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Whilst some people may avoid them like the plague, other people are curious about what the best sex museums in the world have to offer. From popular honeymoon days out in South Korea, to artefacts about sex through the different ares in Amsterdam, there are many popular sex museums around the world.

In this article I will tell you what a sex museum is and I will tell you about the best sex museums in the world. Whether you’re researching sex tourism for your studies, you fancy heading to one for a laugh with your friends or you are genuinely interested in learning about sex in different parts of the world, this post is for you… read on…

The best sex museums in the world

What is a sex museum?

A sex museum is a type of museum that showcases anything to do with sex – from erotic art to historic sexual aids.

Sex museums started to grow in popularity, especially in Europe, during the late 1960s and 1970s: the era of the sexual revolution. This was a social movement which sought to challenge traditional attitudes to sex, sexuality and interpersonal relationships – also known as sexual liberation. It included the normalisation of contraception as well as homosexuality and extra-marital sex, public nudity and more.

The era of sexual revolution led to, in some places, a better acceptance of sex and sexual relationships outside of a traditional heteronormative sphere. Sex was celebrated, and thus the sex museum was born.

There are many sex museums across the globe, and together they welcome millions of visitors every year. In this article I outline some of the best sex museums in the world.

Note-many sex museums have an over-18 policy for visitors due to the nature of the exhibitions on display; while sex is something that should not be taboo and should be openly discussed, museums have a duty to ensure that everything is appropriate and therefore most of the best sex museums in the world don’t allow under 18s to enter.

The best sex museums in the world

Sexmuseum Amsterdam

The Sexmuseum Amsterdam is the most popular sex museum in the world.

One of the most famous and best sex museums in the world, Sexmuseum Amsterdam opened in 1985.

Amsterdam’s sex museum is one of the most-visited museums in the Netherlands and it is important part of Amsterdam’s sex tourism industry.

Sexmuseum Amsterdam allows visitors to explore the evolution of sex throughout the ages thanks to pictures, artefacts, photos, video recordings and artwork. It is a journey of sex through different eras. From Cleopatra to the Middle Ages, there is so much to learn here and it’s no wonder it is such a popular museum.

With its famous red light district, Amsterdam is almost synonymous with sex and sexuality; the museum is just another part of that, but one that is educational and interesting.

Opening hours: 11am – 7pm daily

Entrance fee: €9

Sexmuseum Amsterdam offer a virtual tour of their museum online, which is particularly helpful for those currently unable to travel to the Netherlands due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Sex Machines Museum, Prague

Inside the Sex Machines Museum in Prague.

Located just off the main square, you can easily fit a trip to the Sex Machines Museum into your day while visiting Prague – it’s not far from some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the city, such as the Charles Bridge, the Prague meridian line and the Astronomical Clock.

The Sex Machines Museum is one of the best sex museums in the world, where you can sit down and watch some Victorian pornography before you go on to discover an entire timeline of sex machines – hence the name of the museum.

The museum has a focus on the sexual aids that people have used throughout the years, such as chastity belts, thrones with a hole in the bottom to allow for oral sex, and body harnesses. Some of these machines and devices date back to the 1500s, and there are more modern toys and machines on display too – as well as clothing, shoes and more.

When the museum opened in 2002, city officials spoke out against the “disagreeable” content exhibited inside, which only served to make it more popular with the 8 million tourists visiting the city each year.

Opening hours: 10am – 11pm daily

Entrance fees: 

  • 250 CZK per adult
  • 200 CZK per adult for groups of 6 or more
  • 150 CZK per student (valid student card required)

The Sex Machines Museum does not allow entry for those under the age of 18; a valid proof of age ID is required to gain entry to the museum.

FUN TIP: before you enter the museum there is ‘sexometer’/love tester chair you can sit on which will tell you how much of a sex bomb you are – this is a particularly fun activity for stag and hen parties!

