What to expect at the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew assessment day

Apr 12, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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If you’re hoping to become Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew then you will need to get through their assessment day! This post will explain what happens at each stage of the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew assessment day. For more information on the application, training and working life have a look at my post ‘Becoming Singapore AIrlines Cabin Crew’.

Singapore airlines assessment day


Your Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew assessment day will start with registration. Whether you have been shortlisted from an online application or are attending a walk-in assessment day you will still need to register. You will need to bring the documents that the airline have asked you to bring. These are usually your birth certificate, education certificates, passport sized photos and an application form (unless you’ve applied online).

At this stage, you will also have your height checked to make sure you reach the requirements of the airline. Men are required to be 1.65 m and females 1.58 m. If you do not meet this height requirement you will be turned away. After you’ve had your height and documents checked you will then be asked to queue up for a number.

Introduction and random question

You will then be split up into groups of 10 people. Each group will be called one at a time into a separate room with 2 recruiters. Each person will be asked 2 questions. The first is to give a short introduction of yourself, followed by a completely random question. The random question could be anything. For example, you could be asked ‘If you could have any superpower what would it be?’ or ‘What’s your favourite local breakfast?’

Group debate

After the random question, there is a round of eliminations and the successful candidates are put into new groups of 6 people. Like the last round, you will be taken to a separate room with 2 recruiters again. Firstly, you will be paired up and given a few minutes to introduce yourselves to each other. You will then be asked to introduce your partner to the rest of the group.

After this, the group will be split in half. You will be given a statement and 3 people will be asked to speak in favour of the topic and the other half will be asked to speak against it. You will be given some time to discuss your response with the rest of your group before you present your opinions. An example could be ‘Beauty is more important than intelligence’ or ‘social media brings people closer.’

Language test

You may also be asked to complete a language test to test your fluency in English. This involves reading a passage and answering questions on it.

One to one interview

If you pass the language test and debate round you will then attend an interview with two recruiters from higher management. You will be asked a number of different questions about your previous experience, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Skin Check and Uniform Fitting

If you are successful and are selected you will be taken to a uniform fitting. Female candidates are asked to choose a kebaya that fits them to try on. Candidates are then asked to walk in their uniform in front of the reccruiters. The recruiters also do a skin check at this point to make sure that all skin that’s visible in the uniform is presentable. Male candidates don’t have a uniform fitting but they do still have a skin check. After the uniform check, you will also be weighed. The recruiters carry out a weight check using a BMI chart to ensure that candidates are a healthy weight.

Medical Check

Short-listed candidates are finally asked to go to a medical personnel. They have a physical body check and few other tests to make sure they are healthy. Once this final stage has been passed, candidates are good to go! You have been successful and will be sent the details for your training.

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