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The 3 Best National Parks in Wyoming

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The best national parks in Wyoming- a guide. Here I will break down everything you need to know before starting your journey to Wyoming, including a packing list, the best accommodations to stay at, and the best activities to take part in! Keep reading for all of this and more!

What is a national park?

What exactly is a national park? A national park is an area protected due to its cultural heritage, boasting varied wildlife and beautiful countryside. They are typically known for their stunning landscapes and unique features. The aim of a national park is to preserve the site of natural beauty and benefit from this, without destroying it. The ‘National Park service ‘manages 423 national parks across America, in aims of conserving the ‘natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations’.

Why visit the national parks in Wyoming?

Why visit the national parks in Wyoming? Wyoming is famous for its beautiful national parks- including some iconic American names from Yellowstone to Grand Teton. You will find some of the most breathtaking views and extraordinary history in the national parks of Wyoming that you’re sure to love.

How many national parks in Wyoming are there?

Wyoming is home to 7 national parks, which gain approximately 7 million visitors annually! The tourism from these parks alone contribute heavily to Wyoming’s economy, with roughly $754 million made from visitation.

The best accommodation when visiting the national parks in Wyoming

national parks in Wyoming

So you are looking for the best accommodation when visiting the national parks in Wyoming. Look no further because here I will break down the most conveniently located, best priced and best quality accommodations for visiting the national parks in Wyoming.

Cattlemen motel

Cattlemen motel is a five-star rated accommodation, just a 15-minute drive from Bighorn Canyon. This motel offers great outdoor facilities, including a picnic area and outdoor seating area with a BBQ. This is perfect for summer evenings after a long day of exploring the national parks in Wyoming. Rooms have a kitchen, microwave fridge and oven. Click here to find out more.

Colter Bay Village

Colter Bay Village is a beautiful accommodation located just a 20-minute drive from Grand Teton national park. This cosy little accomodation is beautifully furnished with a woodland vibe and stunning views of the Teton mountains out of the window! There is a coffee, restaurant and snack bar on site, as well as a picnic area and BBQ facilities in the garden area. Click here to find out more.

Heart Six Ranch

Heart Six Ranch is an amazing accommodation just a 25 minute drive from Grand Teton national park. Located in a stunning part of Wyoming, this accommodation has some amazing views which offer for some brilliant hiking opportunities. The ranch has free WIFI on site as well as a bar and restaurant on site with plenty of food choices. Click here to find out more.

Yellowstone motel

Yellowstone motel is an amazing accommodation, perfect for visiting Yellowstone national park. Each room is cosy with a desk, flat screen TV, free wifi and a private bathroom. There are outdoor seating areas to enjoy a picnic, or simple enjoy beautiful weather. It’s located in a great area nearby to a selection of restaurants and cafes. Click here to find out more.

Essential packing list when visiting the national parks in Wyoming

national parks in Wyoming

What is an essential packing list when visiting the national parks in Wyoming? Here I will discuss all of the must haves for your trip, to make sure it’s the best one!


A sunhat is an essential for visiting the national parks in Wyoming. Not only does it protect you from the sun, but it also acts as a brilliant accessory for any outfit! I recommend the BEEJ hats for their amazing colour selection, as well as trendy bucket hat style.


A pair of sunglasses can make all the difference on a day with high sun exposure. Protect your eyes while looking stylish with the GOWOOD sunglasses, providing a unique purple and polarized lenses with wooden frame.


Wyoming is one of the driest states in America, with only 13.3 inches of rainfall per year! That means it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with the hungry skin moisturizer, which restores the skin as well as brightens and firms.

Portable charger

A portable charger is great to have whilst travelling as well as when out and about, as you never know when it might come in handy! I recommend the iWALK mini portable charger for how compact and efficient its size is, with 1 and a half full phone charges.

Insect repellent

When visiting the national parks in Wyoming it’s a good idea to bring some insect repellent to prevent pesky bites. I recommend the mosquito companies insect repellent bands, which are great for popping on without the need for a horrible smelling spray or foam.

Mini towel

A mini towel is great to bring on a hike in the national parks of Wyoming, so you can always stay cool and fresh. The HIDMD gym towels are great for their small size and light weight, so you can pack and go!

The best national parks in Wyoming

So here they are- the best national parks in Wyoming, selected for their natural beauty, range of activities and rich biodiversity. Keep reading to learn more about these stunning national parks…

Bighorn Canyon

national parks in Wyoming

Bighorn Canyon stretches 120,000 acres of immense recreational area, renowned for its absolutely incredible landscape. Find yourself fully immersed in the landscape, and choose to boat, hike, or camp on site, or even enjoy all three!

There are a range of hikes to do at Bighorn, ranging in expertise from an easy to advance level.

  • Take a trip on the 2.6-mile Beaver Pond trail, across the yucca flats to the ridge above Lime Kiln creek. The trail winds down the steep hillside where the beaver ponds lie.
  • For a moderate trail, try the 4-mile Barrys island trail, which will take you around Chain Canyon (which historically was an escape route for cattle rustlers between the 1800s and 1900s).
  • For a harder trail, try the Sykes Mountain trail. This is a 4.6-mile trail with a 1.380 feet elevation gain.

One of the most unique things to do at Bighorn is to rent a boat or have a guided tour. Hidden treasures charter offers a scenic boat tour from Horsehoe bend at 10am and 2pm, which takes you around Bighorn in a 2-hour long boat trip to explore the sights. You can even take a unique sunset tour, operating only on Fridays and Saturdays at 6:30pm.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton is marked by the iconic Teton mountain range that lays beyond the forest. Years of earthquakes, glaciers, and erosion has shaped the landscape seen today at Grand Teton, an aspect of the park which draws in so many visitors.

national parks in Wyoming
Photo- NPS

There are plenty of hikes to do at Grand Teton that let you explore the natural landscape of the site. Check out the

Grand Teton is home to some amazing wildlife, from grizzly bears to moose. There is opportunity to view the wildlife from multiple areas across site, so you can enjoy the scenery safely, without disturbing the natural wildlife. At Mormon Row, there is a spot to gaze at Bison, Pronghorn, coyotes and northern harriers. At Cascade Canyon you will see mule deer moose, songbirds and golden-mantled squirrels.


national parks in Wyoming

Yellowstone national park is iconic for being the first ever national park in the world! Dating back 11,000 years, this stunning park has some of the most unique hydrothermal and geological features, containing half the world’s active geysers. The Yellowstone Lake that runs through the national park is the largest in North America, spanning 132 square miles!

Yellowstone has a lot of choice for staying the night on site. You can either camp or lodge in one of the many areas of accommodation within the park grounds. Choose from 9 lodges with more than 2,000 rooms available across site, as well as 12 camping grounds to stay the night in. Either way, it’s a great way to spend more time at the national park with the convenience of location. In addition to accommodation, there are multiple restaurants on site from cafes to diners, to ice cream and snack shops, so don’t worry about bringing your own picnic.

What is most crucial about Yellowstone’s site is the immense views and diverse wildlife within its grounds. Make sure to take hikes, trails and spend as much time in nature as possible with this national park, with some of the most natural wonders in the world including its very own Yellowstone Grand Canyon, created by the eroding Yellowstone river.

The best national parks in Wyoming- further reading

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