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The 15 best things to do in Poole

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things to do in Poole

The best things to do in Poole- What are the finest selected destinations, places to stay and attractions in Poole? Look no further because here is a breakdown of everything from the quirky attractions to best places to stay. Keep reading to find out more…

Tourism in Poole- an overview

Tourism in Poole contributes highly to the economy with a staggering 11.2 million visitors a year. It contributes £1 billion to the local economy, supporting over 5000 jobs locally. There are developments to further improve the Port of Poole, with an investment of £23.3 million. This is working to expand the tourism industry even further by improving transport, pedestrian facilities and regenerations of local areas.

things to do in Poole

Is Poole worth visiting?

Poole is a beautiful coastal area of the UK, boasting picturesque views, amazing history and top notch beaches. It is Europe’s biggest natural harbour, with fantastic quays, charming restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere. Poole is definitely worth visiting, even just for a day trip.

things to do in Poole

When to visit Poole

Poole is great for a visit all year round, however I would recommend it for the summer months. This means you can experience the blue flagged beaches at their best by soaking up the sun at Harbour lake beach, or by taking a stroll down the Sandbanks harbour with an ice cream. Not to mention the large amount of water sports activities to get involved in, so to cut a long story short, the time to visit Poole is Summer.

The best places to stay in Poole

Looking for the best accommodation? Here are a selection of accommodation that all fit different budgets whilst all having one thing in common…amazing services and facilities! Keep reading for the best places to stay in Poole…

Sandbanks Hotel

Sandbanks hotel, (as its name suggests), is located directly opposite the beautiful blue flagged Sandbanks beach. The views from the window are gorgeous, with a picturesque beach skyline. The services are top quality too, with a swimming pool, sun lounges, fitness centre, sauna and free Wi-Fi throughout. For a beach getaway, Sandbanks is definitely a go-to. Click here to book.

Just Beachy

Just beachy is a sleek and modern accommodation, only a 10 minute walk from Poole harbour. Enjoy taking in the fresh air on the balcony, and catching the sun on the patio. There are dining services available, with services including a fully equipped kitchen and flat screen TV. Click here to find out more.

Detached Sandbanks 3 Bedroom seaside property

This Sandbanks 3 bedroom property is perfect for families on holiday, sleeping up to eight! It provides spaciousness as well as locational convenience. Enjoy lounging in the hot tub after a BBQ, and let the kids enjoy the playground on site, as well as in the large garden. Click here to book.

Quayside Bed and breakfast

Quayside Bed and breakfast is a charming little accommodation located near to Poole quay boat haven. They serve delicious breakfast, with freshly ground coffee and an excellent full English to start your day right! Not to mention the great facilities Quayside hosts, including flat screen TV, Free WIFI and a tea and coffee maker in your room. Click here to find out more.

The top attractions in Poole

What are the top attractions in Poole? Going on holiday means the best right? Of course! So here are the best things to do, best places to visit, and top attractions in Poole!

things to do in Poole

Sandbanks beach

Sandbanks beach is one of the top things to do in Poole. The award winning beach has been in possession of a blue flag for 30 years now, conveying its natural beauty, golden sands, outstanding safety and cleanliness. With its soft golden sands, it’s perfect for a day in the sun, and great for the family too! Have a paddle, make a sand castle, and watch the sunset because Sandbanks is definitely top notch!

Poole Harbour Coastal paths

Poole Harbour is one of the top attractions in Poole, being Europe’s largest natural harbour! It’s perfect for a coastal walks, opening up a whole world of woodland, wildlife, and breath-taking views. There are 6 different walks you can choose, with markings on the floor to make the navigation easier. So whether you prefer a short walk or a trek it’s great to get everyone out and exploring.

Jurassic Coastal cruise

The Jurassic Coastal cruise is one of the most popular amongst Poole’s city cruises, and its no surprise why! This two hour trip passes Poole harbour into Swanage, along the UNESCO listed Jurassic coast. You will learn about the geology of the beautiful landmarks you come across, featuring the Brown sea island castle and Old Harry rocks. So, be prepared to see the best! Click here to find out more about the Jurassic Coastal cruise.

The best outdoor activities in Poole

things to do in Poole

The great outdoors leaves room for great adventure, exploration and discovery, and that’s why nature is so important to Poole. There are many great places to visit, but here are the carefully selected list of the best things to do in Poole outdoors.

Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island is owned by the national trust, bursting with beautiful wildlife and full of amazing outdoor activities. You will find it is home to the rare species of endangered red squirrel which you can try and spot up in the trees! You can also do some bird spotting on the ‘Woodland walk’ where you can listen to the sound of beautiful birdsong. It’s perfect for a day out in nature!

Luscombe valley nature reserve

Luscombe valley nature reserve, located on the Sandbanks, is home to some beautiful species of wildlife, including kingfishers, sand lizards, grass snakes and the Dartford warbler. Walking through the site fully immerses you in all of natures calming sounds and sites, perfect for a relaxing day in the great outdoors. Its beautiful scenery is a breath of fresh air, and is definitely one of the best things to do in Poole in the outdoors.

