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There is evident lineage between the concepts of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and tourism, represented through evocative marketing material, the commoditisation of the TEFL product, teacher motivations and experiences. Yet, to date there has been no recognition of these links within industry or academia. This book introduces the concept of ‘TEFL tourism’, outlining the scale of the sector and the rapid commercialization of TEFL teaching across the world, locating it as an emerging form of niche tourism.

The text outlines the organisation types and geographical locations, emphasizing the commodification of English language teaching. It also outlines the types of TEFL tourists, the complexities of international education, links with various tourism forms and sustainability considerations of the industry.

The book will appeal to tourism academics and students, in particular those with interests in educational and volunteer tourism as well as sustainable tourism and commodification.

The aviation industry is continuing to expand globally at a rapid rate, fuelling the demand for Cabin Crew worldwide. Despite this, it remains extremely competitive to secure employment as Cabin Crew. This book has been designed to support students studying a Cabin Crew course, helping them not only to be successful in the classroom, but also in their careers at 30,000ft.

Written by Dr Hayley Stainton, a tourism and aviation academic and experienced Cabin Crew member, this book has both industry and academic underpinning. It is designed to support the three major awarding bodies currently offering Cabin Crew qualifications: BTEC, City and Guilds and NCFE. It incorporates a range of written and practical student activities and includes both textual and graphical content. Chapters include: -Working as Cabin Crew -Airline health, safety and security-Aircraft emergency situations -Dealing with passengers onboard an aircraft -Cabin service selling techniques -Making passenger announcements. 

Is Cabin Crew your dream job? Do you want some ‘insider tips’? Do you want to know what to expect? ‘Becoming Cabin Crew: Everything You Need to Know about the Application Process, Cabin Crew Training and Life in the Skies’ is the ultimate guide, providing you with everything you need to know in order to confidently secure and commence a job as Cabin Crew.

For many, securing a job as Cabin Crew is the biggest challenge. From tips on how best to write your application form through to what to wear for your assessment day or how to prepare for your interview, you will feel much more prepared after reading the first chapter of the book.

The second hurdle is the Cabin Crew training-contrary to public opinion, Crew are far more than waitresses in the sky! From fire-fighting, to midwifery, to survival techniques, Cabin Crew are often the only emergency services at 30,000ft. Many Crew describe their 6+ weeks intensive training course as ‘the toughest thing they’ve ever done’ whilst also being ‘by the far the most fun they’ve had’. It’s hard work, but worth it- and chapter two will help you to be prepared and relieve some of those anxious nerves!

The final part of the book covers everything that you need to know once you start life as Cabin Crew. When working in the world of aviation it can feel like everybody is speaking an entirely different language at times! This chapter covers all of the acronyms and phrases you will need to know, what to expect from shifts, working positions and duties, rosters and much more.

‘Becoming Cabin Crew: Everything You Need to Know about the Application Process, Cabin Crew Training and Life in the Skies’ is designed to answer the many questions that job seekers, assessment day hopefuls and soon-to-be Crew have and to help you secure that life changing, dream job!

My flight log book designed by Dr Hayley Stainton

Record your travel memories in this flight log-book for kids! You can help your children cherish their childhood holiday memories by recording key details of the flight. There is also a section for the Pilots to complete- just simply hand to the Cabin Crew during the flight or take a visit to the cockpit at a convenient time! Happy flying! 24 pages.