Travel resources

I’ve been studying, teaching and ‘doing’ tourism since I was old enough to fly without my parents.

In this time I have learnt the tricks of the trade. I’ve learnt how to get the best deals, who are the most reliable companies and what is/isn’t important when travelling. 

Below I share with you my top tips on how to book a safe, secure and affordable trip! 


My top 5 ingredients for the perfect trip

I typically spend about a week planning a great trip. I get the best deals and create awesome itineraries because I do my research. 

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Get cheap flights

Jack’s Flight Club is one of the biggest secrets in travel right now. Join the club and receive notifications of the cheapest flights around. There is an average saving of £400 per return flight!!  You can sign up for free here.


Find accommodation that suits you

Airbnb never fails me, I just love it. It isn’t always easy to find accommodation suitable for a family of four, but Airbnb has never let me down. I’ve stayed on a boat, in a luxury treetop resort and in quaint English cottages, to name but a few examples. 

New to Airbnb? Use this discount code to save £35 on your first booking

Find the best rated hotels

Sometimes a hotel is just the best place to stay. I ALWAYS book my hotels through They have an excellent cancellation policy and a brilliant team in their customer service department to help you out should you have any issues. Their review system is great too.


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Use the Internet safely

You never know who could be stealing your data as you join Wifi connections and use the local 4G on your travels. Keep your connection private with a VPN

Bonus: A VPN also allows you to watch all of your favourite TV shows from back home (BBC, Netflix, sports channels etc), and access websites that may be restricted in the country that you are travelling in. 


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Get reputable travel insurance

NEVER leave home without travel insurance! Medical cover can be extremely expensive and your insurance could literally save your life. I’ve used mine a lot. We have had lost luggage, cancelled flights and several trips to the hospital during our travels- all covered by the insurance. I’ve used World Nomads for years and it has never let me down.

Other travel essentials

Below I have listed my favourite travel items as well as the companies that I know and love. 

Unbias and wholesome travel content about the places that you want to go. 

Up top date user-generated content providing reviews, tips and advice. 

Flights, hotels, tours and travel packages. 

Leave the hastle at home and your car at the airport. 

Up top date user-generated content providing reviews, tips and advice. 

Awesome accomodation at awesome prices.

Get the best travel deals of the week into your inbox. 

The best tour operator in luxury travel. 

Awesome tours and excursions all over the world. 

The best travel insurance on the market. 

Durable and trustworthy suitcases- the best I’ve found. 

Amazing rucksacks, great for everything from mountain climbing to carrying nappies and baby bottles. 

The best baby/toddler carrier on the market- a family travel essential.  

Takes excellent photographs and perfect for amatuers just me. 

Capture memories on to go with a GoPro. 

Hard-wearing and warm outdoor clothing. 

The world’s favourite flip flops. 

Chemical-free mosquito patches for kids- and they actually work!

Read anything anywhere.

Entertain the kids, watch your favourite movies or do your work on the go. 

Skin care product that’s perfect for hydrating your skin after sun exposure and from dry air. Comes in a travel size.