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35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

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What are the biggest things that Arkansas is known for? What makes this place unique and special? Find out in the interesting article all about the most amazing things Arkansas is known for…

35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

What Arkansas Is Known For

Trying to figure out what Arkansas is known for? Don’t worry; you are in good hands.

Arkansas might only hold the 45th spot for tourism in America, but it has its reputation. Arkansas is a state that is known for its natural beauty, history and culture, and national parks. Visitors to Arkansas will find all kinds of amazing things to do in this state.

Many people love Arkansas because of its rich history, many fried foods, unique diamond mines, and numerous bodies of water. Arkansas was also home to legendary American musician Johnny Cash.

Those aren’t the only things Arkansas is known for! Continue reading to learn more!

Famous Food Arkansas is Known For

Arkansas is known for a variety of foods. Lets see what they eat in this part of the world and why it is so famous…

Fried Pickles

35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

Arkansas has many delicious and unique foods, but fried pickles are among the best and are one of the major things that Arkansas is known for.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Atkins, Arkansas, was dubbed the “Pickle Capital of the World,” due to the presence of the Atkins Pickle company.

They were a hit when Burnell “Fatman” Austin invented them at The Duchess Drive-In in Atkins in 1963. A pickle company no longer exists in Atkins, but the heritage lives on in the Atkins Pickle Fest and in the fact that many restaurants in the state serve fried dill pickles as an appetizer.

Some restaurants serve fried dill pickle spears, but I prefer the chips. Fried dill pickles are such a treat when served with Ranch dressing.

Chocolate Gravy

35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

Chocolate gravy is one of Arkansas’ best foods. It’s said that it’s a breakfast food served over biscuits, but some people like it as a light dinner too. Chocolate gravy was first invented in the Arkansas Ozark mountains.

Chocolate gravy is believed to have been invented by a creative mountain woman craving chocolate. Southerners have been drizzling sweet foods on biscuits for generations.

As a trendy breakfast item in the state, chocolate gravy is still served at breakfast restaurants, made from butter, flour, milk, cocoa powder, and sugar.

Possum Pie

35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

Possum pie in Arkansas does not contain any possums.

There are layers of cream cheese, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and more pecans sprinkled on top of possum pie, which starts with a shortbread crust of pecans.

As the name implies, the pie disguises its delectable chocolate layer until it is sliced, pretending to be something it is not.

Possum pie is said to be the best in the state at Stoby’s Restaurant, but you can also find it in other places.

Cheese Dip

A lot of people know about Arkansas cheese dip, which is one of its unique foods and one of the major things Arkansas is known for.

After returning from Mexico with spices and ideas, restaurant owner Blackie Donnelly brought cheese dip to Arkansas.

In the 1940s, he made a spicy, drippy, yellow concoction for his customers.

There are now cheese dips at restaurants across Arkansas, thanks to the cheese dip’s popularity.


35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

Some experts say Arkansas doesn’t have its barbecue tradition and only borrows from its neighbours.

A James Beard Award-winning barbecue restaurant in Marianna, Arkansas, Jones BBQ is the oldest black-owned business in the country.

There’s something uniquely Arkansas about barbecue sandwiches. We like to eat them with a spoon full of coleslaw. Cold and crunchy coleslaw is perfect with hot and spicy barbecue.


35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

Benjamin Tyndale Fooks created Grapette in Camden, Arkansas. He didn’t like the grape flavour of drinks, so he made his own.

After thousands of taste tests, his grape soda was superior to all other grape sodas in 1939.

Grapette was also sold in a six-ounce clear glass bottle, which helped showcase the beverage’s purple color. During that time, twelve-ounce bottles were the most common size for soft drinks.

As soon as Grapette was introduced to the US, it became a popular product with slogans like “Thirsty or Not.”

Eventually, Grapette stopped being sold in the US after Fooks sold his business in the late 1960s, though it remained prevalent in other countries.


35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

While watermelon is grown all over the south, if you’re visiting Arkansas in the summer, you’d like to try an Arkansas one.

