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How to plan a Babymoon in Abu Dhabi

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Choosing a destination for your babymoon is tricky because there are so many places that are not suitable for pregnant women to travel to. After much deliberation and travel research we decided to take our babymoon in Abu Dhabi.

Here’s why I recommend Abu Dhabi for any mum-to-be and what we did during our one week trip.

Babymoon in Abu Dhabi: A 1 week itinerary

We found an excellent deal on flights to Abu Dhabi with Turkish Airlines through Skyscanner. We booked dearly because we wanted to travel over Christmas.

Ordinarily, we would be budget conscious, but I figured that with all of the money that I would save on alcohol over the nine month pregnancy, we could afford to splurge a little more! So we stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel on Yas Island. Yes, there are superior hotels in Abu Dhabi but this was excellent value for money and it was in a great location too. I would highly recommend!

To see more available hotels in Abu Dhabi, take a look at the map below.

The aim of our babymoon in Abu Dhabi was to relax and enjoy being in the United Arab Emirates. Usually our holidays are go-go-go (take a look at our Costa Rica or Sri Lanka itineraries, for example!), but I wanted to take it a bit easier while pregnant. I was almost 30 weeks pregnant when we took our babymoon in Abu Dhabi so I had anticipated (correctly) that I would be pretty tired by this point.

Our babymoon in Abu Dhabi was PERFECT for relaxation. Not only was the hotel lush, but the beaches were great too. Seriously, who knew there were four poster beds on beaches?! Not me!

Perfect place to relax whilst pregnant!
Babymoon in Abu Dhabi
Pregnant and proud.

Whilst relaxation was high on the agenda for our babymoon in Abu Dhabi, it wouldn’t be a Stainton holiday if we didn’t do a bit of exploration!

The highlight of our trip was our visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It was simply stunning. The architecture was incredible.

We also visited the grand prix track. Abu Dhabi hosts the Formula One races annually, which is one of my husband’s favourite sports, so a quick visit to the track was always going to be on our itinerary.

We were pleasantly surprised, however, to find that there was a cycle session on the track once a week! Sure, you could pay to drive a car around once or twice, but whilst I said that we saved money on alcohol, we did still need to buy lots of expensive baby gear! That was simply out of our budget.

Instead, we opted for the healthier option of cycling. Well, when I say we, I actually mean my husband did- you’re not supposed to cycle when heavily pregnant as pregnancy puts your balance off and if you fall off it can be dangerous for the baby. You can also run or walk around the circuit.

Yes Marina Circuit hosts this event every Tuesday and you can register to attend for free with TrainYAS here.

Whilst it was a nice evening out for me, it meant a lot more to my husband! He had seen this track many times on TV so he was thrilled to be able to ride around it. He also love cycling- so it was a win, win!

We also took ourselves away from the beach for a day trip to Dubai. We had a hire car so it was super easy to just zip along the motorway for a couple of hours. We visited some of Dubai’s main attractions (we had both been before so a day was plenty) and caught up with some family who live in Dubai.

I think that Dubai would also make a great babymoon destination.

The rest of our trip was spent reading my book and relaxing on the beach. It was bliss- Abu Dhabi has some of the best beaches! It gave us a well deserved break before the baby arrived and a nice little tan too- it made me smile when the midwife commented on my tanned baby bump at my next antenatal appointment!

Babymoon in Abu Dhabi

Our babymoon in Abu Dhabi was the last time that I read a book. It was also the last time that I sunbathed in peace. Life was about to change and I don’t think I realised just how much!

I wouldn’t change my life now with my two baby girls for the world, but I’m glad I took this babymoon to enjoy my last child-free holiday for many years to come!

Babymoon in Abu Dhabi

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