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33 Adorable Travel-Themed Baby Names

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What are the best travel-themed baby names? Choosing a baby name can be tough. For me, I looked for a bit of inspiration from what I love most- travel! Whilst some were not really our style, some names we really loved. So I thought I’d share with you some of my findings in this post on the top- travel-themed baby names. 

Travel-themed baby names

For hubby and I, travel has always been an important part of our lives. We had both travelled extensively before we met, and we have continued to travel together. We had a travel themed wedding. We also had a travel-themed pregnancy announcement. We then made a travel-themed girls’ nursery. So why not continue the theme with a name? 

I searched the Internet far and wide for inspiration. There were lots of travel-themed baby names that hubby and I liked for girls, but we weren’t so keen on the boys names. I tried for Atlas but my husband wouldn’t go for it… haha 

In the end we had a little girl called Isla Mae. Isla means island in Spanish so there was our link to travel. It also turns out to be a very popular name worldwide, but not always with the same spelling. In Turkey, for example, Ayla (with the same pronunciation) is very common. We chose Mae because it is a popular Thai name, which is one of our favourite countries to travel to. 

During my extensive research, however, I came across a lot more travel-themed baby names. Here are some of the most common! 

Travel-themed baby names: Girls 

Florence- a city in Italy. Also means ‘to flourish’

Aurora: A city in Illinois. Also the official name of the Northern Lights- Aurora Borealis

Sydney- a city in Australia

Isla- island in Spanish

Savannah- a city in Georgia 

Alexandria- a city in Egypt 

India– after the country 

Sahara- a desert in Northern Africa 

Paris- a city in France 

Nara- has Gaelic roots meaning happy. A region in Japan 

Saya- a Japanese name meaning sheath for a sword. It denotes peace

Skye- named after Isle of Skye in Scotland. Also pronounced ‘sky’, as in to travel by airplane 

Dominika- a Caribbean island. Comes from the Latin word for Sunday 

Zaria- Arabic for ‘flower’. Also a Nigerian city

Travel-themed baby names: Boys 

Austin- a city in Texas

Aspen- a city in Colorado 

Easton- a city in Pennsylvania

Orlando- City in Florida 

Hudson- river in New York 

Jordan- a country in the Middle East 

Phoenix- a city in Arizona 

Rio- a city in Brazil 

Tyree- second tallest mountain in Antarctica 

Hamilton- a city in New Zealand 

Miles- a measure of distance 

Atlas- a map 

Christopher- Patron Saint of Travel 

Jericho- place in Israel, also a biblical location 

Marco- a famous explorer 

Phileas- from the novel Around the World in 8 Days

Brooklyn- an area of New York 

Gulliver- after the film Gulliver Travels 

Darwin- founder of evolution in the Galapagos Islands 

So that’s my list of favourite travel-themed baby names. Do you have any others that you would recommend? Drop them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them! 

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