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Travel and Tourism Tutor Services with Dr Hayley Stainton

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Are you looking for a travel and tourism tutor to help with your academic studies?

As a seasoned travel and tourism tutor with over 15 years of experience, I offer comprehensive online tutoring services tailored to your needs. Whether you are navigating Cambridge IGCSE Travel and Tourism, Cambridge A Level Travel and Tourism, BTEC travel and tourism, or your travel and tourism degree, my personalised approach is designed to help you achieve excellence.

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Why Choose Me as Your Travel and Tourism Tutor?

  1. Expertise and Experience: With a degree, Masters, and PhD in travel and tourism, my background combines academic rigor with real-world insights. My extensive teaching experience, coupled with several published books and numerous academic articles in top journals, equips me with the knowledge to guide you effectively. You can learn more about me and my experience here.
  2. Personalised Lessons: Understanding that each student is unique, I tailor my lessons to fit your individual learning style and needs. This bespoke approach ensures that you gain the most from each session.
  3. Flexible Scheduling: Your convenience is paramount. Lessons are arranged at times that suit you, providing flexibility and ease in managing your studies and other commitments.
  4. OFSTED Grade 1 Teacher: As an OFSTED grade 1 teacher, I am well-versed in both the UK and international education systems, offering insights and teaching methods that are globally recognized and respected.

Tutoring Services Offered

I am available to tutor the following subjects:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Travel and Tourism
  • Cambridge A Level Travel and Tourism
  • Edexcel and BTEC Travel and Tourism Courses
  • Travel and Tourism Degree-Level Tutoring

If you are looking for a travel and tourism tutor in another course that is not listed, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

My Teaching Philosophy as a Travel and Tourism Tutor

Education, at its essence, is not just the transfer of knowledge, but the cultivation of an enduring curiosity and passion for learning. As a dedicated travel and tourism tutor, my teaching philosophy is deeply anchored in the belief that mastery of the subject comes from a blend of comprehensive knowledge, practical application, and an infectious enthusiasm for the material.

Dr Hayley Stainton

Engagement: I strive to create lessons that capture the imagination and interest of my students. Travel and tourism is a dynamic field, rich with diverse cultures, geography, economics, and customer service elements. By integrating multimedia resources, real-world case studies, and interactive discussions, I encourage students to immerse themselves fully in the subject matter. This approach aims not only to educate but to inspire a genuine interest and personal connection with the field.

Support: Recognising that each student has a unique learning style and pace, my tutoring is tailored to provide support that is as individual as the students themselves. From personalised feedback to adaptive lesson plans, I am committed to nurturing each student’s strengths and addressing their challenges. This individualised support ensures that students not only understand the material but also feel confident and capable in their knowledge.

Challenge: To prepare students for the complexities of the travel and tourism industry, I incorporate challenging elements into my teaching to push them beyond their comfort zones. Whether through problem-solving exercises, critical thinking discussions, or in-depth analysis of current trends, I encourage students to engage deeply with the content. This rigour ensures that they are not just passive recipients of information but active, critical thinkers ready to make their mark in the field.

Curiosity and Lifelong Learning: I am a firm believer that a true educator ignites a spark of curiosity that burns well beyond the classroom. By teaching students not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ and ‘how,’ I foster a mindset of inquiry and exploration. This philosophy prepares students to become lifelong learners, constantly seeking new knowledge and understanding in a world that is always changing.

Excellence in Education: With a robust academic background and a rich professional history in the field, I bring a depth of knowledge and experience to my tutoring services. This foundation allows me to deliver an educational experience that is not only high quality but also aligned with the latest industry standards and practices.

In conclusion, my teaching philosophy is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about inspiring a journey. A journey that begins with foundational learning and leads to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, skill, and professional excellence in the vibrant field of travel and tourism.

Rates and Availability

My rate is £49 per hour, reflecting the quality and depth of the tutoring services provided. Booking is simple and straightforward, ensuring that your journey towards academic success in travel and tourism is smooth and enjoyable.

If I am not available at the time that you require tutoring I will do my best to provide an alternative travel and tourism tutor from my network.

Contact and Further Information

To book your first travel and tourism tutor session contact me at drhayleystainton [at] .

Other Services

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