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The 4 Best National Parks In Utah

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The Best National Parks in Utah -a guide. Ready to discover what Utah has to offer? Here I will talk you through an essential packing list, the best accommodations to stay at, and of course the best national parks in Utah. Keep reading for all the info!

What is a national park?

the best national parks in Utah

What exactly is a national park? A national park is an area protected due to its cultural heritage, boasting varied wildlife and beautiful countryside. They are typically known for their stunning landscapes and unique features. The aim of a national park is to preserve the site of natural beauty and benefit from this, without destroying it. The ‘National park service‘ manages 423 national parks across America, in aims of conserving the ‘natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations’.

Why visit the national parks in Utah?

national parks in Utah

Why visit the national parks in Utah?

Utah is one of the best destinations in America for hiking trails. There are plenty of beautiful trials of varying lengths , making it the hikers dream! Not only that, but Utah’s national parks host some of the most unique geology, stretching back millions of years! At Glen Canyon there are some of the best boating opportunities, whereas Arches has some of the most unique geological formations in the world!

With that being said, Utah is pretty unique when it comes to national parks! So, with so much to explore, learn and experience, they are definitely ones to put on the bucket list.

The best accommodation when visiting the national parks in Utah?

national parks in Utah

So what is the best accommodation when visiting the national parks in Utah? Here I have found some of the best and conveniently located accommodations when staying at the national parks in Utah, which all offer comfort at a good price!

Family Retreat with Provo River and Mountain Views

This family retreat is in the perfect location for visiting Glen Canyon, at just a 5 minute walk away! Boasting stunning interiors and amazing outdoor facilities, this accommodation perfectly suits a natural vibe. Equipped with outdoor dining and barbeque, enjoy evening dinners outdoors! Inside, There is a fully equipped kitchen and hot tub, perfect for relaxing after a long day of hiking the national parks in Utah! Click here for more.

Bryce Canyon resort

Bryce Canyon resort is the closest accommodation to Bryce Canyon national park. This accommodation offers free WIFI, sun loungers and a seasonal swimming pool. There is a bar and restaurant on site which is perfect for breakfasts and evening meals. Click here for more.

Comfort Suites Moab near Arches National Park

Comfort suites Moab near arches national park is the closest accommodation to Arches national park. There are plenty of amazing facilities offered at this accommodation, including an outdoor swimming pool and sun loungers to soak up the beautiful Utah weather. There is free Wi-Fi on site as well as a restaurant and kid friendly buffet. Click here to find out more.

Best Western PLUS Ruby’s Inn

Best Western is the perfect accommodation for visiting Bryce canyon national park, situated about 1.5 miles away. There are many wellness facilities located within the accommodation, including a jacuzzi, hot tub, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. There is a restaurant and coffee house on site, so its convenient for breakfast before heading off to the national parks in Utah. Click here to find out more.

Essential packing list when visiting the national parks in Utah

the national parks in Utah

So what is the essential packing list when visiting the national parks in Utah? Here is a list of all the essentials you will need on your trip.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are of course an essential in the land of amazing hiking trails ! Be prepared with your Grisport boots and you’re good to go, with padded cuffs and waterproof material which are suited to any weather conditions.


If you’re around the Lake Powell area in Utah, it’s a perfect opportunity for a swim! be prepared by packing swimwear:

– I recommend the RXRXCOCO swimsuit for women, with a super flattering shape and practicality, making it a beach day staple!

-For men I recommend the amazon essentials swimming shorts, perfect for a swim or a day at the beach.

SPF 50

SPF 50 is essential for the hot Utah weather! I recommend the Bondi sands sun cream, which will leave you feeling moisturized, refreshed and protected.


A sunhat is perfect for exploring the national parks in Utah, keeping the sun off of your face as well as looking stylish! There are all kinds of amazing styles out there, but I recommend the Breampot cap for its classic style in a diversity of colours!

The Best National Parks in Utah

So here are the best national parks in Utah- boasting beautiful scenery, culture and history. Keep reading as I break down the best national parks in Utah and what makes them so special.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest natural bridges in the world, with a fascinating history of formation! The site itself is small, at just 160 acres, it makes the national park one of the smallest in Utah. It is full of unique natural features that set it apart from the rest.

During the summer months you can watch a ranger lead an interpretive programme on the geology of Rainbow bridge, where you can discover its 200 million year history and how it came to be the site it is today. It is part of Glen Canyon national park, so keep reading for more information.

Glen Canyon

national parks in Utah

Glen Canyon national park stretches over 1.25 million acres from Lees ferry in Arizona to Southern Utah! Located in Glen Canyon is rainbow bridge and Lake Powell, which both attract incredible amounts of visitors for their geology. There is much to discover within this huge site, including unique geology, amazing scenery and multiple boating opportunities that you wont find in any other national park of Utah.

Glen Canyon is an amazing destination for boating and boar tours. You can take a Canyon boat tour from from Antelope canyon to Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell which is great for the views, with lots of landmarks along the way to spot.

If you’d prefer to go in your own group, you can rent a boat and explore Lake Powell. Rentals are at Bullfrog Marinas and Wahweap. This is a great way to boat in your own time and explore the beautiful scenery along the lake.


national parks in Utah

Arches national park boasts an incredible landscape, full of arches, rock towers and pinnacles. There are several unique attractions situated around site, all with different names.

  • Visit balanced rock, a perfect place for stargazing and photography with its beautiful location in front of the city lights of Moab. It stands at an amazing 126 feet tall!
  • The Windows section is considered to be the heart of Arches National park. This is where the most arches stand together, providing one of the most scenic views on site!
  • Delicate arch is one of the most visited parts of Arches national park, because this arch in particular has come to be a symbol for Utah as a state, making it an amazing landmark.

Arches is an amazing place for hiking. There are plenty of trails in varying levels of difficulty.

For short and moderate hikes try:

If you enjoy a longer and more difficult hike, try these:

Bryce Canyon

national parks in Utah

Bryce Canyon is one of the most gorgeous national parks in Utah. The ‘Hoodoos’ stretch across the landscape creating an incredibly unique and intriguing appearance. This is part of why Bryce Canyon is one of the most photographed national parks in Utah, renowned for its aesthetically pleasing views and geological formations.

There are plenty of things to do at Bryce Canyon that are sure to fill your stay with fun. Firstly, it is an essential that you visit the Bryce Amphitheatre, one of the most iconic scenes in the park with the greatest concentration of Hoodoos on earth! You can view Bryce Canyon from Bryce point which is only 1.5 miles past the visitor centre turning left at the sign for Bryce point.

Viewing the night sky is a totally unique experience at Bryce Canyon due to the darkness of the skies above! It’s the astronomers dream when evening hits, as within the blackness hundreds and thousands of stars can be viewed above.

During the day there is opportunity to hike, horseback ride, and view the wildlife at the park. Enjoy a variety of trails with stunning views.

So with much to see, do and learn, Bryce Canyon is definitely on the top 4 best national parks in Utah!

The 4 best national parks in Utah- further reading

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