What are the requirements to work as Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways?

Apr 21, 2019 | Cabin Crew

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If you’re hoping to become Qatar Airways Cabin Crew, then it’s important that you fit all the requirements! When making an application you should make sure you meet all the requirements that the airline have. If you do not meet the requirements to work for Qatar then it’s likely you will be turned away.

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What are the requirements to work as Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways?


To be Cabin Crew with Qatar Airways you must be at least 21 years old. If you are any younger when applying, your application will not be considered. While there isn’t an upper age limit to become Qatar Airways Cabin Crew, candidates under 30 tend to be the most successful. However, it is not impossible to get a job as Cabin Crew if you are any older, so it is still worth a try!


Cabin Crew must be able to reach a height of 212cm. You will need to do the reach test during the assessment day so it is essential that you are able to reach this height. During the test you have to be barefoot but you are allowed to be on your tiptoes. There is no specified maximum height, but a height of around 185cm would be preferred.


Your weight has to be proportionate to your height. There are no specific guidelines for your weight, but recruiters will be looking for candidates with a pleasant appearance. If you feel like your weight may not be acceptable then it is important you do something about it before your open day.

Tattoos and Scars

You are not allowed any tattoos at all, whether they are visible in your uniform to not. It’s important that you don’t lie about any tattoos as this will be checked during your medical examination. Tattooed eyebrows are also not allowed, but if they look natural then they will be acceptable.

Scars should not be visible in your uniform. If you do have any scars that are visible then they will be judged by recruiters. Recruiters will judge your scars based on their size and appearance. The smaller and less noticable the scars are, the better.

Other appearance features

Glasses are allowed but they must be in a classic style and must not be coloured. For example, you will not be allowed to wear glasses that are red.

Braces are not allowed. If you currently have braces then you will have to wait until you remove them before attending an open day.

You are allowed to have short hair. However, it is important that it’s styled nicely and gives you a feminine appearance.

You are also allowed to have dyed hair. If it is one to two shades different to you natural hair then you will have no problems. But, if your hair colour is dramtically different then you may be asked to change it.

False eyelashes are not allowed but natural looking ones will be acceptable.


Qatar is a strictly non-smoking Airline. Their Cabin Crew are not allowed to smoke at all during their time with Qatar. This includes smoking at home, during lay overs and when on vacation


Qatar are looking for candidates who are friendly, outgoing and positive. It’s also important that you are able to work with a multi-cultural team. It’s important that you let your personality shine through during your assessment day. Take a look at my post ‘10 things you must master to pass the Cabin Crew assessment day‘ for tips on how to make sure you do your best on the day!


You need to have High School Education as a minimum. You do not need a University degree, but this could be useful on your CV. The only language that you are required to speak is English. However, having any other language would be advantageous. The only extra language that could bring you more money is Arabic.

You will be required to complete an English test as part of your assessment day. This involves questions based on a text, grammar questions, fill in the missing words and a mini essay.


Officially you need to be able to swim 25m to become Cabin Crew. However, you may be able to pass your training even if you’re not a strong swimmer. During your ditching training you will need to go into the water wearing a life jacket and form a circle with your group, holding hands.


You will need a good level of health and fitness to pass the medical examinations. During the medical you will have your height, ears, lungs and spine checked. You will also be tested for Syphilis, Hepatits, Tuberculosis and AIDS


If you want to become Qatar Cabin Crew then you will need to relocate to Doha, Qatar. If you are not willing to relocate then you will not be accepted.

Are you hoping to become Qatar Airways Cabin Crew? Do you fit all the requirements or if not what are you doing to make sure you do? I’d love to hear from you, leave your comments down below!

  1. Irene Nakayiza

    Thank you very much. But what if your small and you have a scar, can you still be part of the cabin crew. Thank you

    • Hayley Stainton

      Some airlines have minimum height restrictions depending on aircraft types. A scar shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Simon

    Hi, I am interested to become a cabin crew. However I am diagnosed with Essential Tremor since I was born. Is there an issue on the medical examination? My hand is shaking all the time. Thanks

    • Hayley Stainton

      I would think it wouldn’t be a problem but each airline has their own requirements and some have thorough medical examinations

  3. Anna Marie Palisbo

    I’M 30 years old and married. Am I still qualified to appply as a cabin crew?

    • Hayley Stainton

      Yes, of course!

  4. Bapamhidzi Dube

    I am 19years old and wish to be a cabin crew. Should l try and apply now or l should wait and be 21years old?

    • Hayley Stainton

      It depends which airline you want to apply for as some have a minimum age of 28 and others are 21



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