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The 21 best things to do in Weston Super Mare

There are so many things to do in Western Super Mare that you are spoilt for choice!

Weston Super Mare is an amazing place to visit if you want to experience a traditional British seaside town! There are so many things to do in Weston Super Mare that it can be hard to find them all in one place, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with all the best things to make your visit spectacular!

Is Weston Super Mare worth visiting?

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

Is Weston Super Mare worth visiting? It definitely is!

If you’re craving that traditional British seaside holiday experience, Weston Super Mare is perfect for you! The prices are low, the activities are fun, and the atmosphere is buzzing!

There’s so much to see here, such as the world-famous Weston Super Mare Pier, traditional beach architecture and long sands. In fact, Weston-super-Mare has one of the longest tidal ranges in the world, which also makes it dangerous to cross the sinking sands to reach the low tide! Luckily, the tide does come in during certain times, and there are ways that Weston Super Mare has combated this – such as making special pools to swim in.

Tourism in Weston Super Mare

Before I get started on the best things to do in Western Super Mare, let me give you a bit of background on tourism in the area!

In the early 19th century, Weston Super Mare was a little village and had around 30 houses located behind the sand dunes. The first hotel in the village was called Reeves and was founded in 1808, and it’s now known as the Royal Hotel! In 1841, the railway opened, meaning that thousands of visitors came as it was more accessible. Mining families were also popular visitors as they came across the Bristol Channel from South Wales by boat.

In order to cater to these tourists, Birnbeck Pier was completed in 1867 and had an arcade, tea rooms, rides and a photography studio. Tody, Birneck Pier is in a derelict state and is abandoned. In 1904, another Pier opened, known as the Grand Pier and proved more popular than Birnbeck Pier due to being bigger. However, in 2008, the Grand Pier was completely destroyed by a fire. A competition was held to design a new pavilion, and it soon reopened in July 2010, after a £39 million rebuilding programme.

In 2017, Weston Super Mare was chosen as one of the 10 successful bids for a scheme where Historic England works with local partners to use heritage to help build economic growth and other opportunities.

Here are some key facts about tourism in Weston Super Mare:

  • In 2017, there were 246 thousand overnight visitors.
  • There were 5.1 million day visits in 2017.
  • Weston Super Mare made £234.8 million from direct visitor spending in 2017.
  • They made £239.4 million from total visitor-related spending.
  • 4,600 jobs were directly supported by tourism.

Unfortunately, sustainable tourism isn’t a very common theme in Weston Super Mare; however, it can be argued that as most of the tourists who visit are domestic travellers, this helps with being sustainable. There are also lots of accommodations in Weston Super Mare that are taking steps to be more sustainable, so if you’re big on that – then visiting Weston Super Mare can be a great option if you want a staycation in order to help lessen your environmental impact.

The best places to stay in Weston Super Mare

Before I tell you the best things to do in Weston Super Mare, let me first tell you about the best places to stay!


The Owls Crest House B&B – This cosy little B&B has so many features for an amazing price! If you choose to stay here, you’ll get access to a beautiful garden, free WiFi, a shared lounge, and you can also enjoy sea views. Each room also includes a private bathroom with a shower and free toiletries.

Smiths Hotel – Located only a 1 minute’s walk from the beach, this hotel offers spacious rooms and a Victorian terrace with views across Weston Bay. Additionally, there is an elegant restaurant serving delicious international cuisine and there is also a bar that is open all day and serves a wide range of alcoholic drinks.

The Sandringham Hotel – Overlooking the bay of Western Super Mare, this lovely hotel is only metres from the Grand Pier. There is a traditional restaurant and live entertainment for you to relax and unwind, as well as comfortable bedrooms and private bathrooms.

Mid- Range

The Park –  Just a 10-minute walk from the beach, this guest house comes with free bikes, free private parking and even a garden to eat your food in! Every guest is also entitled to enjoy a big hearty English breakfast every morning – what a perfect way to help give you the holiday you deserve!

Pavilion Holiday Apartments – Every apartment comes with a kitchen, a flat-screen TV and DVD player, as well as a fully fitted kitchen for you to cook in and make your own food if you prefer that! There is also even a terrace available for guests to use, and every apartment has a sea view.

Victoria Mansions Hotel Apartments – These apartments are located right next to the beach, making it the perfect place to stay if you want to relax. These modern luxury apartments come with free WiFi, secure parking, and panoramic sea views. 

The best time to visit Weston Super Mare

What is the best time to visit Weston Super Mare?

