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Maze Land, Jeju is a great tourist attraction that should be a part of any Jeju travel itinerary!

There is so much to do across South Korea but one of the most exciting has to be Maze Land, Jeju. From above it might look like crop circles, but it’s actually a park that you can visit for a fun family day out!

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Maze Land, Jeju…

What is Maze Land, Jeju?

A family attraction located in Jeju City, Maze Land is a park full of mazes made from hedges and walls. The mazes have different levels of difficulty. There are also puzzles and a maze gallery, and visitors can watch a 3D video about the history of mazes.

Maze Land is designed to remind visitors of three things said to be plentiful in Jeju: stones, wind and women. Collectively these are known as ‘Samda’. They come from the documentation of Jeju’s citizens’ struggle for existence battling rocky soil and constant winds, and from the importance of giving birth to daughters as well as the exile of many male citizens. Samda can also be used as a metaphor for the culture in Jeju: 

  • Stone can represent bones and/or core elements like myths, traditional medicine and shamanic beliefs.
  • Wind can represent breath, spirit or ki. This is said to inspire cultural humanistic endeavours – music, literature and art, as well as being connected to nature and having a sense of community.
  • Women can represent the body and the flesh, having kept society going throughout history.

With stunning scenery surrounding the park, plenty of statues and even a rose garden, there is so much to see and enjoy at Maze Land, Jeju.

Top tip: Don’t get confused between Maze Land and it’s smaller relative, Maze Park!

What is there to do at Maze Land?

There are three different mazes. You can walk around all three of them, and they get harder each time. Each maze is connected, and you are given a map when you enter to ensure that you don’t actually get lost. It’s entirely up to you whether you use your map or not! 

Good to know: there are sprinklers above the mazes, keeping you cool on hot days and also giving the mazes a misty atmosphere.

As well as the mazes, the indoor museum is home to hundreds of handheld maze games. These will allow you to test your brain cells and give yourself a good warm up before heading into the actual mazes! You can learn about the history of mazes here, too, so it’s a great learning opportunity for you and your children.

Entry fee for Maze Land, Jeju

Entry fees to Maze Land, Jeju vary depending on whether you are visiting privately (e.g, as a family) or as part of a group. This could be a school or college trip. Fees are as follows:

Private visits

  • Aged 20 and over: 11,000KRW
  • Aged 14-19: 9,000KRW
  • Aged 3-13/Senior: 8,000KRW
  • Disabled visitors: 5,000KRW

Group visits

  • Aged 20 and over: 9,000KRW
  • Aged 14-19: 7,000KRW
  • Aged 3-13/Senior: 6,500KRW
  • Disabled visitors: 3,000KRW
You can book a visit with a private transfer HERE, which includes your park entrance fee.

Maze Land, Jeju opening hours

The park is open daily, from 9am until 6pm. When planning a visit, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on their website for updates regarding weather conditions that may prevent Maze Land opening that day.

Visitors typically spend two to three hours at Maze Land, Jeju. This includes walking through the mazes and visiting the on-site museum.

Did you know: Running Man, the South Korean variety show, filmed some of their episodes at Maze Land. This has helped make it an even more popular tourist destination!

Facilities available at Maze Land, Jeju

In order to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, a variety of facilities are available. There is on-site parking, should you have hired a car. You can pay by cash or card at Maze Land, Jeju, and there is free WiFi available. There are toilets and a designated smoking area, and refreshments are available to purchase during your visit.

There is also a restaurant on site. Located on the left hand side of the car park, you will find a huge canteen-style restaurant area that seats 600 guests. It offers healthy local dishes. There are around 8 types of seasonal vegetables as well as popular South Korean dishes to give you a real taste of Jeju. Some of these include mackerel gangjeong, tteokbokki and bibimbap. Food is served buffet-style, and the restaurant has a stunning view of the forest, gardens and waterfalls outside.

Who is the park best for?

Children and families enjoy Maze Land, Jeju the most. The mazes aren’t particularly difficult, meaning adults on their own may find it too easy – though it’s worth it for the beautiful scenery, retro maze games in the museum and the scent of the Bijarim Forest that permeates the air.

Top tip: Jeju can get extremely hot, so be sure to take SPF with you to make sure you’re protected whilst out in the open air.

However, children really do find it magical to get lost in the mazes. Happy little faces can be seen throughout the mazes as you walk around, and they love the excitement of it all. The museum provides a learning opportunity for them, too. There is plenty to see within the park to keep them entertained.

There is everything you need to know about Maze Land, Jeju. It is a great way to spend a few hours having fun as a family and soaking up the beauty of this South Korean island.