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30 cool things Kentucky is known for

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There are many things Kentucky is known for that will surprise you! Find out what these are in this article outlining 30 seriously cool things Kentucky is known for. Ready to learn more? Read on…

30 Cool Things Kentucky Is Known For

things Kentucky is known for

Indeed, both locals and visitors associate Kentucky with the Kentucky Derby. Despite this privilege, Kentucky is known for many other amazing things, including basketball tournaments, captivating and long-lasting country and folk music festivals, and a wealth of fossils and minerals.

Likewise, many natural, historical, and cultural landmarks will make your Kentucky visit more worthwhile. Are you looking for Kentucky’s most remarkable attractions so you may visit and experience the state’s priceless resources? Then read on!

1. Kentucky Derby – Horse Capital Of The World

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

First and foremost, Kentucky is known for the Kentucky Derby – the fastest two-minute thoroughbred horse race. Kentucky, in general, is famous for having muscular and thoroughbred horses and horse farmlands, but the popularity of the horse race is undefinable. 

If you’re in Louisville, Kentucky, in May, remember to buy the tickets and watch the magnificent race at Churchill Downs (Near the Kentucky Derby Museum). 

2. Man O’ War – American Racehorse Of The 20th Century 

As we already know, Kentucky is known for muscular and thoroughbred horses. That gives us the foreshadowing that the roots of the American Racehorse lie in Kentucky. Indeed, you will find many American Racehorse – Man o’ War pictures at the Kentucky Derby Museum. 

Despite its fame and honorable winnings, Man o’ War doesn’t have the American Triple Crown. The horse had prevailed in its first positions in the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes but, unfortunately, did run for the Kentucky Derby. 

3. Abraham Lincoln And Other Famous Kentuckian

30 Cool Things Kentucky Is Known For

Undeniably, Kentucky is known for giving birth to the famous president of the USA, Abraham Lincoln. But do you know that aside from visiting his birthplace, a national historical park, you can see the log cabin where he was born? 

His prestigious birth took place in the west of the Appalachian Mountains, in a small cabin. The log cabin is well preserved to acknowledge his struggles and efforts for the country. You can visit it at 2995 Lincoln Farm Road, Hodgenville, KY. 

Aside from him, there are high chances you will cross paths with Muhammad Ail while visiting Muhammad Ali’s museum in KY. Or you might get a chance to get a selfie with famous Kentuckians like Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence. 

4. KFC – Home of Fried Chicken 

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

KFC’s biggest and most unforgettable food chain is “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Colonel Sanders started bewitching people on September 24, 1952, with his novel fried chicken recipe in Corbin.  

The thing that will make you wonder is that KFC’s first and primary branch is still active to take customers in awe. So, stop by Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum to taste the first-hand recipe for fried Chicken.

5. Fort Knox

Primarily Fort Knox is a military base in Kentucky but also protects more than 140 million ounces of gold in its basement. The building is heavily guarded, and you cannot explore the sparks of gold inside the building, but you can see it from the outside.

More precisely, Fort Knox is known for Kentucky’s wealth. While visiting it, you can also stop at Fort Knox Water Park, which has many recreational activities. 

6. Mammoth Cave 

Mammoth Cave is another scenic wonder of Kentucky. The cave represents the Kentucky hierarchy due to its most extended cave system that runs up to 400 miles and covers three counties of KY, including Hart, Edmonson, and Berren. 

Exploring the cave takes one to four hours; however, the period differs, depending on which county you’re starting your journey. It is definitely worth your time. 

7. Chevrolet Corvettes

Kentucky is known for the mass production of the Chevrolet Corvettes. Bowling Green, KY, is home to traditional and classic cars. The wonders don’t end here; you can visit the National Corvette Museum to learn more about the vehicles and their astonishing speed. 

8. Kentucky – State of Bluegrass 

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

Kentucky is known for its emerald-green to bluish-green grass. You will observe the bluegrass in some regions of Lexington and Louisville. However, the residents of Kentucky keep the grass small in their lawns. In comparison, the blue color can only be seen during the spring and summertime if the leaves grow to their length. That’s why it’s hard to get the glitch of the bluegrass in Kentucky. 

9. Louisville Slugger And Baseball

Kentucky is known for its baseball bats; even the Louisville Slugger Museum represents baseball worldwide. You will be amazed by seeing the 130-year-old bat in the museum, and above all the museum has a 68,000-pound weighted bat hanging in the frontier yard of the museum. Louisville Slugger is the only one that has been making baseball bats for more than ten decades in high and best quality.

10. Kentucky Bend

You won’t find something peculiar like Kentucky Bend all across the world. Kentucky Bend is a non-including part of Kentucky that exists near the Mississippi River and covers almost seventeen square miles in area. 

Due to the numerous earthquakes and the problems they posed for the surviving authorities, it wasn’t included on the map of Kentucky. According to the research, there are nine to twelve residents there, and it can take up to 40 miles to go to the leading state.

11. Bluegrass Music 

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

Kentucky is known for the production of bluegrass music. Primarily, bluegrass music is the only form that uses off-beat rhythm and highlights its utterance with high-pitched lead vocals. 

Though you will observe prestigious jazz and blues effects in bluegrass music with tight harmonies, such influence is drawn by the two famous Kentucky bands, Bill Monroe and Bluegrass Boys. 

12. Kentucky Farmland Of Tobacco

It is an unbelievable fact that Kentucky is known for producing 2,100 pounds of Tobacco per acre, yielding the best quality in the world. The farmers of the lands dried out the plant’s leaves and stored them in the large barn in the upside-down direction. 