Watermelons grown in the state are some of the sweetest and best in the world.

Check out Cave City Watermelon Festival’s website for the sweetest watermelons in the world!

It is said that Hope, Arkansas, is the Watermelon Capitol of the World, as it is known for producing both delicious and giant watermelons.

Traditions, Culture, And History Arkansas is Known For

Alongside food, there are plenty of traditions, culture and history that Arkansas is known for, lets take a deeper look…

Contest For the World’s Best Duck Callers

There is no better place to watch the World’s Championship Duck Calling contest than Arkansas.

You don’t have to be an expert duck caller to enjoy the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest, held in Stuttgart, Arkansas (45 miles southeast of Little Rock) during Thanksgiving week.

The activities surrounding the Duck Calling Contests are an Arts & Crafts Fair, a 5k or 10k run, and the highly anticipated Duck Gumbo cooking contest.

Cheese Dip World Championship

35 Amazing Things Arkansas Is Known For

Those who are fond of cheese dips gather in Little Rock, Arkansas, each year for the World Cheese Dip Championship.

A cheese dip maker competes at the World Cheese Dip Championship to see who can make the best cheese dip. At this event, you can try some of the world’s best cheese dips, a must-visit for cheese dip lovers.

A Variety of Extreme Weather Conditions and Storms

As a result of being in Tornado Alley, Arkansas experiences severe storms and weather. Hurricane Katrina and Rita made landfall here as other significant hurricanes.

Since 2011, tornadoes have ravaged Arkansas, causing damage worth billions of dollars. In 2015, Arkansas was affected by flooding that caused billions of dollars in losses.

While Arkansas has harsh weather, the state is still beautiful and has a lot to offer, from its rich culture and history to its stunning natural surroundings.


35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

In 1906, the first diamonds were discovered in Arkansas, where millions of carats of diamonds were extracted.

There is only one open diamond mine in the world in this state park, a popular vacation spot. A few more diamond mines in Arkansas include Murfreesboro Diamond Mine, Ouachita Diamond Mine, and Emmit Diamond Mine.


The Ouachita Mountains are famous for their hot springs, including Hot Springs Mountain, part of Hot Springs National Park. Hot Springs National Park has at least 47 hot springs.

Arkansas’s hot springs are popular tourist attractions with medicinal properties.

Hotels and bathhouses surround hot springs in Arkansas. These hotels offer spa treatments, swimming pools, and other amenities.

Magnolia Blossom Festival

A world championship steak cook-off and Magnolia Blossom Festival are two things that make Arkansas unique.

Besides art and car shows, attendees can enjoy live entertainment and ribeye dinners with baked potato and a side salad for three days in May.

“Buddy” Franks proposed adding the steak cooking event to the Festival in 1990 to promote Arkansas beef.

Music And Sports Arkansas is Known For

Music and sports are other important areas that Arkansas is known for. Lets take a deeper look…

A Center for Folk Music

Mountain View, Arkansas, is known as the “Capital of Folk Music.” Ozark Folk Center State Park is situated in the city and is both a state park and a folk music venue. The Ozark Folk Center State Park hosts many performances and events all year round.

A museum within the Ozark Folk Center State Park tells the history of Ozark folk music. Take a tour of the museum and learn about Ozark folk music.


35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

There are numerous lakes and rivers in Arkansas that provide excellent fishing opportunities. Some of the most popular fish to catch in Arkansas include trout, catfish, and bass.

The Bassmaster Classic is held yearly on Lake Hamilton and is Arkansas’s most famous fishing tournament.

Many fishing guides in Arkansas can help you find the best spots to fish and teach you the best ways to catch fish.

Tourism Destinations And Cities Arkansas is Known For

Where do people travel to in Arkansas? Lets look a little bit at the tourist destinations that Arkansas is known for.

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is among the most popular places to visit in Arkansas. As a result of its location between the Ouachita Mountains, it was ideally suited for its hot springs, which gave the town its name. The water itself is believed to be a source of healing. 

