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TEFL Tourism: My Three Minute Thesis Victory

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(Last updated on: 08/06/2021)

So last month I won the three-minute thesis competition at Staffordshire University. Whilst my research isn’t yet quite finished (I have actually changed the names of the TEFL teacher types since delivering this presentation!), I was in a position to outline my TEFL teacher typology and provide a rationale for my research. As you can imagine, putting three years’ worth of work (much of which wouldn’t make much sense to somebody who isn’t familiar with the concepts of ethnocentrism, philanthrocapitalism or neo-colonialism) into three minutes was a challenge. Fortunately, I managed it with just eight seconds to spare and I even made the audience laugh a little too! You can watch my victory video below.

For tips on how I won the three-minute thesis competition read this blog post.

TEFL Tourism: My Three Minute Thesis Victory

Have you entered a three-minute thesis competition? I would love to hear about your experiences/see your video – please comment below! 

  1. reflectiveponderer

    Congrats! I have not yet participated in such a competition but have seen quite a few science slams..would be coolt o participate in one some day 🙂

  2. - Danni

    Hi Hayley,

    Sorry I have only just seen your comment on my site and came over to check out your video. Really impressed you fitted so much research into 3 minutes. Are you still investigating this area?

    • Hayley

      Yes, I’ve just submitted my thesis actually!



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