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40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

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There are things Hawaii is known for besides beaches. In fact, the Hawaiian islands are more fascinating than most people realise! An in this article I will show you why, by telling you about the 40 most awesome things Hawaii is known for. Ready to learn more? Keep reading…

40 Awesome Things Hawaii Is Known For

things Hawaii is known for

Besides its beguiling natural beauty, there are things Hawaii is known for and recognised internationally. Hawaii is a land of majestic waterfalls, sight-arresting landscapes, and a welcoming climate that consistently draws millions of visitors from across the globe.

As a top tropical tourist destination, Hawaii always stuns people with its diverse culture of dance, distinct art of attire, and succulent cuisine. Even so, there are also many things Hawaii is known for that many people not not realise.

So, without further ado, lets take a look at the top things Hawaii is known for.

1. Law of Aloha Spirit 

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

One of the most well known things Hawaii is known for is its aloha spirit. It is a salutation that people use to greet visitors and one another. It’s referred to as the law of the Aloha Spirit when residents embrace public leaders. It’s a majestic expression of Hawaiians. The best places to experience the Aloha spirit in Hawaii are at beaches, markets, and festivals like Honolulu Festival and Aloha Festival.

2. Aloha Shirts – Art of Hawaiians 

Another one of the major things Hawaii is known for- clothing! Hawaii is renowned throughout the world for its gorgeous and vibrant artistic clothing. Therefore, remember to claim yours and find them readily in the nearby markets.

3. Pineapple Island 

Hawaii is known for the mass production and massive plantations of pineapples. Due to its harvests, some even called it Pineapple Island. Remember to visit the Dole Plantation for pineapple-related activities, such as a tour of the Garden Maze, the pineapple express train, and other worthwhile and intriguing stuff.

4. Mauna Kea – Mount Everest Competitor

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to Mauna Kea, which is the tallest point in Hawaii. It is primarily a dormant volcano or sea mountain with a base elevation of 33,500 feet (10,211 meters), 4000 feet higher than Mount Everest. The beautiful majesty of Mauna Kea in Hawaii is known, but it is also widely regarded as the home of the snow goddess.

5. Kingdom Of The King And Queens Of Polynesia 

Hawaii is known as the home of Polynesian royals. It was a Polynesian kingdom before it became a state of Hawaii. However, the Polynesian culture was still followed by the indigenous of Hawaii. Hula performances at events, cooking poi and other traditional foods from Polynesia at parties and weddings, and star-gazing sailing are all part of it. Go to Iolani Palace (Once an Imperial Palace) to learn more.

This is one of the best cultural things Hawaii is known for.

6. Poi – Polynesian Diet Food

Poi, a tasty and traditional green-colored Polynesian dish, is well-known in Hawaii. The Polynesian era saw the beginning of the poi culture, which is still cherished by both locals and visitors today. You’ll be astounded when eating poi causes you to experience sour and sweet flavours simultaneously. You may visit Yama’s Fish Market in Oahu, although Poi can be found at all of Hawaii’s local markets. 

7. Poke – Hawaiian Traditional Salad

The indigenous Hawaiians are credited with introducing the special fish salad that is famous worldwide. Back then, poke served white rice with fish marinated in sea salt, seaweed, and kukui nuts. With more vegetables and other components, modern local stores in Hawaii sell Poke with the same flavour. Poke is available as the main entrée in every market and restaurant in the area and is one of the most traditional things Hawaii is known for.

8. Laulau – Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes

Hawaii is famous for its Hawaiian sweet potato, known as laulau. After being steamed, laulau, a classic dish made with pork or fish wrapped in taro leaves, is served with sweet potatoes. This local cuisine is available throughout Hawaii. However, you may stop at Kaaloa’s Super J’s in Captain Cook town on the Big Island and Young’s fish market in Oahu. In Kauai and Maui, respectively, Smiley’s Local Grinds and Piko Cafe offer genuine laulau flavor.

9. Hawaii – Volcanic Island

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

This is another one of the major things Hawaii is known for. Hawaii is known for being a volcanic island and is one of the US states that have kept growing to the present day. Every time a volcano erupts on a Hawaiian mountain, a layer of lava descends into the lake. The water creates new land by cooling the hot, seething magma. These volcanoes are responsible for making all of the majestic magnificence of Hawaii. 

