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Mysterious Road Jeju: How it works and why you should visit

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Have you ever heard of the Mysterious Road, Jeju? We found this incredible street on our travels around the island and we thought it was a really unique and wonderful place to visit! In this post I will tell you what I learnt about the Mysterious Road Jeju, how it all works and why YOU should visit as part of your Jeju travel itinerary!

Where is the Mysterious Road, Jeju?

Located on the island on Jeju-do, the road’s address is 2894-63 1100(Cheonbaek)-ro,Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. Dokkaebi Road, as it is known to locals, is towards the central northern part of the island. It isn’t your typical tourist attraction, of course, but it is one of those places that you’ll never forget seeing. You can reach the Mysterious Road, Jeju most easily by car.

Jeju is popular for many reasons. It is beautiful, full of biodiversity with a rich cultural history and stunning scenery. So how do you get there? Reaching Jeju from South Korea is fairly easy to do; domestic flights from Sacheon, Cheongju, Gimpo, Gwangu and Daegu head to the island regularly. International flights from various Asian cities – such as Changchun, Pudong and more – are available too.

If you’re travelling on a smaller budget and would prefer to get the ferry to check out the Mysterious Road, Jeju and everything else the island has to offer, you can! Ferries are available from the following five ports:

  • Mokpo Port, Mokpo
  • Wando Port, Wando
  • Usuyong Port, Haenam
  • Yeosu EXPO Cruise Terminal, Yeosu 
  • Nokdong Port, Goheung

These ferries take roughly 1-2 hours. For serious budget travel, consider the overnight ferry from Busan! This takes around 12 hours but is comfortable, cheap and gets you there with ease.

Photo from This is Korea Tours

Why you should visit the road

Essentially the Mysterious Road, Jeju is just a road. And it’s actually only a small part of another larger road. So why should you visit it, then? Said to defy the laws of gravity and blow the minds of people who see it, the Mysterious Road is an optical illusion. Unlike the purpose built optical illusions found in museums and used in magic shows, this was created entirely by accident…

It really does make no sense. Things look as though they’re just rolling uphill – but how? It actually isn’t an uphill slope at all; the slope goes downhill, but appears the opposite due to the high surroundings. It is fascinating to witness, and makes you question your judgement for a second at first!

The Mysterious Road, Jeju got its initial claim to fame in the ‘80s. A couple on their honeymoon had a complete fright when a car (left in neutral) appeared to crawl uphill in front of their very eyes. Of course, the car was actually rolling downhill. Thus, the legend of the Mysterious Road began. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this part of the island to see the road for themselves – it holds such an appeal for visitors to Jeju. Kids especially absolutely love it!

How to visit the Mysterious Road, Jeju

Hiring a car in Jeju is the best way to see the Mysterious Road. There are coach trips that will take you to the Mysterious Road, Jeju – however, depending on how busy the traffic area is you may not be able to stop. This means that if you are travelling by coach, your view of the hill and its effects won’t be as fascinating. You might just see other peoples’ heads! 

Did you know: the locals also refer to this as ‘Goblin Road’.

But if you hire a car, you can take your time driving down (or is it up…) the hill. You can even pull over and walk down it, or let objects roll down. Just make sure not to leave any litter on the roadside. With the introduction of Instagram’s ‘boomerang’ feature, you can even confuse all of your Instagram followers if you have some extra time to film a short clip of you at Mysterious Road, Jeju.

Here is the video that I took on my phone during our Mysterious Road, Jeju experience…

Best time to visit the Mysterious Road, Jeju

The Mysterious Road, Jeju is literally just a road- as such, it is open 24 hours a day. However, I recommend visiting in daylight hours for the best visibility.

I also recommend visiting between 10am-4pm to avoid rush hour. We were there at around 5pm and there was quite a bit of traffic.

Places to stay near the area

The island has plenty of lovely places to stay. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay near Mysterious Road, Jeju – look no further! There are a huge amount of hotels within three miles of the strange tourist attraction…

Jeju December Hotel, 2.8 miles from the Mysterious Road, has basic air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, free parking and 24-hour check in services. Family rooms are available, as well as double and twin rooms. En suite bathrooms, soundproofing, city and mountain views – the hotel has so many amenities that make it a great option. There are restaurants and bars galore within a 5 minute walking distance, too.

J2 Family Hotel, 2.7 miles from Mysterious Road, Jeju and also just a couple of minutes from the airport, is the perfect choice for families visiting the island for a short trip. The heated flooring, large rooms and free parking are all great amenities, and there is free WiFi too. Check in 24 hours a day, and also store your luggage here if need be – perfect for awkward flight times!

At 2.8 miles from the Mysterious Road, Jeju Sun Hotel & Casino is a great choice. A little more upmarket, it has a bar and onsite casino and lies close to the Shilla duty free shops. With different sized suites, family rooms and standard rooms, this hotel is great for all types of travellers. There is free WiFi, free parking, air-conditioning and more!

Baozen Guesthouse offers dormitory style rooms as well as private bedrooms. At 2.6 miles from the Mysterious Road, it is in a great location. Shops, bars and restaurants are within a few minutes walk, and there is plenty to do in the area. Air conditioning, WiFi and luggage storage are available too.

So, here’s why you should visit the one and only Myserious Road, Jeju!