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St Lucia Jade Mountains- 12 Interesting Things You Should Know

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Are you considering a stay at St Lucia Jade Mountains? Then this is the right place for you- read on to find out all about this luxurious resort and what is on offer here.

12 Facts That Make St Lucia Jade Mountain Resort a Must-Visit

Is it finally time to tick St Lucia Jade Mountains in your travel wish list? Or are you planning to spend your romantic vacation around the stunning scenic beauty of the Jade Mountains? There’s much you can explore in this cornucopia resort embodying organic architecture and St Lucia’s mesmerising landscapes.

From impressive architecture that portrays the best of nature to endless activities, tasty dining facilities, and whatnot – you just can’t go wrong when visiting this resort. So without further ado, let’s learn about the unique traits and qualities you can experience at St Lucia Jade Mountains.

St Lucia Jade Mountains

1.    Nick Troubetzkoy’s Conventional Architecture

The Jade Mountains Resort was developed by its architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy. He designed the resort in sync with Caribbean nature to portray his inspiration for eco-friendly architecture.

The resort’s nature-friendly dramatic architectural design makes it an attractive vacation destination for tourists and newlywed couples. Moreover, the resort rises majestically above the 600-acre coastline, making it a must-see Caribbean resort for an unforgettable experience.

The Bridges to Infinity

The magnificent bridges known as “Bridges to Infinity” are the gateways that lead to each sanctuary. These “bridges” are vital to the property’s architectural design because they create an organic flow for guests to follow.

Every separate bridge inside the resort connects guests to magnificent infinity pool retreats. Furthermore, there are trees throughout the resort, providing shade indoors and giving off a natural, Caribbean vibe. These trees are mainly designed around bridges and stairs.

As you walk further, you will discover craggy stone-faced columns that reach for the sky to give visitors an unforgettable vacation exposure.

2.    Grand Sweeping Suite Spaces and Sanctuaries for Adults

Suite areas and sanctuaries complement the experience of staying at Jade Mountains with captivating architectural elements. The resort has 29 suites, termed sanctuaries, with 24 of them including infinity pools. Because of the glass color, each suite is distinct.

The resort’s entry is constructed with movie-like private bridges that transport visitors to expansive regions. Once inside, you may feel like you’re in a different luxurious world. St Lucia Jade Mountains has everything, including living areas, bedrooms, and private infinity pools designed to exhibit a pleasant countryside view.

Furthermore, the sanctuaries atop Jade Mountain are constructed like stage sets, with each sanctuary having a ceiling height of fifteen feet. It also has a fourth translucent wall that allows natural light while blocking off the noise.

Aside from fundamental features, each sanctuary has its unique layout and size. However, what sets these infinity pool sanctuaries apart from other sanctuaries is their unique names and design, both in compliance with natural architectural principles. These sanctuaries are named: Sky, Star, Moon, Sun, and Galaxy.

Through every unique sanctuary detail that sets them apart, St Lucia Jade Mountains promises an unending luxurious experience for every guest.

3.    St Lucia Jade Mountain Resort Spa

Want to experience a spa day in St Lucia Jade Mountains? Kai en Ciel, St. Lucia’s boutique spa, provides guests with soothing spa treatments. But you don’t primarily have to go to the spa when it can also come to you as a private service in your infinity pool retreat.

This resort offers Kai Belté and Kai Mer spas on Anse Chastanet beach. Western bodywork and aesthetic treatments further complement these exotic spa services for the guests. Additionally, ayurvedic and holistic spa menu items improve relaxation.

If you’re planning a romantic trip to St Lucia Jade Mountains, your spa amenities don’t end here. The resort’s Alchemy of Two spa treatment enhances couples’ appreciation for each other. Its honeymoon-friendly spa boutique service has all you need for a romantic getaway.

4.    Nearby Facilities and Beaches

Sister Resort Facilities

Jade Mountain’s sister resort is Anse Chastanet. This resort is located lower down the hill. You can simply reach there through the complimentary Jade Mountain resort shuttle or walk to the resort.

Anse Chastanet’s additional facilities are open to visitors, making it another point to visit and explore for its vivid colors and local hand-carved wood art pieces. So if you decide to step out of Jade Mountains, its sibling resort has multiple facilities to offer visitors. These facilities include:

  • Piti Piton Lounge (which offers a delicious vegan-friendly menu for dinner)
  • Treehouse Restaurant
  • Private Beachside dining setup
  • Restaurant Trou au Diable Beach

Nearby Beaches

If you want to visit a beach during your visit to St Lucia Jade Mountains, then you can head to a nearby beach. Specifically, Jade Mountain has two nearby beaches: Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin. Both the Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin beaches are accessible by resort shuttle boats or a short walk along the coast from the Jade Mountain resort.

Anse Chastanet allows its visitors to enjoy various activities, from snorkeling to kayaking and even stand-up paddleboarding. This beach is home to the Trou Au Diable Beach Restaurant and Grill, where tourists can dine while relaxing in the sun. However, you also get the leisure of having food delivered from this grill to your beachside cabin.

Likewise, the Anse Mamin Beach comprises private cabanas, hammocks, and seats. It also has a Jungle Beach Bar & Grill. You can eat fresh burgers on the grill here, known as one of the most famous burgers on the island.

The banana ketchup added inside these burgers is their distinguishing component – adding a relishing flavor to the dish. The Old French Colonial Plantation and wildlife-centered Anse Mamin Valley are also located on the seashore.

5.    Techno-Free Sanctuaries

The Jade Mountain St. Lucia retreat facilities are designed to connect with nature; therefore, there are no phones, radios, or televisions. This eco-friendly resort focuses on connecting every visitor with the beauty of the Caribbeans, which cannot be truly appreciated on screens.

