Moganshan: Everything you need to know

Feb 6, 2022 | Global travel, Asia, China

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Moganshan is a great rural getaway from Hangzhou or Shanghai. In this article I will share with you all the info you need to know before your trip!

Where is Moganshan?

Known as the Hamptons of China, Moganshan is located near the Hangzhou area. It is around 60 km north of Hangzhou itself. It is an expat retreat, perfect for hiking or a relaxing weekend getaway. With cooler temperatures in the summer and bamboo groves to explore, Moganshan is a popular place to visit if you are in this particular area of China.


How to get there

The nearest town to Moganshan is Wukang Town. You can get here by travelling along the G104 highway which leads from Hangzhou to Huzhou, or the Hang Ning Highway (Hangzhou to Nanjing) as both pass near Wukang. The bus from Hangzhou North Bus Station to Wukang costs 20 RMB (just over £2 GBP) and the journey time is about 40 minutes.

From the town of Wukang to Moganshan itself you can travel via bus or taxi. It is only a few kilometres, and the bus costs 50 RMB. This is approximately £5.51 GBP, which is quite expensive for such a short bus journey in China. A taxi costs 60 RMB. This is around £6.61 GBP, so would work out much better if there were two or three of you in your party.

You can get a taxi straight to Moganshan from Hangzhou. This costs roughly 240 RMB (£26 GBP) and takes around 1.5 hours. There may be extra tolls or fees, however. It is best to speak to locals and see if they can advise you on the best price and how to get it.

Things to do in Moganshan

Moganshan is ideal for a relaxing weekend getaway. The Moganshan National Park is home to a mountain with three peaks and foothills – it is considered to be one of the top resorts in China. Whether you want to completely chill out or do a bit of hiking, you’ll absolutely love this beautiful area. Here are some of the best things you can do during your trip to this gorgeous resort!

Hike Mount Mogan

With bamboo forests and tea fields galore, here are plenty of hiking trails in Moganshan. One of the best, however, is Mount Mogan. There is a fee of 80 RMB which grants you entrance to the mountain which in itself has so much to offer. At 719 metres high (roughly 2359 feet), the mountain is simply spectacular. 

Start at the back hill on the Jianggong Ancient Path and admire all the lush greenery of the surrounding area as you begin your hike; stop for refreshments at the Laoshulin Outdoor Station or at a local farmer’s house at the Yinshan Boulevard area. No matter which way you go on Mount Mogan, it’s breathtaking. Head from Zhonghua Hill to Luhuadang via a circular trail at the tallest spot in Moganshan and look out across this beautiful mountainous resort – you’ll feel like you’ve hit something special. Head back down, passing the site of Jianchi Feipu. This is where Gan Jiang and Mo Ye forged their swords – this is a historical story that some say is pure myth. Nevertheless, it is something interesting to learn about during your time in Moganshan.

Discovery Adventures: Moganshan Park

Want to do something a bit different and get your adrenaline going? Head to Discovery Adventures! This is a world-case survival and outdoor training park, and while they mainly offer team-building activities for schools and corporations, you can book as individuals/families. The Challenge Course, with 20 obstacles to test your physical strength as well as your mental capacity, costs 299 RMB. Expect rope bridges high above the trees, wooden planks and platforms and plenty of narrow spaces. Discovery Adventures also offer a hot air balloon ride over Moganshan. This is one of the very best ways to see the resort, because a birds eye view shows you scenery you might not see otherwise. Again this costs 299 RMB.

Feeling brave? You can opt for the Extreme Experience 360, which comes in at RMB 600. You’ll do the Challenge Course mentioned above, followed by a 22 metre tall climbing wall. This is one of the tallest artificial climbing walls in China, built at competition-standard and suitable for all ages/ability. There are 12 climbing lanes. Some are realistic simulation lanes while others are speed climbing routes. It is so much fun!

TOP TIP: bookings for Discovery Adventures must be made 10 days in advance.

China Bamboo Sea

Time for more hiking – this time, through 60,000 hectares of bamboo. This area is home to China’s largest variety of bamboo, as well as other plants and animals. There are endless hiking trails so it is perfect for those keen walkers, and those who want to see plenty of wildlife. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed here, and 12 million commercial bamboo poles are produced here annually too. China Bamboo Sea is great for photography lovers too, as you’ll be sure to get some amazing shots here – especially at golden hour.

Da Dou Wu Reservoir 

This is a beautiful secluded reservoir with the bluest water. Perfect for jumping into to cool down, you can also enjoy just sitting on the banks and enjoying the slight breeze the water offers. As most people come to Moganshan to escape the hot stick Shanghai heat, it makes sense that cooling off at a beautiful reservoir is up there as one of the best things to do at the resort.

Visit Yucun

This little village, at the foot of Moganshan, is home to a huge variety of restaurants. If eating out if your thing, definitely pay this part of town a visit. There is also a lovely town square to admire, the tourism office, a library, a transport museum and more. A fruit and vegetable market can be found at certain points in the year too. The 1932 Culture and Creative Park area is home to tea houses, exhibitions and cafés. This area is definitely a bit of a hub so if you’ve done a bit too much relaxing, head here to spice things up again while still being surrounded by Moganshan’s beauty.

Where to stay in Moganshan

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from here. Moganshan has been used a holiday retreat for hundreds of years – it was a foreign enclave, a place to escape the humidity of a Shanghai summer and breathe in the greenery before heading back to the city and day-to-day life. In the past, Moganshan was mainly frequented by missionaries and wealthy foreign residents. They built villas and huts and summer homes; then hotels and guest houses started to appear. All of this is to say, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to decided where to stay in Moganshan.

July Bamboo Hostel

Offering free bikes and WiFi, this is a great choice. Rooms have mountain views and private bathrooms, and some have balconies too. Enjoy an Asian breakfast here in the mornings, and there is 24-hour hot water as well as air conditioning. There is a swimming pool, and pets are allowed to stay here too. With a bar and restaurant, you’ll feel completely at home here at this lovely hostel where they can’t do enough to make sure your stay is an enjoyable one!

Moganshan Pinhouwu Hotel

Right in the scenic zone, this highly rated hotel comes with free parking, free WiFi, air con, private bathrooms with free toiletries and many more amenities. You’ll get breakfast as well as laundry and maid services. Bike rental is available, pets are welcome and there is a bar too. With helpful, friendly staff and views that will take your breath away, this is another great choice when you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Moganshan.

Harvest Moon Villa

Beauty and luxury combine here at this exceptional hotel. It has some of the highest ratings of any hotel in Moganshan, and it’s easy to see why. From twin, double and king rooms to an entire 5 bedroom villa, there are plenty of options for all different sized groups. Free WiFi and free parking are available, there are gorgeous outdoor areas and the hotel has a lovely bar too. The scenery here is gorgeous too, and it’s just perfect for a special trip to Moganshan.

Moganshan Jiang Garden

This homestay, with its outdoor pool and barbecue area, is a firm favourite in the area. There is a bar, restaurant and free WiFi, and many rooms have mountain views. Rooms have private bathrooms, there is plenty of outdoor space to sit back and relax, and pets are welcome here too. The pool here is a big bonus, as it does get so hot in Moganshan (though still not as hot as Shanghai!) so it is great to have somewhere to cool off and have fun. Another great choice when it comes to accommodation at this stunning resort area of China.

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