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The Best Beaches To Visit In Torrevieja

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(Last updated on: 28/07/2021)

This summer we spent some time in Torrevieja. Known for its picturesque beaches, abundant sunshine and gorgeous weather, this popular destination in Spain is well worth a visit. We found it very difficult to decide which beaches were best to choose from, so I thought I’d share some of my research with you!

The Best Beaches To Visit In Torrevieja

Mil Palmeras

Literally meaning “a thousand palms”, Mil Palmeras is the perfect destination for little ones and baby Isla loved it! Right along the middle of the beach is a little river, perfect for the kids to splash about and play without the worry of waves in the sea. The beach is very clean with great parking which makes it easier to make your way to the beach with all of your gear. While at the beach, we set Isla up in a makeshift tent after she was done playing. Although it is a very busy beach with a lot going on, it is very beautiful and a fun way to spend the day.

best beaches in Torrevieja

Playa La Cura

Possibly the busiest beach in Torrevieja, Playa La Cura is filled with things to do from restaurants, shops, bars. It has a perfect promenade where many locals go to walk after work. Although it is a busy spot, its central location makes it a great choice for families with kids. There is lots for little ones to do. From ice cream trucks to a lifeguard on duty, this may not be the prettiest beach but it is a family favourite. Make sure you get there early to secure a spot on the beach!

Cala de Cabo Cervera

Another great choice if you are vacationing with small children, Cala de Cabo Cervera is a smaller beach but has wonderful amenities. The sand at this beautiful spot is kept very clean and there are foot showers, bathrooms and food close by. With a lifeguard keeping everything safe in the water, you can feel comfortable letting the kids dip their feet in the water or take a little swim. Because of its smaller size, this beach does tend to get busy, especially in the summer. You’ll want to arrive early enough in the day so you can find a spot to relax.

Playa de La Mata

If you are looking for a quieter beach with less people than some of the others, look no further. Playa de La Mata is a gorgeous stretch of beach that isn’t frequented by as many tourists as Cala de Cabo Cervera or Playa La Cura. This is the longest beach in Torrevieja. The gorgeous sands are a golden color, and there is a number of restaraunts or places to stop and eat along the esplanade (promenade).

how to teach baby to swim

Playa de los Naufragos

Last but not least is one of the most active and sport centered beaches in Torrevieja. With bathrooms and a place to grab something to eat, this beach is a good choice if you are looking for a family-friendly spot. There are lots of activities to do, like a gym and a volleyball court. It’s a great place to come for a day of sport mixed in with some relaxation. The water is so clear and a brilliant blue color, and the sand is very clean, unlike some other beaches we have visited. This is something I find wonderful when going to a new beach. Isla even got to practice her swimming skills

Have you been to any other great beaches near Torrevieja? We visit the area to see my dad every year – so we’d love to check out your recommendations next time! Please leave your comments below. 

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  1. Kashif Hussain

    Beach is the best place to relax your brain and body, with fresh sea air and waves.
    Cala de Cabo Cervera is favourite to me, where you enjoy with your family and small child.
    Thanks for sharing such a knowledgeable information.

  2. Marian González

    Thanks for sharing your information.
    Torrevieja is a really active, interesting place.
    Just a little comment: The name is “Playa del Cura”: Beach of the Priest.
    Busy in summer, and a delight to visit in spring, autumn and even winter time.


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