Stand up paddle boarding adventure on Old harry rocks

This paddling adventure is set in one of the most famous and beautiful parts of Poole’s coastal scenery, Old harry rocks. You will be eased into paddling at your own pace, and once you start becoming confident you can really experience the beauty of Poole, heading out to Swanage bay. You will get the chance to see seabirds such as Cormorants and Oyster Catchers, and may get the chance to see some sea life up close, including seals and dolphins! This adventure is bound to be one you wont forget too soon. Click here to read more.

Things to do in Poole for families

things to do in Poole

What are the best things to do in Poole for families? Looking to create memorable days out that keep with you forever? Look no further, because here I will break down the top things to do in Poole for families.

Poole mystery treasure trail

Time to be a detective in the Poole mystery treasure trail! It will follow the historic paths, where you may spot some statues and landmarks to help you out. Find out all the clues on the trail as to who is the murderer! It should take about and hour and a half, but this is sure to be a fun family day out! After the trail, congratulate yourself with an ice cream. Click here to find out more.

Farmers Palmers farm park

One of the best things to do in Poole for families with little ones is Farmers palmers. The farm is home to some cute alpacas, adorable deer’s, goats, ducks, Guinea pigs and more! Your kids will love seeing all of the animals and being able to learn about them, whilst engaging in fun activities such as feeding the deer’s, or grooming the ponies. Enjoy the food in the Hen house restaurant serving up delicious meals, from a lovely southern fried burger, to nuggets for the picky eaters. And of course time for coffee !


Oceanarium is one of the best things to do in Poole for families. Explore over 1000 amazing sea creatures! Under the sea tunnel you can gaze at sharks and turtles, and then over in the reefs there are stingrays, moray eels and much more. The kids will never be bored, with the entertainment featuring the play zone and holiday activities. Don’t forget to book with the super saver family tickets, and you’re on your way to an amazing day out !

Quirky things to do in Poole

You’ve got to love all things quirky! But what are some quirky things to do in Poole? Keep reading to discover the activities in Poole that differ from the norm.

things to do in Poole

Guided E bike tour

Get to know Poole’s great outdoors… with a twist! Glide through Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch at ease, and find yourself enjoying every moment of it, soaking up the sounds, views and wind as you effortlessly pass on and off road to famous attractions such as Old Harrys rock and Poole seafront. The electric hardtail bikes are a great alternative, and promote sustainable tourism. Click here to find out more.

Lighthouse, Poole centre for the arts

The Lighthouse is a striking building, boasting all things unique! It holds a huge 1,500 seat concert hall, along with a 669 seat theatre and 105 seat cinema. Enjoy the theatre, exhibitions and events they host, including the upcoming ‘great women who changed the world‘ musical. Book tickets from a wide range of performances, and enjoy the night of entertainment!

Watch the Poole pirates speedway games

The Poole pirates are a motorcycle team who compete in the SGB championships, they have been playing since 1948! You can watch a game at ‘The stadium, Wimborne road, Poole’. It’s definitely something you don’t get to see everyday, with action, thrill and exhilaration bursting from the competitions. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique things to do in Poole.

Things to do in Poole on a rainy day

Things to do in Poole

A rainy day never means a bad day. Poole wont let you down with their range of exciting activities that avoid the downpours. So on that note, here are the best things to do in Poole in the rain.

Poole museum

Poole museum is one of the best things to do in Poole on a rainy day. Filled with varying exhibitions, there is always something interesting to learn about or view. There are always tons of events on to get involved in, featuring ‘Sketch and de stress’ ,‘Family Storytelling’ and ‘Wessex the Dog’s Exhibition Trail’. The exhibits are family friendly as well as educational, so everyone gets to learn something new!

The ark Poole park

The Ark Poole park is filled with indoor activities to keep you occupied, even when the weather lets you down. For the kids, there is a soft play area with 3 floors, all including slides, climbing and interactive activities to enjoy. For adults there is a pottery painting studio, where you can choose your own pottery piece to paint! This makes for a therapeutic couple of hours, and afterward you can head to the Café for a freshly brewed coffee and mouth watering slice of cake. It sure is one of the best things to do in Poole, rain or shine.

Cineworld Poole

The classic rainy day means a visit to the cinema to cheer everyone up. So, watch the films you have waited for ages to come out …or perhaps a last minute choice. Either way, Cineworld is great for getting in the warm, relaxing and eating your favourite sweet treats.

things to do in Poole

Poole essentials- what to pack

We all know the normal packing list, and the hassle of remembering everything to bring, but what’s a Poole packing list? Here are the essentials to make packing that bit easier, so take note!

Walking shoes

Trekking around Poole’s coastline may tire your feet out. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Here are some recommendations.

Towel coverup

As the beaches get busy and there aren’t many places to get changed, you may wish for a beach coverup! These are so handy for drying as well as changing! Here are some recommendations.

Wet shoes

Wet shoes are a must for water sports activities. So try something new and exciting on the water! But make sure you’ve got your wet shoes for extra grip on your surfboard or paddle board. Find recommendations here.


Sunhats are essentials for summer in Poole. Protect your face with a fashionable hat, and don’t forget sun cream too! Click here for recommendations.

Things to do in Poole- further reading

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