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Luxor as a city may be referred to as an open-air museum, due to the sheer number of ancient sites, but no trip is complete without a visit to the Luxor Museum itself. Here’s everything you need to know…

Luxor museum

Where is the Luxor Museum?

The museum is located on Center Corniche Avenue, and it overlooks the west bank of the River Nile. It is a two-story building that was established in 1975. Luxor Museum is 55 metres long!

The museum is around 9 minutes from the city centre by car, or a half an hour walk. 

You can fly to Luxor from a handful of places. Direct flights are available from Heathrow, Istanbul and a few other airports but most tourists choose to fly into Cairo or Hurghada. There are plenty of flights to these two airports, from cities all around the world. You can then fly to Luxor on a domestic flight, or make your own way there by car, train or bus!

Nile Cruises also visit Luxor. There are plenty of different tour operators offering trips up and down the Nile – it’s a unique experience that allows you to have an authentic Egyptian experience, see some beautiful sites, relax on deck and feel the breeze in your hair as you sail down this stunning river. I can personally recommend this cruise– it’s excellent value for money and includes visits to all of the top sights, including the pyramids in Cairo.

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How much does it cost to get in?

At the time of writing, these are the current entry fees for the Luxor Museum:

Locals: 8EGP, or 4EGP for students

Tourists: 70EGP, or 35EGP for students

To ensure you get the student rates, don’t forget to bring a student ID with you!

What are the Luxor Museum opening times?

During the winter months, the museum is open 12 hours a day from 9am until 9pm. In the summer, the museum opens at 9am and closes at 4pm, then reopens at 5pm until 10pm. The last tickets are sold 30 minutes prior to the museum closing each day, although it is recommended that visitors spend a couple of hours at the museum.

What can you see at the museum?

There is over four thousand years worth of history at the Luxor Museum. Here are some of the most important and impressive things you can see…

There is a 90cm long statue of Thutmose III, who was the 6th pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. He was hailed as one of the greatest pharaohs of all time!

Some of the artefacts from Tutenkhamun’s tomb are located at the Luxor Museum.

Since 2004, Ahmose I and Ramsis I’s mummies have been on display.

Top tip: visit with a guide or on a tour to really make the most of your visit to the Luxor Museum. They will be able to tell you some secrets, and show you where the best artefacts are located.

Reconstructions of walls from actual temples, that have been moved to the Luxor Museum – such as the mud brick walls from the Temple of Akhenaton at Karnak.

A pillar, made of coloured limestone, of King Sesostris I.

Luxor Museum is also home to a stunning black granite statue of the famous goddess Hathour. She was the goddess of beauty!

There is a canopy head of Queen Toya, from the reign of Seti I.

In the late 1980s, a collection of 26 New Kingdom statues were found buried at Luxor Temple. These statues are now housed at the Luxor Museum.

If you’re interested in mummification, you can see canopic jars from the tomb of Mothucalled Pady-Imenet. Canopic jars held the organs of those being mummified!

There is also plenty of jewellery, artwork and more on display at the Luxor Museum. For anyone interested in the history of Ancient Egypt, the museum is fantastic.

This video shows some of the items at Luxor Museum.

Other things in the area

There is so much to see in Luxor. Here are some top picks…

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Luxor. You’ll never get bored!

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What is the weather like in Luxor?

Weather in Luxor is mixed. It gets as low as 7-8°C in December, January and February, but as high as 41°C between June and August. There is around 1mm of rain in October, but year-round Luxor is incredibly dry.

Places to stay near the Luxor Museum

Luxor is home to a huge variety of hostels, apartments, villas and hotels. Here’s some of the best available…

Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel is only 0.2 miles from Luxor Museum, and has single, double and triple rooms offering garden or Nile views. It has free WiFi, a pool, a bar & restaurant as well as 24-hour check in, a concierge service, laundry services and more. There is plenty of outdoor seating, lovely decor as well as the stunning views of the surrounding area. Reviews of this hotel are absolutely glowing!

If you’re travelling on a budget, Venus Hostel is only 0.4 miles away from Luxor Museum. All rooms are private, with your own bathroom – there’s free WiFi and free parking, board games, an airport shuttle service, a bar & restaurant and plenty of other amenities. 

Susanna Hotel Luxor is half a mile from the museum. It offers double, twin and triple rooms – some of which have a view of Luxor Temple! The hotel has free WiFi and free parking, a pool, round the clock check in services, packed lunches for your days out, an airport shuttle if you need it and plenty more. Decor is clean and basic, and the location is spot on.

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So there you have it – everything you need to know about the Luxor museum and the surrounding area. Enjoy your trip!