Love Land Park, Jeju Island

Love Land Park in Jeju Island is popular with people on their honeymoon.

Jeju Island, South Korea, is home to some of the coolest tourist attractions ever – as well as one of the best sex museums in the world, Love Land Park.

Love Land Park is an outdoor museum, open since 2004, which features 140 sculptures representing humans in a variety of different sexual positions. There are sex education films too!

Some of the sculptures are quite tame and tasteful, but there are plenty of risqué and raunchy statues too; some are realistic while some are a bit more out there. The sculptures were created by 20 different artists, a lot of whom graduate from Hongik University, one of the top art schools in Asia.

It’s a fun place to walk around, and serves as quite an anomaly compared to the more conservative nature of South Korea as a whole. But the park offers a great conversation point, and it really does spark some excitement for a lot of people.

It only takes around 30-40 minutes to walk around, and there is free parking here too so it’s a great way enjoy the sunshine if you are limited for time at some point during your trip to the amazing Jeju Island.

Opening hours: 9am – 12am

Entrance fees:

  • 12,000 won per adult
  • 11,000 won per adult for groups of 30 or more
  • 10,000 / 9,000 won per adult aged 65+ (ID required)

INTERESTING FACT: Love Land Park is one of the most visited museums by honeymooners in the world!

Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas

The Erotic Heritage Museum is home to the Star Wars exhibit.

Sin City simply wouldn’t be complete without a sex museum. The Erotic Heritage Museum, located on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, covers 24,000 square foot and has been open since 2008.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is a performance and exhibition space as well as a museum, and Harry Mohney is the grand patron. He opened the space to promote sexual education, and bridge the gap between pornography and aestheticism.

On display at the museum you will find plenty of different exhibits to do with sex and sexuality, from the Star Wars Exhibit to some Jay Losofsky sculptures.

There is an LGBTIQ Gallery, an exhibit dedicated to Sex in the Third Reich, and various sex-themed artwork.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is one of the biggest and best sex museums in the world; everything in it is fascinating and a little bit different, and people tend to particularly enjoy the Wall of Shame: Articles about Political, Religious or Celebrity Personalities Connected to Scandals.

Vegas is known for being a little bit ‘out there’, and this museum definitely fits the bill!

Opening hours: 11am – 7pm daily

Entrance fees: 

  • $38 per adult
  • $19 per adult (locals only)
  • $10 per adult (students, military personnel, seniors, groups of 5-10)

The Erotic Heritage Museum does not allow entry to those under 18; it is recommended that you take ID with you. The museum is just a 10 minute walk from the Las Vegas strip – next door you’ll find Déjà Vu, a famous strip club and adult store.

Tochka G, Moscow

The Tochka G museum is small, but interesting.

With a name that translates as ‘G spot’ in English, the Tochka G museum is one of the best sex museums in the world.

Although the museum is small, it has a lot of interesting exhibits. There is erotic art and BDSM equipment on display, and you are able to learn about the sexual traditions of different cultures.

The museum offers an all in one ticket that allows you to explore the sex museum area as well as a mirror maze, ball pool and ‘labyrinth of fear’ – so if you are looking for something a bit different to do in Moscow, this could be worth looking into!

From ancient Kama Sutra carvings to contemporary erotica, there is something for pretty much everyone at this fascinating museum. Look out for the French pornographic comic books, statues of pagan fertility gods, ivory phalluses and so much more…

Opening hours: 12pm – 12am

Entrance fees: 

  • 500 Rubles per adult
  • 1500 Rubles per adult (for all 4 attractions)

There is a cafe (complete with pornographic wallpaper!) and a huge adult/sex shop on site. Find the museum on Ul. Novy Arbat.

To conclude: The best sex museums in the world

Sex doesn’t have to be seedy. The best sex museums in the world are visited by a wide range of people, from honeymooners to girls on a hen party to people who simply want to learn more about something that’s rarely spoken about in public. Do you know another popular sex museum that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know in the comments below!



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