10. Lei – Precious Jewels of Hawaii 

Hawaiian flower garlands are renowned for their beauty and magnificence. In Hawaii, you will always receive lei from locals wherever you go, including at restaurants and beaches. It is a means by which Hawaiians can show their adoration, esteem, and respect for you. These flower garlands are typically associated with the region and are one of the things Hawaii is known for best.

11. Luau Tradition – True image of Hawaii’s Ancient Culture

40 Awesome Things Hawaii Is Known For

Hawaii is known for its two-hundred-year-old festival, the Luau Tradition. The Luau Tradition can be thoroughly enjoyed if you travel to Hawaii in May. You’ll see the image of the Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures, including their attire, food, music, and dance. 

12. Land of Majestic Beaches

Hawaii’s beaches are known throughout the world for their unrivalled beauty- these are arguably the things Hawaii is known for best. In Hawaii, you may locate more than a hundred beaches. Even though all of them are worthwhile stops, Duke Kahanamoku, Fleming Park, Waikiki and Hanalei Bay Beach are at the top of the list.

13. Hawaii Active Volcanoes 

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

Another reason that Hawaii is known and famous among different types of tourists is its active volcanoes. Recently, in 2021 Kīlauea volcano erupted and formed a crust (new surface of land). 

14. Hula – A Legendary Hawaiian Ritual

The Hula, Hawaii’s most enchanting and alluring dance, is well-known worldwide. Hula was a religious practice in the past used to honor and worship gods and goddesses. On Wednesday and Thursday at sunset, you can catch the performance if you’re staying close to Kuhio Beach in Honolulu.

15. Hawaii Sports – Surfing 

Hawaii is known and recognised worldly for its sport tourism industry, which is focussed on surfing. Beginner surfing courses are reasonably simple to find close to Hawaii’s beaches. You have a wide variety of options from which to choose in this activity, including skimboard, wave, and windsurfing.

16. Pearl Harbor – History With Japan

America wasn’t in the war with Japan until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed two vessels and other ships. To observe the effects of war up close, enthusiasts today visit the memorial and museum at Pearl Harbour. A momentum time in history, this is one of the saddest things Hawaii is known for.

17. Hawaiian Music 

Hawaii is renowned for producing strange music as well. Hawaiians mix contemporary rock and hip-hop with the classic tone of folktales. The new combo is cherished by the natives of Hawaii and international tourists. 

18. Mount Waialeale

As a well-known tourist destination, Mount Waialeale is renowned for its breathtaking beauty in Hawaii. It is the wettest area in Hawaii and receives more than 450 inches of rain annually, second only to China. It is worthwhile to see Mount Waialeale.

19. Star Gazing

Hawaii is a USA state with 13 magnificent and enormous telescopes at Mauna Kea. If you’re visiting Hawaii, stop at Mauna Kea and be a stargazer for a moment.

20. Kona Coffee

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

Hawaii is known for its production of Kona coffee on the big island. During your visits, stop at Mountain Thunder Coffee Farm, drink the world’s best coffee, and explore the real world of coffee. It’s a farm in a forest in Hualalai, so avoid wearing fancy shoes or clothing.

21. Home Of Multi-Culture People

You will come across folks from various ethnic groups and distinct customs in Hawaii. You will be astounded to encounter Asians, Caucasians, Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics and their contributions to Hawaii’s increasingly diverse society. As someone who loves learning about different cultures and different ways of life, this is one of my favourite things Hawaii is known for.

22. Nakalele Blowhole

Hawaii is known for its unusual and natural rock formation on Maui island, Nakalele Blowhole. The destination became prevalent among the people due to the occurrence of the natural fountain at the edge of the rocks whenever a big wave hit the water’s surface. Add this to your Maui road trip itinerary and you won’t regret it!

23. Waianapanapa Beach

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

Hawaii is known for its exquisite black sand beach that you can see at Waianapanapa Beach. It would help if you moved east out of Kahului to see the black beauty of the Hawaii sand. 

24. Hawaii’s Official Language

Hawaii is the only state in the USA with its official language, Hawaiian. However, people do employ the English language alongside their language.

