Photo book

We don’t print photographs as much as we used to, but it might be a nice idea for the children to print them off and include them in a photo album. They can annotate them and and make them really personal too.

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Children’s rucksack 

Kids love to carry a bag, especially when it’s filled with their own goodies and toys! Bags can make a great travel-themed gift and can be relatively inexpensive too.

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Jelly shoes/crocs

Isla wore nothing but jelly shoes all summer and loved them. Crocs are great too for travelling!

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Cartoon character neck pillow

We all need a great neck pillow for those long flights. If you’re looking for a travel-themed gift for a child, then why not find an animal neck pillow or one that’s got their favourite cartoon character on? Trust me, kids love these!

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Experience tickets

Personally, I am more for experiences than physical gifts. There are so many different experience days that you could treat your kids to, from trips to Disney Land to tickets to watch In The Night Garden Live! 

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travel-themed gift

Plane pal

I’ll finish off my travel-themed gift ideas post with a must-have for any families with small children who are flying long-haul. The plane pal allows you to extend the seat on the aircraft, allowing the children to put their feet up, which helps to get a good night’s sleep. Children asleep on the flight? Priceless!

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So, these are my top travel-themed gift ideas for kids. Is there anything else that you would recommend? I’d love to hear your ideas-  drop your comments below!

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