While this technologically-free design is intended to let guests enjoy their time at St Lucia Jade Mountains, you can still access the internet in the private sanctuaries on demand. Internet service is also available at the front desk.

6.    Scuba St. Lucia Padi

If you’re a deep sea lover visiting the Jade Mountains, you can’t end your trip to St Lucia without scuba diving. The resort connects its visitors to two separate scuba facilities, allowing you to immerse yourself entirely in the majesty of the ocean. Among these amenities are:

  • Pristine Coral Reefs: An offshore snorkeling and scuba diving service.
  • Scuba Padi St. Lucia: A 5-Star resort scuba facility with a professional diving program.

7.    Escorted Walks and Hikes

Daily escorted walks and hikes are another nature-focused activity offered by the resort. These treks and hikes are intended to help guests fully appreciate the spectacular tropical splendor of Anse Chastanet, Anse Mamin Plantation Walk, Saint Lucia’s central Rain Forest Reserve, and other higher mountains.

These expeditions allow you to see the island’s famous scenery firsthand. Furthermore, professional Resort Guides lead many of these adventurous tours to enrich the guest’s experience. These guides provide intriguing information along the route, allowing guests to tailor their trips to their specific interests.

8.    Special Sports and Activities

Another feature the St Lucia Jade Mountains offers its guests is fitness and sports facilities. In terms of fitness, the resort provides complimentary yoga courses. In addition, hotel guests are welcome to use the Anse Mamin estate bike trails for self-guided running in the mornings and afternoons.

The hotel also offers a variety of adventurous activities designed for tourists to participate in while under professional supervision. Among these activities are:

  • Prijon Kayaks supervised coastal kayaking trips.
  • Jungle Biking Center in St. Lucia, with 50 top-of-the-line Cannondale mountain bikes
  • Water activities such as sunfish sailing, windsurfing, and sit-on-top kayaking
  • Tennis court setup
  • Sailing aboard the resort yacht and Jazzy Sunset Cruise during the day and in the evening.

9.    Organic Emerald Farm

One of the most intriguing nature-oriented aspects of St Lucia Jade Mountains is the establishment of its organic emerald farm. This farm layout also contributes to the resort’s sustainability because the vegetables and fruits grown on the farm are used in the cuisine.

But it’s not just for eating; it’s also for exploring. Guests at Jade Mountain can visit the organic emerald farms in the Soufriere hills, about 20 minutes from the resort. This farm naturally grows vegetables, micro greens, salads, fruits, spices, nuts, and herbs for the resort kitchens.

It also contains over 1000 cocoa trees, which provide the cocoa beans utilized in the resort’s own chocolate manufacturing. The organic farm emeralds also have a plethora of flowers and beautiful plants.

10. Mouth-Watering Cuisine

The dining menu of this resort is named “Jade Cuisine,” prepared by Allen Susser, the James Beard award-winning chef. Jade Mountain Club opens its doors to this cuisine for the hotel guests through mouth-watering meals prepared to be an epitome of exotic beauty and an explosion of flavors.

Allen Susser prepares this cuisine with a fascinating combination of worldwide styles and methods. The unique cooking approach implemented to prepare the food for the guests guarantees a memorable culinary adventure for everyone. This dining space is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the Jade Mountain Club features a variety of cuisines and live performances.

Moreover, diners can enjoy a live performance by a world-class acoustic guitarist or one of the island’s top jazz performers on select evenings. Atop Jade Mountain Club, the resort’s Celestial Terrace provides a breathtaking vantage point for sunset cocktails and stargazing.

11. Three-Wall Exposure to the Island’s Beauty

The St Lucia Jade Mountains‘ unique nature-friendly construction features a three-walled design. So, where exactly is the fourth wall? It’s designed with a glass wall so guests in every room can spend their vacation enjoying nature’s beauty to the fullest.

Due to the absence of the fourth wall, Jade Mountain’s sanctuaries appear to have stage-like settings. This setting exposes you to the world of natural beauty, centered around St Lucia’s Pitons World Heritage Site and, of course, the Caribbean Sea.

Sleeping as you face such breathtaking views is undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

12. Eco-Friendly Practices

Lastly, we can’t finish this list without adding the environmentally friendly practices followed by St Lucia Jade Mountains. The resort emphasizes sustainability in addition to its gorgeous design and unlimited facilities and services.

The use of minimum electricity is primarily what distinguishes this resort as eco-friendly. This minimal electricity usage is achieved due to the absence of a fourth wall in the resort’s architecture.

With one wall made of glass, the warmth or cold created by heaters and air conditioners fails to stay inside the hotel sanctuaries. Moreover, this architectural feature also enables the guests to enjoy direct sunlight and moonlight inside their sanctuaries, limiting the frequent usage of light bulbs.

In addition, the resort has its rainwater-fed water purification system and an on-site wastewater treatment plant. All the water needed to fill the pools and feed the rooms comes from the resort’s reservoirs.

Summing Up St Lucia Jade Mountains

Picking the right resort for your vacation is what makes your tour good or bad, whether it be a single-person tour or a romantic holiday. However, even when you’ve picked the best place to stay, not knowing what it offers makes you spend your entire trip simply exploring what to do.

The best way to avoid this is to create a checklist of all the resort offers, so you’re fully prepared to make the most of your trip. To help you with that, this list of 12 facts and services offered by St Lucia Jade Mountains will allow you to pre-plan your everyday activities and dive right into the fun as you get there. So get ready, mark your calendar with these activities, pack your bags, and go make memories! I hope ypu enjoyed this article all about St Lucia Jade Mountains.

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