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15 Interesting Facts About Selwicks Bay

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There are many interesting facts about Selwicks Bay that people are not aware of. Are you planning a visit to the bay? Or perhaps you just want to learn more about the area? Either way you have come to the right place. Read on to learn all about Selwicks Bay!

Facts About Selwicks Bay

Did you know that Selwicks Bay’s cliff was once struck by a lightning bolt? Pretty wild, right? But that’s just the iceberg’s tip when it comes to all the cool facts about this beach.

From its stunning chalk cliffs to the abundance of marine life, the beach has a lot to offer. Whether you’re a fan of rock pooling, bird watching, or just chilling by the sea, this beach has it all.

So grab your sunscreen, pack your snacks, and get ready to dive into 15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay and its surroundings! 

1. Witness Nature’s Artistry on Selwicks Bay’s Lightning-Struck Chalk Cliffs

15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay

Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find the awe-inspiring lightning-struck chalk cliffs near Flamborough Head. This remarkable natural wonder showcases nature’s artistic prowess in the most captivating way.

During a powerful storm, an enormous lightning bolt struck the cliffs, causing an unforgettable display. The sheer force dislodged a massive 100-tonne chunk of rock, which dramatically crashed into the sea below. 

Standing tall at about 400 feet (122 meters), these cliffs are truly awe-inspiring and a sight to behold. As you explore the beach, make sure to include a visit to these lightning-sculpted cliffs on your itinerary.

But safety comes first! Due to the damage caused by the lightning strike and heavy rainfall, the cliff top has become unstable. Stay aware of your surroundings and exercise caution while admiring the magnificence of this natural marvel.

2. Flamborough – Small Fishing Village With A Rich History

Flamborough is a small fishing village nestled on the East Yorkshire coast, just a short distance from Selwicks Bay. The village is infamous for its rich history and charming atmosphere. And offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, captivating heritage, and a vibrant fishing community.

With roots dating back to the 12th century, Flamborough has a vibrant past as a thriving fishing centre. Its skilled fishermen were renowned for their expertise, making it a significant hub in the fishing industry. 

During the 19th century, Flamborough also became a magnet for artists and writers, who drew inspiration from its rugged and scenic landscapes.

You can also explore the fascinating remnants of Flamborough Castle. Moreover, if you visit in the early hours, you may be treated to the charming sight of numerous fishing boats floating on the water’s surface.

3. Dinosaur Footprints Near Selwicks Bay

15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay

Forget about visiting a museum because Flamborough’s dinosaur footprints near Selwicks Beach bring the prehistoric world right before you! The cliffs bear the marks of various dinosaurs, including Iguanodon, Megalosaurus, and Hypsilophodon.

Discovered in the 19th century, these footprints have been a focal point for scientific exploration ever since. They help us learn more about how dinosaurs lived and behaved.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust organizes these tours, which usually last about two hours. With an expert guide, you’ll explore the cliffs and get a closer look at the footprints.

4. The Haunted Cave of Selwicks Bay – Legend of Robin Lythe

Did you know that Selwicks Bay has a spooky secret? There’s a cave known as the Haunted Cave, located in Flamborough, Yorkshire, England. As the story goes, the cave is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a smuggler named Robin Lythe.

In the 17th century, Robin Lythe was a clever smuggler who used the cave to hide his illegal goods. He managed to outsmart the authorities for a long time. However, his luck eventually ran out when he was captured and imprisoned. Sentenced to death, Robin escaped and sought refuge in the Haunted Cave, where he is said to have met his end.

People tell eerie stories about Robin Lythe’s ghost. Some say they’ve seen him walking in the cave at night. While others claim to have heard his ghostly voice echoing through the caverns. There are even those who believe they’ve felt his ghostly touch.

5. The Drinking Dinosaur – A Natural Wonder of Yorkshire

You won’t believe your eyes when you see The Drinking Dinosaur, a stunning natural wonder in Yorkshire. This incredible sight got its name because it looks like a dinosaur taking a drink from the sea.

Over many years, the waves shaped the arch by wearing away the soft rock and leaving behind the harder rock. The arch is about 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The name “Drinking Dinosaur” was given to it by the residents long ago, and it has stuck ever since.

People love taking pictures of this famous landmark, making it one of Yorkshire’s most photographed natural sites. It’s also a popular spot for rock climbers who enjoy the challenge it presents.

6. A Spot for Puffins and Other Seabirds

15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay

Selwicks Beach is also great for birdwatching, with many different kinds of birds. You can spot puffins, terns, gulls, and waders there. The best time to visit is when birds nest and care for their young in spring and summer.

But you can still see birds at the bay all year round. It’s a beautiful spot to observe the colorful puffins, watch the seabirds diving, and see the graceful waders walking along the shore. 

You can bring binoculars and a bird guide to help you identify them. Remember to be patient, look for movement, listen for bird calls, and visit during the warmer months for the most bird activity. 

7. Marine Life in Selwicks Bay – A Hidden World

The water here is full of nutrients, attracting a wide variety of common and rare marine life. You can find colorful fish like sea bass and ling pollack, creating a vibrant and diverse underwater world.

These marine creatures display stunning colors, with shades of purple, pink, and orange. Some of the marine animals that can be found in Selwicks Bay include starfish, sea urchins, periwinkles, and crabs. 

These creatures add to the vibrant underwater world and provide a glimpse into the incredible biodiversity in this coastal haven. 

