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10 things you MUST Master to Pass the Cabin Crew Assessment Day

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How do you pass the Cabin Crew assessment day? The Cabin Crew assessment day can be a daunting prospect. There is no other interview process like it. Tests, role-plays, height and weight measurements, group tasks, panel interviews, PA assessments. Whoa- this is enough to stress any Cabin Crew wannabe out!

But the Cabin Crew assessment day doesn’t have to be stressful!

In this post I will explain to you the 10 things that you MUST master in order to successfully pass the Cabin Crew assessment day and kick start your career in the skies.

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1- Understand the Cabin Crew Assessment Day Process

Most people who apply to become Cabin Crew for an airline will start by completing an application form or attending an open day. If they are successful, they will then be invited to attend a Cabin Crew assessment day.

An assessment day typically involves a number of elements, each designed to test if you have the required skills and qualities to work as Cabin Crew for the airline. This will involve practical activities, written tasks and a formal interview. I have outlined the typical structure (although this order may change) below for you.

In order to be offered a position as Cabin Crew with your chosen airline, you will need to be successful at each stage of the assessment day. Unfortunately, this can be easy said than done!

Whilst you may have all of the skills and qualities that the airline are looking for, you may not be very good at evidencing this during the assessment day! Some people let nerves get the better of them or just aren’t great at mock scenarios such as group assessments or role-play tasks.

It is therefore really important that you prepare yourself for your assessment day!

2- Plan your Route to the Assessment Day

If you are late you might as well not bother attending your assessment day! It is important that you plan your route and that you have constancy plans if it goes wrong.

3- Personal Presentation and Grooming

Airlines take this stuff seriously, so you should too! Deciding what to wear, what colour to paint your nails and how to cover up that tattoo can be difficult though! Take a look at the airline requirements and make a judgement call on what is appropriate from there.

4- Be Good at Networking

Networking is something that is overlooked by many Cabin Crew applicants, but it is an oh so important part of the AD! You need to be confident to speak with other applicants and to be smiley and approachable throughout the entire day- remember… they are watching you, even when you don’t realise!

5- Pass any Tests

You could have to sit tests as part of your assessment day. These might assess your levels of English, your general knowledge, your level of geographic knowledge or they could be psychometric tests.

6- Demonstrate your Teamwork Skills

Almost every Cabin Crew assessment day will involve a teamwork exercise. There are many different types of teamwork tasks that are used from asking you to design a Cabin Crew uniform to building a lego structure to creating a radio advert.

You need to be able to demonstrate that you can work well as a team (which is super important when working as Cabin Crew) during this task. That means listening to others, encouraging others to speak, respecting different viewpoints and making appropriate contributions.

7- Demonstrate your Customer Service Skills

Customer service is a big part of working as Cabin Crew so the airline will want to see that you are skilled in this area. Typically, airlines will use a role-play task to assess this.

You will need to demonstrate that you are approachable, that you can solve problems, deal with difficult customers, think of solutions etc, depending on the scenario given.

8- Show Off your Selling Skills

If you have ever flown with a budget airline you will know how important selling can be! Nowadays, however, this is creeping more and more into main stream airlines who are now relying on their Cabin Crew to make them a few extra Pounds during the flight (even BA started charging for food in 2017).

You may well be required to undertake some sort of selling assessment during your assessment day to test your capabilities in this area.

9- Speak Clearly when doing a PA

As Cabin Crew you will probably be required to do passenger announcements at some point or another. The airline will want to see that you can speak clearly and appropriately. Not only is this important in order to sound professional, but it is important in the event of an emergency- when passengers will need to understand what you are saying!

You may be asked to demonstrate your PA skills during your assessment day.

10- Master the Interview

Should you be successful at the other elements of the AD you will make it through to the interview stage. This might be a 1:1, 2:1 or panel interview.

It is important that you have prepared for any questions that you might be asked and that you come loaded with examples of your own experience.

Do you have a Cabin Crew Assessment Day Booked?

You probably won’t be able to apply for your chosen airline for another year if you are unsuccessful- that’s a LONG wait! So it is super important that you prepare to the best of your ability prior to your assessment day. These articles below will help you to prepare:

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