Top reasons most people fail the Cabin Crew assessment day

Jan 13, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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Unfortunately, most people who read this post will fail their Cabin Crew assessment day. (sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true).

As discussed in my previous post ‘What is the success rate to become Cabin Crew?‘, only 3-5% of Cabin Crew applicants are successful in securing employment with an airline! While it is hard to get a place at an assessment day, it is even harder to pass one! This post will detail the top reasons most people fail their Cabin Crew assessment day (and give you some hints and tips on what NOT to do!).

Top reasons most people fail the Cabin Crew assessment day


The main reason people fail their Cabin Crew assessment day is down to a general lack of preparation. The post ‘How can I be successful at my Cabin Crew Assessment day?‘ shows how jam-packed an assessment day can be. You will likely be involved in a number of group activities and interviews.

If you haven’t done the necessary preparation, you will likely not be selected. There is lots that you can do to prepare from researching the airline on the Internet to taking a Cabin Crew course. I have all of this covered in my new Cabin Crew Assessment Day Mastery programme which is designed to help those with an upcoming AD to make sure that they are fully prepared and to be successful. For more on the course click here.

Insufficient knowledge of the airline

One of the reasons people fail their assessment day is a basic lack of knowledge of the airline they are applying for! During your interview, you will likely be asked questions about the airline and why you want to work for it. If you can’t prove you have sufficient knowledge of the airline you are hoping to work for, you will look lazy and unorganised to your interviewer. Make sure you read up about the airline and know what you’re talking about!

Not knowing what the job entails

During your assessment day you will need to prove you have what it takes to succeed as Cabin Crew. But if you don’t fully know what the job entails you will not be able to demonstrate you will be good for the role.

Cabin Crew do much more than just look pretty and serve tea and coffee. You will also need to deal with a range of passengers, emergency situations and much more! You will need to show that you have great communication and customer service to name a couple of things.

Not having the confidence to demonstrate their skills

A lot of people fail their Cabin Crew assessment day because they do not have the confidence to demonstrate their skills and qualities. Great, you have a bubbly personality and great customer service but it will not get you anywhere if you can’t prove it! During your assessment day, you need to be confident and be able to show you have all of the skills and qualities that the airline are looking for.

Their personal presentation and grooming is not up to the required standard

Your appearance plays a large role in your first impression to the airline. Airlines are looking for well presented, smart candidates who will represent the airline well. It is very important that you arrive to your assessment day well presented and smartly dressed. You should also check if the airline gives you any guidelines for what to wear to your assessment day, and stick to them!

They do not demonstrate strong teamworking skills

One of the main things that airlines look for during their assessment day is candidates who can work effectively in a team. If you can’t demonstrate this at your assessment day, there is a very strong chance that you will fail.

Your assessment day will involve a number of group tasks and activities, designed to see which candidates work well in a team. Cabin Crew need to work together as a team during every flight, so it is very important that you can demonstrate you have strong team working skills.

No knowledge of sales techniques

Another thing that airlines look for are candidates with a good sales technique. During flights, Cabin Crew are required to sell different goods to passengers. Airlines are looking to boost the number of sales on board flights, and therefore look for candidates with a strong sales technique.

During your assessment day you could be asked to do a sales pitch to your fellow candidates. So it is necessary to have some knowledge of sales techniques before your assessment day!

Not being able to provide sufficient examples of customer service experience

Airlines also look for candidates with customer service experience. Customer service plays a large role in a Cabin Crew job since you will be constantly dealing with passengers. During your interview, you will almost definitely be asked to give examples of your customer service experience. If you are unable to give your interviewer sufficient examples, you will most likely fail your assessment day.

Before your assessment day you should make a list of every example you can think of! You could’ve gained customer service experience when working in a shop or during some type of voluntary or even school activity.

Poor interpersonal or social skills

Cabin Crew are required to talk to a large number of people on a daily basis. During your assessment day, it is important that you can demonstrate you have good interpersonal skills. Especially during group activites, you should talk to as many people in your group as possible.

Have you ever attended a Cabin Crew assessment day? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments in the box below.

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