The Bund Shanghai restaurants: Where to go and where not to go

Jan 7, 2020 | Global travel, Asia, China

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We loved our visit to The Bund in Shanghai! And after lots of walking and taking photos we were all very hungry! So we decided to suss out The Bund Shanghai restaurants!

The Bund in Shanghai is iconic. And it is full of places to eat; there’s plenty to choose from, and there should be something to suit everyone. So without further ado, here are The Bund, Shanghai restaurants that should be on your radar…

Where to eat: The Bund, Shanghai restaurants

#1 Mr & Mrs Bund

With food available until 2am, don’t let the jet lag stop you. This famous French restaurant can be found inside a restored 1920s colonial-style building – it is well known as the best French cuisine in Shanghai. Chef Paul Pairet has worked hard to fine tune the perfect menu. From ribs to foie gras, and lobster to frogs’ legs, what more could you want? Finished off with the perfect cocktail or glass of champagne, if you’re looking to splurge then this is the best of The Bund, Shanghai restaurants!

#2 Ultraviolet

Another Paul Pairet restaurant and helpfully located in the same building as the previous suggestion – Five on the Bund, home to many of Shanghai’s top restaurants – Ultraviolet is ‘unclassifiable, really’. So says the website. Guests will receive a flexible 20-course menu, changing all the time and made up of tiny and larger dishes. If you want a unique fine-dining experience, head here…

#3 POP American Brasserie

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, head to Three on the Bund. On the 7th floor you’ll find POP American Brasserie: warm, cosy, fun – but still with the Michelin Selected Restaurant title. With excellent service and stunning views, expect to pay a little more than your average America diner. It’s definitely worth it, though! Fish and chips, burgers, crab cakes, salad and more make up the menu here.

#4 M on the Bund

Whether you want brunch or dinner, M on the Bund is spot on. Offering Mediterranean, North African and Middle Eastern dishes as well as tasty puddings and cocktails, there’s something for everyone. And the views are incredible. It’s easy to see why this is one of the top rated restaurants in the area! Located at No.5, they even offer afternoon tea.

TOP TIP: recommendations are ‘requested but not required’ at M on the Bund, which is worth noting.

#5 Atto Primo

This is another part of Five on the Bund. Offering Italian food in a very chic loft space with floor to ceiling windows, you can truly soak up the scenic river views. And although the location is pretty fancy, it isn’t a particularly posh place to eat – so you won’t feel out of place if you don’t have your glad rags on. Atto Primo has a relaxed atmosphere and fair prices. It gets nothing but positive reviews – a must if you like authentic Italian dishes!

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#6 The Peninsula

At No.1 you’ll find The Peninsula. Formerly the British Consulate building, it is now a luxury hotel. There are plenty of different dining options within the hotel; opt for a spot of Cantonese food at Yi Long Court, or some delightful afternoon tea in the lush green gardens of this incredibly fancy building. The Lobby offers international dining all day, while The Compass Bar is perfect if you want some snacks. If you want Michelin-star food, try Sir Elly’s – a rooftop bar and terrace with awe-inspiring views of the Bund and the Pudong area.

#7 The Cut

Love a bit of steak? One of the best The Bund, Shanghai restaurants for you, then, is The Cut. This is another of the restaurants that make up Five on the Bund, and one of the more casual affairs. They do all sorts of different things with steak, and the view from the terrace is absolutely magnificent. And on Thursday nights, expect something a little different – music and cocktails alongside your steak!

#8 Pu Ben

Another favourite at Five on the Bund, Pu Ben offers a wide variety of Asian food. Award-winning Singaporean chef Jereme Leung is known as “one of the most creative innovators of modern Chinese food in Asia” – and there is so much choice at Pu Ben. For dinner of a weekday and lunch at the weekend, this is a great choice for those wanting to explore Asian cuisine on the Bund.

See some views of The Bund in this vlog!

Where not to go if you’re looking for The Bund, Shanghai restaurants

#1 Bar Rouge

A quick Google search might flag Bar Rouge up as a restaurant, due to its location at Five on the Bund with the likes of Mr & Mrs Bund and Ultraviolet. But a restaurant it is not. That’s not to say it isn’t worth visiting – as nightclubs go, it’s glamorous and offers incredible views of the Shanghai skyline. Entry is 100¥ and this includes a drink. If you’re looking for a meal, however, then it isn’t the place for you!

#2 Long Bar at Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund

Known for having a prickly atmosphere, many people feel slightly unwelcome at the Long Bar. If you are interested in colonial history – this bar was once part of the most exclusive men’s club in Shanghai, solely for upper-class white men – then it may be worth popping in for a drink. But the prices are eye-watering (bottled water is the equivalent of $15 USD) and there isn’t much atmosphere at the hotel.

The Bund, Shanghai restaurants are plentiful – most offering a fantastic view of the area and the river. If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Shanghai’s most iconic location, then hopefully you now have more of an idea of where to go. Whether it’s Asian food, American dishes or British cuisine you’re after, the Bund has something for everyone!

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