25. Aloha State – Zero Borders With Other States 

Hawaii is known and famous as an isolated state in the USA. In other words, no other state borders the Aloha state. There are no terrestrial routes to the Aloha state; you can only travel there by ship or air.

26. Home Of The Monk Seal

Hawaii is known and famous for the home of the endangered seal species that are Monk Seal. You will encounter Hawaiian Monk Seal at the Poipu beach of the Kauai. 

27. Islands And Isle

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

Hawaii is the only US state made up entirely of islands and isles. There are 137 smaller islands and isles to explore in addition to the eight main islands.

28. Hawaii Luaus

Every county and island in Hawaii organises a luau, a traditional event that features dishes, music, and dancing from the Polynesian culture. A fascinating event, this is one of the most fun things Hawaii is known for.

29. Ukuleles – Polynesian Instrument 

Hawaii is credited with introducing the ukulele to the music industry. The history of the Portuguese braguinha is where the ukulele (modern guitar) started. The ukulele can be seen in every musician’s hand close to Hawaii’s magnificent beaches.

30. Kālua – Polynesian Cooking Procedure

Hawaii is best known for using an underground oven for baking food, and that method is called Kalua. If you’re attending Luau Tradition or Hawaii Luaus, you might find people baking Turkey in an underground oven. 

31. Ocean Vodka

Hawaii is known for its incredible beverage that combines organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water. Hawaii Sea Spirit Organic Farm and Distillery is the best place to stop and taste such a wonder, and you can even take some with you back home. 

32. Hawaii Eco-Adventure

All eight islands of Hawaii are full of Hawaii ecoadventure. It includes hiking in Waimea Canyon in Kauai, Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, kayaking, and snorkeling in the crystal clear seas. Above all, never forget to go ziplining to capture the full majestic beauty of Hawaii in one round. 

33. Yellow Hibiscus

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

The yellow hibiscus symbolizes Hawaii, which is perceived as happiness and good luck in life. The west side of the Big Island gives the actual image of the grace of the Yellow Hibiscus.

34. Hawaii Has A Disney

A resort as opposed to a theme park, Hawaii Disney does not disappoint. Hawaii Disney is capturing the sight of millions of tourists worldwide due to the marvellous view it provides to its residents. Secondly, it is the best resort and spa on the island of Oahu.

35. Diamond Head 

Hawaii is known for its top tourist attraction that is Diamond Head. Firstly, it became noticeable due to its peculiar shape and later became popular among people due to its historical and military background. The mountain is also famous for the folklore of the legends’ love. 

36. Hawaii Waterfalls

Hawaii is known by the world for its more than 100 waterfalls; some are located in hidden areas where you need a helicopter to see the wonders, or you can explore them by hiking. Though Akaka falls, Rainbow falls, and Waipoo falls are at the top of the list to visit. 

37. Hawaii Ecotourism 

One of the tourist places that genuinely embodies ecotourism is Hawaii. You will be in awe of Hawaii ecotourism when you visit the spectacular botanical gardens on Oahu, Ho’omaluhia, and Honolulu. Similar to this, you can explore a variety of farms and agricultural lands.

38. Hawaii Parasailing

40 awesome things Hawaii is known for

The Hawaii tour would be incomplete if you didn’t try Hawaii’s best water-air activity, Hawaii Parasailing. Whether you are in Oahu, the Big island, or any other island, take parasailing to have more fun. 

39. Hawaii Weather 

Hawaii is well renowned for its crystal-clear air and comfortable temperatures. Hawaii experiences a mid-cooling effect all year long due to its geographic location and the air passing over a tropical ocean. However, the best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. 

40. Hawaii Landscapes

Hawaii is also famous among the people for having diverse landscapes. It includes dry arid deserts, craggy ocean cliffs, vertical cliffs, and much more. 

Things Hawaii Is Known For: To Conclude

There are many things Hawaii is known for- the beaches, volcanoes, traditional dances, cuisines, and many other magnificent natural attractions in Hawaii are renowned for their majestic grandeur. You can visit Hawaii any time of the year and still find plenty to see and wonder about, making it one of the top vacation destinations in the USA.

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