Well, the best time to visit Weston Super Mare depends on what you want! The summer month is the peak time to visit as the weather is more reliable and the sun shines more often – however, Weston Super Mare also gets very busy during the summer months as there are school holidays and everyone wants to get a tan! Therefore, if you do want to visit Weston Super Mare, be sure to book your accommodation in advance as otherwise, the prices will skyrocket due to the demand!

However, during the other seasons, the weather in Weston Super Mare isn’t the best, and it can get very cold, rainy and windy often! Though, this does mean that the prices are lower and there are fewer crowds of people! The highest average temperature is in July, when it is around 18°C and the coldest month is in January when there is an average 4°C. If you want good weather and little crowds, then the best time to go would be May and early June – but the weather still isn’t guaranteed!

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

There are so many things to do in Weston Super Mare that you’re going to have to come back for more! There is something for everyone to enjoy here, so here are some of the best:

Things to do in Weston Super Mare for adults

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

If you’re an adult, then there are great things to do in Weston Super Mare to suit your tastes! Some of the best activities I would recommend for you are:

  • Helicopter Museum – This is the world’s largest Helicopter collection and has over 100 exhibits on display! It’s suitable for all types of weather and is such a unique thing to do and perfect for adults who are interested in seeing a spectacular collection, only in Weston Super Mare!
  • Weston Museum – Discover the history of Weston Super Mare and allow it to enhance your trip even more! The museum is located in a distinctive historic building. You will uncover the story of the town and the surrounding area from prehistoric times to the present day. It’s one of the most interesting things to do in Weston Super Mare if you love history.
  • West Somerset Railway – The West Somerset Railway is a true country line of the old Great Western Railway and is full of fascination whether you are looking for a nostalgic ride back in time through lovely countryside or to educate yourself on the heritage which is preserved here. It’s a perfect activity to do if you want to explore quaint Somerset in relaxation and style.

Things to do in Weston Super Mare for kids

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

There are plenty of things to do in Weston Super Mare to keep the kids entertained and happy! These are some of my top picks:

  • Donkey Rides – These iconic donkeys are part of what makes Weston Super Mare famous! The family business has been running since 1886, and there is a donkey to suit every height and age – they’re even named so you can get to know your donkey better! There is also a cafe for parents to sit in nearby and watch the donkeys.
  • Sand Sculpture Festival – The Sand Sculpture Festival began in 2006 and has now become a very much-loved exhibition showcasing the work of inspiring award-winning artists and has gained global critical acclaim. It is perfect for inspiring children to get creative and blow their minds as they see these breathtaking sculptures – make sure you bring this sandcastle kit with you because after they see them, they will definitely want to make their own!
  • Grand Pier – You can’t go to Weston Super Mare without a visit to the Grand Pier! It is an amazing experience just to even stroll along and see the waves crashing beneath your feet. Inside the pier, there are lots of rides, arcade games and even a cinema and go-karting track! There are hours of time to be spent here having lots of well-deserved fun!

Things to do in Weston Super Mare for couples

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

Weston Super Mare can be very romantic for any type of couple, so here are the most romantic things to do in Weston Super Mare:

  • Somerset Hidden Gems – Self-guided Tour & Treasure Hunt – This is the perfect activity for couples to do and help each other solve the clues together – because two brains are better than one! It is a great activity for avoiding crowds and having some much-valued quality time together whilst discovering more of Somerset’s best-kept secrets!
  • Winter Gardens Pavillion – You definitely need to visit this astonishing pavilion as it makes for the most romantic place to have a date at! There are often events on such as dance nights, concerts and even murder mystery nights. You can also dine at their exceptional restaurant if you want to have a great meal out!
  • Grove Park – This picturesque park is the perfect place to have a romantic picnic as the birds sing and flowers bloom all around you! It has free entry and is located on the site of a late-17th century house and grounds, so it provides the perfect atmosphere to amplify your time together. It’s one of the best things to do in Weston Super Mare for couples!

Free things to do in Weston Super Mare

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

Luckily the fun doesn’t have to stop if you’re on a budget; here are the best free things to do in Weston Super Mare:

  • Weston Super Mare Beach – If you visit Weston Super Mare, you have to spend some time relaxing on the beach. Bring some beach chairs and sun loungers if you don’t want to pay for any, but there is also that option too! The great thing about the beach is that it’s free and you can do what you want there – eat, read, play football – the choice is yours!
  • Sovereign Shopping Centre – Okay, so technically, you need to pay if you buy anything here, but it’s a must-see even if you just want to walk around and marvel at all the quirky independent shops here. There are so many things to see, and even the centre is worth going to have a look at as it’s set in a very distinctive building!
  • Weston Air Festival – This festival is a must-see for any lover of aviation, and what makes it even better – is that it’s free! There is plenty of stalls and entertainment, as well as traditional fairground rides to keep you entertained in between displays. However, it’s only on for about 2 days per year, so make sure you check in advance!