Then these leaves are exported to the other states of the USA and other countries to make the refined product. If you’re wondering about the process and farmlands, you can stop at Tobacco Ridge Farm at Silver Star Road, Somerset, Kentucky, 42503. 

13. The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Twenty thousand pumpkins lighten the nights for 32 days, designed in defined and undefined art. The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular happens only twice a year in Kentucky – October, and November. It is the culture of Kentucky to use artistic pumpkins to ward off evil spirits.

14. Great Balloon Glow

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

After the horse race at the Kentucky Derby, the Great Balloon Glow race takes the awe of the audience. Every year on, the annual festival of Louisville, Kentucky, lightens up the sky with colorful hot balloons. 

15. Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls represents the scenic beauty of Kentucky. Moreover, the “moonbow” formation near Cumberland falls attracts many tourists. Every night of the full moon, the waterfall strikes the light and forms a lunar rainbow. 

16. Bad Branch Falls 

Kentucky is known for Bad Branch falls and even attracts millions of tourists to State Nature resort to witness the natural beauty of the 60-foot waterfall of Bad Branch Falls. 

17. Broke Leg Falls

Kentucky presents the Broke Leg Falls due to the folk tale of Ox. It is an ancient tale that an ox who fought his battles firmly broke his leg and dropped into the river. However, the waterfall helps him to travel back to the river lands. 

18. Daniel Boone And The National Forest

The Kentucky you see today is the exploration of Daniel Boone. He is the most famous personality among the locals in today’s times. You can track down his tomb and other recreational activities at the Daniel Boone National Forest

19. Kentucky Basketball 

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

It is not only the pride of the locals but also the internationals who admire the blue and white shirts – the wildcats of Kentucky. Kentucky is known and famous for college basketball. If you’re in Lexington, Kentucky, buy tickets and watch the live show at Rupp Arena. Indeed, the room’s shouts, screams, and energy will lighten up your tour to Kentucky. 

20. Kentucky Coal  

Kentucky is known for the mass source of the state mineral, that is, coal. Coal is abundant in the mountains of Kentucky. Coal was discovered in 1750, and Kentucky started using it commercially in 1820. Despite this track record, Kentucky continues to enjoy tremendous international acclaim for its coal in the twenty-first century.

21. Middlesboro – A City Of Wonder

Indeed, it is a marvel that one of the states of the USA has more fascinating things compared to other parts of the world. Kentucky is known for the mind-boggling county that is Middlesboro. Middlesboro is the county of Kentucky that formed due to the meteor. 

If you see the city from Google Maps or the astronauts’ graphics, you will see that the town exists in the crater that was shaped after the meteor. 

22. Jif – Home Of Peanut Butter

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

Aside from its natural wonders, Kentucky is known for producing peanuts. Even the world has recognized Kentucky for the largest and 15 various kinds of peanuts created. You will be amazed to see the headquarters of JIF in Lexington, KY. Remember to try almond butter, crunchy butter, and cashew butter during your visit.

23. Hot Brown

Kentucky is famous for introducing the Hot Brown to the world in 1926. Fred Schmidt mesmerized the world when he sliced the turkey in the Texas toast and filled it with cheesy Mornay sauce. Added tomatoes and crispy bacon as complementary ingredients to the sandwich and baked until cheese bubbles boiled out. You can stop at Brown Hotel – in Louisville, KY, to try it out.

24. Beer Cheese 

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

Beer cheese is a mixture of beer and cheddar cheese with a touch of hot chili pepper, garlic, and paprika. Chef Joe Allman introduced it in Kentucky, and now the whole world adds the topping of beer cheese in their burgers, sandwiches, crackers, and so on. 

25. Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a famous trademark of Kentucky. Your tour will only be complete if you have discovered the Bourbon trail. This trail covers the Barbour’s notable productions, including Jim beam, Lux Row, and Michter’s fort Nelson. 

6. Moonshine 

Moonshine has the most conflicted history in Kentucky. Golden Pond, a small town in Kentucky, started making the drink in the 1950s, and due to its quality and taste, the Golden Pond became the Moonshine capital of the world. You can stop at  Whitesburg, Kentucky, to get the legal moonshine distiller. 

27. Bourbon 

From its name, you can easily track down the history. Bourbon is the county of Kentucky that produces Bourbon drinks in masses. It has a mixture of corn and alcohol (40% or below in a bottle). It is also a parent genre of many famous drinks, though you will find Bourbon in red, orange, and amber colors.  

28. Ale-8-One

Ale-8-One is the only one of itself. It is first produced in Kentucky by George Lee Wainscott. From the late twentieth century to now, it’s the only soft/soda drink famous among the natives. You will come across various flavors of this soft drink though the other name of this drink is ginger ale.  

29. The Tune Of Happy Birthday 

30 cool things Kentucky is known for

Kentucky is known for and famous for establishing the tune “Happy Birthday.” It took many years for Patty and Mildred Hill to create the everlasting theme. The music was first sung in Patty’s kindergarten class in Louisville, Kentucky. Despite that, do you know that the initial melody of “Happy Birthday to you” is derived from the tune “Good Morning to you” and Kentucky’s creation? 

30. World Peace Bell

World Peace Bell is another incredible thing that Kentucky is known for; mainly, it represents world peace. It is one of the original free-swinging bells of the 21st century. It was given to the US by the United Nations Association of Japan. 

You will get amazed by finding more majestic facts about the bell at the exhibit center, Newport, Kentucky 41071

Things Kentucky Is Known For: Final Thoughts

Kentucky is made up of 120 counties, all of which are known for their delicious meals, fascinating culture and long history. As you can see from this article, there are a variety of things Kentucky is known for, which make it such an intriguing destination.

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