The best places to buy your Cabin Crew shoes

Aug 23, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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As you are probably aware, part of a Cabin Crew job is how you look! You need to make sure you are dressed appropriately, including your shoes. It is essential that you are dressed correctly and up to the airlines standards! In this post, I will list the best places to buy your Cabin Crew shoes.

When buying your shoes you need to think of more than just what you think looks nice. You need to make sure that your shoes abide by your airlines uniform guidelines. You also need to make sure they are comfortable and durable. Cabin Crew are on their feet for long periods of time!

Crew Shoes sell a number of different airline approved Cabin Crew shoes. Crew shoes sell for both female and male crew and are up to the British Airways uniform standards. They have a range of shoes in different colours, styles and heel heights!

Trolley Dolley Shoes are another popular website for Cabin Crew shoes. They sell Cabin Crew shoes at very affordable prices, and often have offers on too! They sell both heeled and flat shoes, so there are options to suit both your style and uniform guidelines.

Clarks sell a number of different heeled court shoes, which are perfect for your Cabin Crew shoes! If you live in the UK you are probably familiar with Clarks and it’s likely that there’s one sitting on your high street. If so, you can go in store and have your feet measured. This way you will ensure you have shoes that are comfortable and fit properly.

Cabin Shoes offer affordable shoes in different styles and in both black and navy. They also offer bundle deals which include flat and heeled shoes at a discounted price when bought together. It is reccommended that you buy both flat and heeled Cabin Crew shoes since you may not want to wear heels all of the time. This is normally the case for long flights!

As you can tell, buying your Cabin Crew shoes is an important decision! You need to make sure they fit correctly and comfortably, and that they fit your airlines requirements. For an example on uniform guidelines, have a look at the posts ‘What’s the TUI Cabin Crew Uniform like?‘ or ‘What is the British Airways uniform like?

Have you found the perfect pair of shoes? I’d love to hear from you, what are your favourite places to shop for them?


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