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13 Most Famous People From Morocco

Morocco is a kaleidoscopic realm where ancient traditions interweave with vibrant modernity. Famous people from Morocco have made a name for their country. This article takes a deep dive into the lives of thirteen of the most eminent Moroccans, whose contributions span many fields. The Path Traversed by the Most Famous People from Morocco The…

Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco is big business! But why is this industry so important and why does it matter? Read on to find out… The geography of Morocco Morocco is a country located in North Africa. Here are some key features of its geography: 1. Location: Morocco is situated in the northwest corner of Africa, bordered…

Lets climb Mount Toubkal: A complete guide

Are you wondering if you should climb Mount Toubkal? Climbing Mount Toubkal isn’t on everyone’s travel itinerary who visits Morocco. But if you are the adventurous type and you like to get off the beaten track, then this mountain climb is absolutely for you! Climbing Mount Toubkal can be completed in just two days and…

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