Tourism Teacher Talks

On this page you will find my recent LinkedIn/ Facebook live videos. These are also found on Instagram TV and YouTube. I do a video most weeks and often have guest speakers from the travel industry. If there is a particular topic that you would like me to discuss or if you would like to join me for a live discussion, please get in touch.

Feel free to use these in your teaching or share with your students. 

Why 2021 is the best time to study travel and tourism

The introduction to space tourism

Jobs that will be BIG in travel and tourism

The importance of the family travel market

Full time travel funded by FOREX

The importance of cultural and heritage tourism

Tourism in Guilin, China

Community-based tourism in the long-neck tribe village, Thailand

The growth of rural tourism in Scotland and beyond

The introduction of digital nomad visas and the impacts of this on the travel and tourism industry

MICE tourism in Laos

The growth of virtual tourism