There are many historical bathhouses on Bathhouse Row where you can enjoy a spa treatment or private thermal bath. 

One of the benefits of Bathhouse Row is that you can dip your hands in an actual “hot spring.” On Bathhouse Row, you can soak your hands in a proper “hot spring.” on Bathhouse Row

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

This iconic landmark combines art, architecture, and Arkansas’ beautiful natural beauty into a three-in-one experience. This museum houses artwork from colonial times to the present, and was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Over 5 miles of trails make Crystal Bridges one of the most attractive spots in Arkansas, as it is situated on 120 acres of Ozark Forest. 

There’s an interesting fact about this museum: Alice Walton was the daughter of Sam Walton (the man behind Walmart).

Buffalo National River

35 amazing things Arkansas is known for

There’s nothing like the Buffalo River, the first national river in America, located in the Ozarks. 

This 135-mile-long river is excellent for both speeding and relaxing, and it has sand/gravel bars, limestone bluffs, woodlands, protected wilderness areas, and deer and elk for watching.

Smallmouth bass is all over the river. The public can take advantage of over 100 miles of trails. Under the National Park Service’s auspices, horseback riding is also allowed near the river.

Crater of Diamonds State Park

For a great family getaway in Arkansas, head to Crater of Diamonds State Park. It’s the only diamond mine operating in the country.

In Murfreesboro, you can take or rent mining equipment, go diamond hunting, and keep the gemstones you find. What a fantastic souvenir from Arkansas!

If you’re not into diamond mining, the Little Missouri River Trail and Prospector Trail are two hiking trails in this Arkansas state park.

White, yellow, and brown diamonds can all be found in the Crater of Diamonds state park.

Landmarks And Architecture Arkansas is Known For

Arkansas is known for its landmarks and architecture too. But what makes it so famous?

Central High School National Historic Site

Little Rock 9 and the 1957 desegregation crisis are told at this National Park Service site. The rangers give tours of the high school and tell about what happened to the 9 African American kids who came for a better education. 

Arkansas Post National Memorial

There was a Native American presence here for thousands of years before Europeans arrived, but this park gets its name from a French trading post on the Mississippi River. 

You can learn about the park’s historical significance and stories, like Hernando de Soto’s expedition and the Civil War battle at Arkansas Post. 

Those visiting the area can also stroll nature trails and catch a glimpse of the endangered Traill’s flycatcher or American alligators.

Mount Magazine

Paris, Arkansas, is the home of Mount Magazine, the state’s highest point.

Mount Magazine State Park offers a variety of thrill-seeking activities for adrenaline junkies, such as hang gliding and is only one of two parks in Missouri to provide the training. It is also a great place for romantic getaways and even weddings because of Mount Magazine’s stunning beauty.

Fun Facts: Why Arkansas Is So Famous

  • During the early French explorations, the explorers came across an Indian group called the Ugakhpah, which means “people living downstream.”.
  • They were later referred to as Quapaws or Arkansas.
  • Every year, Stuttgart hosts the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest.
  • There is no enforcement mechanism in place to prevent the Arkansas River from rising above the Main Street Bridge in Little Rock.
  • A woman became the first senator in the U.S. Senate when Hattie Caraway was elected in Arkansas in November 1932.
  • Aside from lakes and streams, Arkansas has over 9,700 miles of rivers and streams. As of July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store in Rogers. Hot Springs Mountain contains 47 hot springs. 143°F springs flow from the southwestern slope every day.
  • Quartz crystals are known as the world’s capital at Mount Ida.
  • Archery bows are made in Pine Bluff, which is known as the world center for archery bow production.
  • The Dutch oven is the only official state cooking vessel in Arkansas.
  • They have some of the best pumpkin patches in the area.

To conclude: What Arkansas is known for

As you can see from this article Arkansas is known for many things! This fascinating destination has a lot to offer, whether you are a resident or a tourist. If you enjoyed this article, I am sure that you will love these too:

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