Dog-friendly things to do in Weston Super Mare

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

I understand that a family visit to the seaside should mean the whole family, and your dog is a part of your family, so of course, I need to tell you about the best dog-friendly things to do in Weston Super Mare:

  • Sand Bay Beach – Sand Bay Beach is the perfect dog-friendly beach for you and your dog to visit, as it’s open for dogs all year round! It’s located about a 10-minute drive from the main Weston Super Mare beach, and it’s much quieter, meaning you can feel more at peace as you stroll along the sands and explore with your furry friend!
  • Ebbor Gorge – This is one of the best things to do in Weston Super Mare with your dog, as they will certainly enjoy running through the woodlands! There’s lots of nature and wildlife for you to see and try to identify; it’s a perfect day out to enjoy for the both of you!
  • Clarence Park – Clarence Park is the perfect place to exercise your dog and let them run wild! It’s open for everyone to use and is often home for cricket matches in Weston Super Mare – so just make sure there isn’t one on before you let your dog off the lead. It’s also a great place to meet other dog walkers and help your dog socialise.

Christmas things to do in Weston Super Mare

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

There are lots of great Christmas things to do in Weston Super Mare; here are some of the must do’s:

  • Santas Grotto – Step into a winter wonderland as you enter the Grand Pier to see Santa and find out if you’re on the naughty or nice list! There are even moving penguins and polar bears as you are transported down an enchanted path to Santa’s grotto.
  • Christmas Lunch at The Royal Hotel – What better way to spend Christmas Day than at the oldest hotel in Weston Super Mare? Christmas Lunch at The Royal Hotel will be sure to fill you up and satisfy your Christmas food cravings – there are so many different items on the menu that you will be sure to find something you want.
  • Christmas Market – Every year, Weston Museum hosts an exciting Christmas market with free admission for all. It’s guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit and help inspire you with gift ideas from local independent shops! There is also a tombola and an appearance from Santa for the kids!

Things to do in Weston Super Mare at night

The best things to do in Weston Super Mare

The party doesn’t stop at night! Here are some of the most fun things to do in Weston Super Mare at night:

  • Black Cat Micropub – This cosy pub is one of the best things to do in Weston Super Mare at night! They often host different events every week, so it will be a very fun, lively night out – perfect for meeting other people. They describe themselves as a “no-nonsense pub that believes in top quality merchandise, customer service and cleanliness”.
  • Bonds Wine Bar – This is the perfect place to spend your night at Weston Super Mare if you love wine. There is such a great selection of all different wines from around the world for you to taste, and they even have amazing cocktails and other alcoholic drinks if you’re not a big wine drinker.
  • The Brit Bar Open Mic – A night at the Brit Bar Open Mic will be sure to have you howling with laughter as you and your friends do some karaoke with each other as well as listen to great bands performing the best British songs!

Weston Super Mare Packing List

When you visit Weston Super Mare, you’re going to want to bring these items with you:

  • La Roche-Posay Sunscreen. Don’t get caught in the sun (yes, you can get sunburnt in Weston Super Mare!) – this La Roche-Posay Sunscreen will help avoid it whilst pampering your skin!
  • Sand-free Beach Towel. This towel is very multifunctional! It’s ideal for lounging on, drying yourself off with or wrapping around you to keep yourself covered – it’s also microfibre meaning that sand won’t get caught in it!
  • Beach Bag. This is the best way to carry all of your items whilst looking stylish and keeping them all safe in one place. A trip to Weston Super Mare won’t be complete without it.
  • Wet Bag. One of the best things to do in Weston Super Mare is going swimming in the pools; therefore, this wet bag is super handy to put your wet swimming costumes in to help stop other things from getting wet in your bag!
  • Sea Shoes. These are great to help stop your feet from getting dirty and accidentally standing on things that could be hidden in the sand – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
  • Floral Lace Bikini Cover-Up. It’s always a good idea to have a cover-up in case you want to walk around the shops without having to worry about getting changed multiple times – and this one is so pretty and lightweight so that all eyes will be on you!

I hope this post has helped you find some amazing things to do in Weston Super Mare! If so, you can let me know by commenting down below or tagging me in your photos on Instagram! If you’d like some further reading, this is what I’d suggest: