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The truth about 7 star hotels | Are they real?

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What are 7 star hotels? There has been plenty of discussion about 7 star hotel recently. But is it all just a lot of hype? Does a 7 star hotel actually exist? In this article I will tell you the truth about these so-called ‘7 star hotels’.

Is there such thing as a 7 star hotel?

Officially, there are no 7 star hotels.

The hotel rating system varies from country to country. There is currently no single worldwide system that exists. The most recognised system is the Forbes star-rating system; it started off as the Mobil Travel Guide in 1958, and is still used today when determining how objectively ‘good’ a hotel is. Forbes staff visit hotels on paid-for visits – nobody knows they’re there to review the establishment and therefore they are treated like any other guest. This means there is no bias. They will then award a hotel a certain number of stars based on a wide range of criteria. This system only goes as far as 5 stars, which is why we have to say that officially there are no 7 star hotels.

But do 7 star hotels exist?

It was journalists who first coined the term ‘7 star hotels’. The very first hotel to be given this label was the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE. However, the industry now actually refer to this as an 8-star hotel because it really is a cut above the rest in terms of its glitz, glamour, luxury and customer service.

There are other so-called 7 star hotels around the world, however. All are luxurious: opulent, beautiful, indulgent. They have butler services, helipads, decadent suites and a whole range of other amenities that most people would only dream of seeing in a hotel. As is to be expected with hotels that offer such incredible service, there is a hefty price tag too. Further below you’ll see some examples of 7 star hotels, and how much it costs to spend a night there…

What can you expect at these hotels?

In order for a hotel to be ‘given’ 7 stars, it has to be pretty special. So what can you actually expect to find at seven star hotels?

  • Personalisation – the perfect pillows for you, the drinks you enjoy stocked in your minibar, the food you want right there on the menu
  • Views – beautiful scenery in every direction, no matter what room you’re in, so that you can enjoy the surrounding area from the comfort of your bed or living area
  • Privacy – the option to enjoy private dining areas, multiple bathroom spaces, butlers, private kitchens, chauffeurs and more 
  • Luxury – delicious food and drink, comfortable furniture, high levels of cleanliness, extra attentiveness from staff, high class materials used in building/decor… (the list of luxuries is truly endless!)
  • Extras – private transfers, helipads, infinity pools, exotic cuisines, luxury shopping facilities, private beaches/marinas, ballrooms, spas and so much more

Where can you find 7 star hotels?

You’ll find 7 star hotels around the world. Most are in the holiday destinations that people deem to be more expensive than you average all-inclusive trip to Spain — capital cities, luxury beach destinations and so on. They cost billions to build and millions to run, hence the fantastic experiences and hefty price tags!

Remember, these hotels aren’t officially 7-stars. However, they have been labelled as such by industry professionals, journalists and those who are ‘in the know’ when it comes to luxury lifestyles…

Pangu 7 Star Hotel, Beijing 

Located in the fantastic city of Beijing, China, this is an incredibly luxurious hotel. The Pangu 7 Star Hotel is part of the dragon-shaped Pangu Plaza. The rest of the five buildings are used for apartments, offices, clubs and retail. Not far from the Olympic venues (such as the Beijing National Stadium), the plaza was built in 2008 by investor Guo Wengui.

The hotel makes up the first block. It features a temple, two pavilions, French and Japanese restaurants, 140 suites and other 96 luxurious guest rooms. Previous guests have included Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates. It is said to be the most high-class hotel in Beijing – the height of luxury.

With free internet, bay windows with amazing views, marble bathrooms and a fitness center, the Pangu 7 Star Hotel has a little bit of everything. Rooms start at around £300 per night.

Atlantis Paradise Island, The Bahamas

While there are more affordable rooms here, Atlantis Paradise Island is no stranger to absolute luxury. Paradise Island is home to a 154-acre waterscape, including lagoons, marine habitats, river rides, water slides, pools and more – the hotel is built around this. Or rather: hotels. There are actually separate hotels around Atlantis, and the most luxurious is The Cove.

Describing itself as offering ‘white-glove service’, The Cove is an elegant place to stay that has plenty of perks and amenities. With an adult-only pool, 20 private cabanas, butler services and more, there is no shortage of luxury here. There are 600 suites, situated between two private beaches. They all have floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring you have the best view day and night.

Rooms at The Cove start at $450 a night. This is for the Ocean Suite which is up to 784 square feet with ocean views, custom in-room bar and a twin vanity. The most expensive room is the 2 Bedroom Sapphire Suite, at $2850 for one night. 7 star hotels don’t come cheap! It is 2460 square feet of space. The suite has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private dining space, designer furniture, huge living space and more.

Titanic Mardan Palace, Turkey

7 star hotels

Officially five stars, as all of the hotels featured here are, the Mardan Palace in Turkey has often been described as a 7 star hotel.

This hotel oozes luxury and charm, and comes with the price tag for it. Located just a short drive from the beautiful beaches of Antalya, this award-winning hotel is sophisticated, elegant and truly sparkling. There are over 30 highly acclaimed bars and restaurants meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice at every meal time. And with a championship golf course nearby as well as a spa and kids club, this incredible luxury hotel has everything you could ask for. It is a ‘family luxury hotel’, meaning you can bring your little ones with you if you want to experience this glitz and glamour as a family.

From the Classic Room (28 square metres, balcony with pool or sea views, accommodating up to two adults) at €248+ per night to the King Suite, costing €4000+ per night (600 square metres, two bedrooms, sauna/office/bar/cinema/private terrace/pool/butler service) – there are plenty of options.

Marquis Los Cabos, Mexico

7 star hotels

For luxurious panoramic views of the glittering Sea of Cortez, the Marquesa del Mar Suite is the place to be. The only two-bedroom suite in the resort, it has everything you could possibly want or need for a glamorous stay in Mexico.

King bedroom with a connecting suite, separate living and dining areas, a well-stocked bar, double bathroom vanities, L’Occitane toiletries, coffeemaker… the list goes on! Pastries will arrive at your door every morning as you sit back and soak up the early rays of sunshine from your vast living space or huge terrace. The views are incredible! The hotel itself features four restaurants and a deli cafe, as well as tennis courts and a fitness centre, free WiFi, premium beverages, nightly entertainment and so much more.

For one night the suite costs just over £800 if you book direct. The cheapest room available at the hotel at the time of writing is the Ocean View Junior Suit, at £330.00. This is less than half the price! When it comes to 7 star hotels, the Marquis los Cabos actually one of the least expensive.

Royal Mansour, Morocco

7 star hotels

Located in breathtaking Marrakech, Royal Mansour is a luxury hotel if there ever was one.

Offering 53 riads, all beautifully decorated with amazing views and amenities, it’s definitely worthy of its place on a list of 7 star hotels. But there is one room in particular thats a cut above the rest: The Grand Riad. It has 4 bedrooms, a private pool, allows pets and children, has spa access and two butlers – and it’s gorgeous. The Grand Riad is set of 19,375 square feet. As well as the bedrooms it has a roof terrace, kitchen, living area, library, office, lounge, bar and its own elevator. Head to the spa, overlooking the Atlas Mountains, for a relaxing treatment or go out to play golf. Whatever you do, come back and relax at this spectacular luxury riad.

But just how much will this incredible accommodation set you back? Based on a 3-night stay you’ll pay just shy of €25,000 per night for this incredible accommodation. Between 8 of you that’s only £3000 per night… practically a bargain!

The truth about 7 star hotels

So there you have it…. whilst 7 star hotels are not officially a thing, they very much do exist, it’s just a matter of definition! Which of these hotels would you most like to stay in?

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