The best family hotels in Shanghai

Jan 10, 2020 | Asia, China, Family travel, Global travel

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Looking for the best family hotels in Shanghai? Then look no further, I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

Shanghai is a must on any China travel itinerary! But it isn’t always known for being ‘child friendly’. Having said that, Shanghai is a GREAT place for family travel (and you can find out why in my post outlining the best 35 things to do in Shanghai with kids). But of course, accommodation is an important part of any trip, especially when you have kids. In this post I will tell you which hotels are the best for family travel in Shanghai and why.

The best family hotels in Shanghai

Which is best- hotel, apartment or Airbnb?

Finding a great place to stay in Shanghai with kids isn’t very easy. Yes, there are some great hotels in Shanghai, but they are not always family friendly and there is a distinct lack of family rooms.

Usually when we travel we stay in Airbnb accommodations. These work perfectly because they allow us to have a separate bedroom for the kids and to self cater, meaning that we can make our eating and sleeping schedules around the kids’ needs.

Read why we usually stay in Airbnb accommodation and get a discount on your next stay in this post- 7 reasons why we love Airbnb!

However, staying in and Airbnb isn’t a simple option in China. Not only are owners supposed to get a special license to accept foreigners on their premises, but foreigners are also required to register at the local police station.

If you stay in a hotel then the hotel will organise the paperwork for you and you don’t even realised what goes on behind the scenes. But if you are not staying in a hotel then you will need to organise these logistics yourself, which can be a big pain!

So my advice is to stay in a hotel when travelling throughout China. This will take the stress out of having to visit police stations. Many hotels will also have built in VPNs in their wifi, allowing you to access your favourite websites such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

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So, without further ado, here are the top six family hotels in Shanghai…

The best family hotels in Shanghai

#1 IFC Residence

The best family hotels in Shanghai
IFC Residence, Shanghai

Located on Century Avenue in the Pudong area, this is one of the best family hotels in Shanghai. It is mid-range in terms of price, and you can book a two-bedroom suite perfect for a family of four. Rooms are en suite with toiletries, a hair dryer and towels provided; there is also plenty of space and storage. IFC Residence has free wifi, perfect for tech-loving children, and there is an indoor swimming pool for splashing around. The hotel has so many elements of luxury that will leave you in awe! Comfortable seating, plush rugs, a beautiful terrace are and more give it that something extra. Sit outside in sunken seating areas surrounded by skyscrapers, and feel like you are truly in another world. Your children will feel like they’ve time-travelled…

Other amenities here include iPod docks and ironing boards in the rooms, views of the Bund and optional continental breakfast. Shanghai Disneyland is around 40 minutes away by car. There is a mall and supermarket attached to IFC Residence, so everything you need is within touching distance. Free coffee and soft drinks are available in the lounge too – just what you need after a long period of travelling!

#2 Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai

The best family hotels in Shanghai
Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai, Shanghai

For something on the lower end of the price scale, this is one of the best family hotels in Shanghai. A deluxe loft twin studio has two large double beds, perfect for a family of four. There are kitchen facilities (brilliant if you’ve got fussy eaters with you and want to prepare your own meals, as well as cutting down on the costs of eating out) and there is free WiFi for any necessary apps and games. Housekeeping services are included. There is an on-site restaurant, and plenty of eateries and bars nearby too.

There is a front desk available 24 hours a day at reception should you need it, and you can store your luggage here if necessary. With a fitness centre, city view, room service and secure parking, Modena by Fraser Putuo has everything you could possibly want for a family trip to Shanghai. The studios are spacious, comfortable and clean. There are also excellent transport links, and Disneyland is less than an hour’s drive away.

#3 Novotel Shanghai Clover Hotel

The best family hotels in Shanghai
Novotel Shanghai Clover Hotel, Shanghai

Another mid-range hotel (price wise), this one is perfect if you are going to Shanghai specifically to visit Disneyland. It’s less than ten minutes away! There is even a free shuttle bus service, both to and from Disneyland and the airport. Novotel are a chain you have probably stay at – or at least are familiar with – too, so you know you can trust what you see. There is free WiFi, a safe in every room and a kettle for your early morning coffee.

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With a restaurant, as well as snacks and drinks in the lobby, you won’t go hungry here. There is an outdoor pool and fitness centre, a high level of hospitality and free parking too. This is easily one of the best family hotels in Shanghai. They even go as far as providing packed lunches for you and your little ones ahead of a busy day meeting cartoon characters and riding rollercoasters!

#4 Fairyland of Clouds Garden Hotel

The best family hotels in Shanghai
Fairyland of Clouds Garden Hotel, Shanghai

Want something a bit out-there for your family trip to Shanghai? Look no further than this place, then. With varying room sizes depending on how many of you there are, this is a fairly budget hotel that just oozes charm and excitement. There are Disney themed rooms, bright colours everywhere, a ball pond and a kids’ play area. With Instagram opportunities galore, even your teens will love this hotel.

It is less than a half an hour drive from Disneyland, making it one of the best family hotels in Shanghai. There is an outdoor pool, free WiFi and private parking. This is a great choice if you have hired a car and plan to drive to the theme parks! The hotel has a sun terrace, bar, 24-hour check in services and staff who speak various languages. It really does have everything you need.

#5 Ascott Huai Hai Road Shanghai

The best family hotels in Shanghai
Ascott Huai Hai Road Shanghai

For a spot of luxury, this is one of the best family hotels in Shanghai. With varying options for different sized families, all of the rooms here are incredibly spacious and comfortable. In a great location with museums, the theatre and Shanghai Times Square within walking distance, this is a great option for an action-packed trip. There is an on-site restaurant, soundproofed rooms and an indoor pool for all-weather fun!

Rooms have private bathrooms, a TV, free WiFi and room service. There are laundry facilities available, kitchenettes in the rooms (perfect for fussy eaters) and parking is possible too. The hotel has a gym and sauna, and there are plenty of public transport options nearby. In terms of location, this one definitely comes out on top for many travellers!

#6 Lanson Place Jin Qiao Residence

The best family hotels in Shanghai
Lanson Place Jin Qiao Residence, Shanghai

My personal recommendation for the best family hotels in Shanghai is not technically a hotel, but an apartment. We loved the Lanson Place Jim Qiao Residence.

The location was great, being just a couple of metro stops from most major attractions and it had two bedrooms, two bathrooms a living area and a kitchen. This gave us the space and flexibility that we need when travelling with a baby and a toddler. It was also great value for money as it was actually cheaper than most equivalent star rating hotel rooms!

There are so many places to stay in Shanghai, from budget hotels to luxurious £3,000-a-night apartments. You’ll know what’s right for you and your family, but hopefully this list has given you a better idea of what’s on offer in the city. Shanghai has a lot going on, and shouldn’t be missed if you are planning a trip to China!

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