You can also enjoy scuba diving, sightseeing, and fishing near the harbor. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you might even spot dolphins and seals swimming in the area.

8. Danes Dyke – A Walking Trail With An Interesting Story to Tell

Nestled inside Flamborough Headland, not far from the calm Selwicks Bay, you’ll discover the Danes Dyke.  This nature reserve holds a secret in its name. Some say it stems from the Old English word “dún,” meaning “hill.” But wait, there’s more to the story.

Stories hint that the valley was once a strong and protected place where the powerful Danes kept themselves safe. It was built over 2,600 years ago during the Iron Age, serving as a protective barrier with a deep ditch and a strong wall.

They also found arrowheads from the Bronze Age during excavations. Today, Danes Dyke is a Local Nature Reserve where you can discover its important history while enjoying the beautiful flora that grows all around.

9. Thornwick Bay – Another Beautiful Beach Near Selwicks Bay

15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay

Thornwick is another small hamlet you must visit when you find yourself on the East Yorkshire coast. It’s a real treat for the eyes with its towering cliffs, nesting birds, and endless rock-pooling adventures. What makes Thornwick even more special is that it actually offers two beaches to explore.

If you’re an introvert looking for a chill and peaceful vibe, Little Thornwick is perfect for you. It’s like a mini version of its bigger neighbor – Thornwick Bay. The mini beach is a cozy spot to escape and enjoy some downtime.

Meanwhile, Thornwick Bay itself boasts a wide stretch of sandy shores, perfect for families. From building sandcastles to taking a refreshing dip, you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the sun and surf. 

10. Bayle Museum – Explore a 12th-Century Building

Just a short drive from Flamborough, there’s a fascinating place waiting to be explored—the Bayle Museum. The term Bayle, which sounds like “Bay-ul,” comes from the French word “Baille,” and it means “enclosure” or “ward.” 

Archaeologists found out that the original stones of the Bayle Museum go way back to the 12th century.

They believe it was part of a gatehouse for a wooden castle made by William Le Gros in 1143. Although little is known about its early use, in the 14th century, the Bayle Gate transformed into the gateway to Bridlington Priory.

Over time, the Bayle Gate took on various roles—a prison, a court, a school, and even a garrison. Today, it’s a Grade I listed building and a scheduled Ancient Monument that houses the Bayle Museum. 

11. Flamborough Head Lighthouse – A Beacon of Hope and Safety for Over 200 Years

15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay

Now let’s talk about the Flamborough Head Lighthouse, a beacon that has been guiding ships to safety for over 200 years. There are actually two lighthouses on the stunning chalk cliffs of Flamborough Head. The oldest, built in 1674, is the UK’s earliest surviving lighthouse.

It was meant to have three lighthouses, but only one was finished due to financial difficulties. Although you can’t go inside, this historic lighthouse still stands tall after being restored in 1996. The newer lighthouse, built in 1806, is open to visitors for tours.

It’s 27 meters high and has a clockwork mechanism that turns an oil lamp into a warning light. You can explore the lighthouse and enjoy the stunning coastal views along the footpaths.

12. Selwicks Bay is a Dog-Friendly Destination

This coastal gem is dog-friendly, meaning you and your furry pals can enjoy a fabulous time together without any worries.

Imagine yourself exploring along the 3/4-mile stretch of stunning beach with your canine companions by your side. The soft sand beneath your feet and crashing waves in the background would feel like a dream.

13. Stargazing in Selwicks Bay – A Magical Experience

Selwicks magic has much more to offer, and one of its gems is stargazing! This place is a true haven for astronomy enthusiasts with its clear, starry nights and minimal light pollution.

As night falls, the sky becomes a dazzling sight with twinkling stars, majestic constellations, and even shooting stars that streak across the darkness. You’ll be amazed by the sheer number of stars, planets, and other celestial marvels that light up the night!

14. The Rare Plants of Selwicks Bay – A Walk in The Nature Reserve

Flamborough Headland is a popular spot known for its wide variety of plants. Its location sticking out into the North Sea creates a perfect habitat for many different plant species that thrive in this unique coastal environment.

The special microclimate, influenced by the sea and land, helps rare plants adapt and survive in these challenging conditions. During your nature walk, get ready to see an incredible display of plants.

From delicate flowers to tough herbs, the reserve is bursting with a stunning range of plant life. Keep your eyes open for common plants like the Beach Aster, Sea Mayweed, Meadow Bride, Hairy Buttercup, and more.

15. Home To Some of The Best Seashells

This beach is a popular spot for beachcombers, where you can find an assortment of sea shells along the shore. As you soak up the sun and walk along the sandy beach, keep your eyes open for some neat finds.

You might spot big shells called common whelks with smooth and shiny surfaces. Another is the Littorina littorea, a small shell that looks like a limpet and can often be found attached to rocks. There’s also the dog whelk, a big, dark spiral shell found in rocky areas.

Don’t forget to search for periwinkles – my personal favorite, with a pointy, spiral shape, and topshells, smaller shells with a shiny surface.

Bottom Line– Facts About Selwicks Bay

So there you have it! Those were 15 interesting facts about Selwicks Bay and its surroundings. From the breathtaking cliffs to the intriguing dinosaur footprints and the legendary haunted cave, this place is truly a hidden gem.

We are sure this article got you all excited to check out this awesome beach and have a blast exploring its wonders with your fam. Or even with your fur baby!

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