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Travel-themed gift ideas: For girls

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Buying a travel-themed gift can be a very thoughtful present. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or Mother’s Day, there are lots of things that you can buy that the girl (or lady) who enjoys travelling will love!

For those of you who know me, you will know that I LOVE travel! I had a travel-themed wedding, a travel-themed pregnancy announcement and a travel-themed nursery. I have even been looking at travel-themed baby names for baby #2! So, I think that I am in a good position to judge what items fellow travel lovers might like for a gift… So here is my list of top travel-themed gift ideas!

Travel-themed gift ideas for girls


There are so many uses for a pashmina when travelling as well as at home. I have used mine as a head scarf when in Arabic countries, as a blanket on the plane, as a shawl over my shoulders at a wedding and as a scarf when it’s cold. You can get some really pretty pashminas and they are super practical- a perfect travel-themed gift for a girl!

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Anti-theft bag

Handbags might look great, but they are not always ideal when travelling, especially if travelling to areas where there is a reasonable crime rate. I always travel with a bag which straps over my shoulder so that nobody can grab it and run off with it!

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Toiletry bag

Every girl needs somewhere to keep her toiletries! A nice toiletry bag can be the perfect travel-themed gift.

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Pamper package

If you would prefer to get something intangible, then a pedicure voucher can be a great travel-themed gift. You might not be showing your feet off during the winter months, but she might be packing her favourite sandals ready for her exotic beach escape!

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travel-themed gift

And if feet are not your thing then you can try a spa gift basket that is full of treats to make you feel good!

Bracelet travel charms

There are loads of travel-themed jewellery items on the market these days. One of my favourites in Pandora, who do a range of charms that can be very personal. On my bracelet I have a little suitcase, an airplane and a little koala bear that was bought as a gift for me when I returned from Australia!

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Canvas pictures

I love having memories of my travels around my home. One day way of doing this is to frame a nice photo, or even better, to get a photograph put onto a canvas. That way you can re-live your special memories every time you look at it!

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Pin it map

A pin map can be a lovey way to display where you have travelled to. It can also make a very thoughtful travel-themed gift!

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Travel-themed trinket box

You can buy some really nice little boxes with travel designs. These range from tiny trinket boxes, to large storage boxes. These can make for a pretty and practical travel-themed gift!

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There is a huge selection of travel-themed ornaments that you can buy. This could relate to the person on a personal level, for example getting them an elephant if they have just returned from safari. It could laso be quite generic, for example a globe.

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Passport holder

Everybody needs a passport holder! There are some lovely designs so I’m sure that you can find one that the person you are buying for will love!

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Stylish camera strap

Most people just use the standard strap that comes with their cameras. But why not get a stylish one as a travel-themed gift? You can get  range of patterns and designs which really make you stand out from the crowd!

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Stylish DSLR camera bag

You can also get some really cool camera bags. Some even look like handbags!

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Miniature perfumes

The last travel-themed gift idea that I have for girls is miniature perfumes (or other toiletries). These are great as they are generally under 100ml so can be taken through security. You are also less worried about losing or dropping them!

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