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(Last updated on: 17/10/2019)

Having spent years creating my own travel and tourism teaching resources only to never use them again due to changes in teaching loads/jobs etc, I think it is crazy not to share them with people who can make good use of them! Whether you’re at a school, college or university, teaching can be a challenge at time. So lets lighten the load and help each other out!

I have developed a brand new platform for academic colleagues teaching tourism-related subjects to share and draw upon others’ knowledge. Here you will find a comprehensive bank of resources ranging from classroom and seminar activities to lecture presentations, self-study resources, reading materials, videos and web-links.

The content included here is so exhaustive that you can literally teach entire modules with the resources provided on the platform! And that’s not the end of the story either… I am continually uploading new resources and I will notify you by email when these are available for download.

Resources cover the following areas:

  • Cabin crew teaching resources
  • Airline and airport teaching resources
  • Travel and tourism geography teaching resources
  • The business of travel and tourism teaching resources
  • Sustainability in travel and aviation teaching resources
  • Employment in travel and aviation teaching resources
  • Marketing in travel and aviation teaching resources
  • Types of tourism teaching resources
  • Research methods and dissertation teaching resources
  • Management in tourism and aviation teaching resources

I’m sure you’re wondering how much this will cost you? Well, providing you are willing to share some of your own resources, it is completely FREE!

Don’t have anything to contribute? Don’t worry- it will cost you only £6 a month to subscribe to the travel and tourism teaching resource platform. Just think of all the hours you will save in planning time… it’s worth every penny if you ask me!

For more information on the travel and tourism teaching platform and to find out which resources are currently available click here- Travel and tourism teaching resource platform.

Travel and Tourism teaching resource platform

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